Focus on Shen Ziyu: The “Leader” of Xingji Meizu Group, forge ahead and rebuild Meizu

Focus on Shen Ziyu: The “Leader” of Xingji Meizu Group, forge ahead and rebuild Meizu

The light rain brings new flowers, and it begins with a thunderstorm. When everything is recovering, Meizu, who has been dormant for a long time, has a new move. Recently, Xingji Meizu Group (referred to as “Xingji Meizu”) officially announced its establishment in Wuhan. Shen Ziyu, the current chairman and CEO of Yikatong Technology, will serve as the chairman and CEO of Xingji Meizu Group.

It is reported that Xingji Meizu is a fusion of Xingji era and Meizu technology. In July 2022, after Xingji Times and Meizu Technology reached a strategic investment agreement, the two parties carried out in-depth collaboration in business and teams. Meizu Technology not only formed a team dedicated to the research and development of Flyme Auto, but also established a research and development center in Wuhan; at the same time, Meizu Technology and Star Age have also carried out in-depth integration in the planning and design of mobile phone products.

At present, consumers’ demand for all-scenario intelligent connection solutions is becoming stronger and stronger, and technological innovation and ecological integration of the consumer electronics industry and the automotive industry are imperative. Shen Ziyu’s rich industry experience and strong leadership will inject strong potential into the development of the Meizu brand.

Shen Ziyu, known as the pioneer, set the direction for the development of Xingji Meizu Group at this strategic communication meeting, and announced Xingji Meizu Group’s strategy to create multi-terminal, full-scenario, immersive fusion experience for users , At the same time, it also released a brand new logo image of the Meizu brand, and announced that the unbounded ecological conference will be held on March 30. At that time, Xingji Meizu’s new products created with the vision of “love without boundaries” – Meizu 20 series flagship mobile phones, Flyme 10 system and Flyme Auto are expected to meet the public.

Today, the in-depth integration of multiple terminals is the general trend, and Shen Ziyu has a clear understanding of this. He said at the communication meeting that Xingji Meizu Group will integrate global technology crystallization and human resources, focus on full-link innovation of consumer electronics, break through the boundaries between mobile phones, XR, operating systems, chips, and other smart devices in cars, and realize consumption. The deep integration and super synergy between the electronics industry and the automobile industry will create a unique technological enterprise in the future. He also said that Xingji Meizu Group will integrate the advantages of Xingji Times and Meizu Technology, actively invest in cutting-edge fields such as chip research and development, and focus on full-link innovation of consumer electronics around the three curves of “mobile phone + XR + forward-looking technology”. The scope covers smartphones, XR technology, self-developed operating systems, chip research and development, satellite communications, wearable smart terminals, smart homes, trendy life and other fields; relying on Flyme Auto vehicle-mounted human-computer interaction software, Xingji Meizu will actively integrate into global smart travel The technological ecology realizes the deep integration and super synergy of the two industries of consumer electronics and automobiles, and provides users with multi-terminal, full-scenario, immersive fusion experience.

With a forward-looking strategic layout, a clear corporate vision, and a clear product line, Shen Ziyu, the leader, has drawn a grand blueprint for the future development direction of Xingji Meizu. In this regard, I believe that under his leadership, the new Meizu will develop to a higher level in the future. This is not only due to the industry’s recognition of the Meizu brand heritage, but also from people’s affirmation of Shen Ziyu, the leader, who has been in the automotive industry for many years.

Statistics show that Shen Ziyu, born in the 1980s, entered the automotive industry very early and became a real leader in certain fields. He initially worked for Shanghai General Motors, and later joined Shanghai General Motors’ “OnStar” preparatory project team. He participated in the deployment of GM (OnStar) OnStar system in China and the launch of integrated services. He has always been at the forefront of innovation leadership in the automotive industry. cutting edge.

In 2011, Ziyu Shen joined Deutsche Telekom China (T-systems) as a senior consultant in the Internet of Vehicles industry, and helped T-systems obtain the first Internet of Vehicles business in China, setting an industry benchmark in the field of Internet of Vehicles. In 2012, Shen Ziyu joined PATEO Group and served successively as vice president and chief executive officer. During the working period, he led the team, from 0 to 1, established intelligent network connection systems and provided supporting services for more than ten Chinese local and joint venture automobile companies, and took another step forward in the Internet connection of the automobile industry.

In 2017, Shen Ziyu and Li Shufu co-founded Yikatong Technology, which is committed to continuously building an industry-leading intelligent and connected ecological open platform, promoting the integrated development of electrification and intelligence, driving the upgrading of the automobile industry, and comprehensively empowering automobile companies to create A smarter and safer travel experience is the next step in the field of “new four modernizations” in the automotive industry.

In September 2018, Xinengine Technology, which is engaged in the design and development of automotive chips, was officially registered and established. The chairman is Shen Ziyu. In September 2021, Li Shufu joined hands with global technology and business elites to create the Star Age, with Shen Ziyu as the vice chairman.

From Shen Ziyu’s rich resume, it is not difficult to see that he has always been a pioneer at the forefront of the industry. We have more reason to believe that under his leadership, Xingji Meizu will go to a broader future and become a supernova across the consumer electronics industry and the automotive industry.


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