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Huawei nova 12 Ultra review: The year-end finale of Hongmeng’s masterpiece-IT Wave-Northern Network

Huawei nova 12 Ultra review: The year-end finale of Hongmeng’s masterpiece-IT Wave-Northern Network

The newly released Huawei nova 12 Ultra can be said to be Huawei’s final masterpiece for users at the end of 2023. It adopts an integrated plain leather embossed design, Display Turbo dynamic display enhancement technology, second-generation Kunlun glass, and physically variable With a series of leading technologies such as aperture lenses and Hongmeng 4.0 self-developed systems, the overall configuration can be said to be quite attractive.

Now, let us take a comprehensive look at the daily use experience of Huawei nova 12Ultra?

  Iconic nova embossed pattern integrated plain leather embossed design

Huawei nova 12 Ultra is available in three color options: Color 12, Smoke Gray, and Obsidian Black. The body weighs 198 grams and is 7.68mm thick.

The back cover of the fuselage adopts an integrated plain leather embossed design with the iconic nova embossed element, which echoes the metal nova lettering on the star ring and the silver nova lettering under the back panel. The integrated plain leather process wraps the plain leather back panel onto the metal frame of the lens module, integrating the rear lens module with the back panel of the fuselage for an integrated visual experience. The overall grip of Huawei nova 12 Ultra is quite comfortable, and the integrated plain leather design also brings a smooth touch feel.

The design of the rear camera module of Huawei nova 12 Ultra has been upgraded to a “super star ring”. Compared with the previous generation rear camera module design, it is larger and more eye-catching. At the same time, the lens module presents a classic symmetrical shape, making it a super star. The blaze ring is surrounded by a simple and slender ring wheel, just like the planet moving orderly in the star orbit. Silver laser engraving is engraved on the periphery of the main camera, and the diamond-cut process cuts out the glorious C-angle.

On the front of the fuselage, Huawei nova 12 Ultra is protected by second-generation Kunlun glass. After special processing, the toughness of the glass has been greatly improved, and the entire machine’s drop resistance has been greatly enhanced.

The front of Huawei nova 12 Ultra uses the currently popular full-screen design with a hole in the center at the top of the screen and a slightly curved straight screen design on all four sides. On the basis of the straight screen, a slightly curved arc design is added to meet the daily holding experience and straight screen requirements. .

  LTPO dynamic adaptive refresh rate6.76-inch OLED screen

The screen configuration of Huawei nova 12 Ultra has obvious advantages over similar models.

The screen of Huawei nova 12 Ultra is a 6.76-inch FHD+ 2776×1224 pixel OLED screen, uses an under-screen fingerprint sensor, supports Huawei’s self-developed AI HDR technology, and supports 2160Hz high-frequency PWM dimming.

Moreover, the screen of Huawei nova 12 Ultra is also equipped with 1-120Hz LTPO dynamic adaptive display technology that is only available on top flagship phones. It can adjust the frame rate in real time according to the usage scenario, effectively reducing power consumption while improving the smooth application experience.

At the same time, Huawei nova 12 Ultra also adds a full-screen AOD display function. Users can directly read the date, time, battery and various important information without unlocking. It also supports the display of real-time service status of applications, making it more efficient and convenient to use.

  The nova game engine supports full-frame smooth gaming experience

Huawei nova 12 Ultra is equipped with a “far leading” chip in terms of performance, and also has 12GB of large memory. Coupled with the new generation of nova game engine, it can bring a very good and smooth gaming experience.

We conducted the game frame rate test with the performance mode turned on, the screen refresh rate set to smart, and the screen resolution set to smart. In the Honor of Kings game test, we set the game screen to high frame rate + ultimate image quality. After actual testing, Huawei nova 12 Ultra can stabilize the frame rate at 60 frames in a single game, and the frame rate curve is almost a straight line.

We also tested Genshin Impact, which has higher performance requirements. The game screen was set to extremely high quality + 60 frames, and the game acceleration function was turned off. The average frame rate of the 15-minute Liyue Port run was measured at 39.6 frames.

At the same time, Huawei nova 12 Ultra also has a series of advanced technologies such as AI Scheduling 4.0, Touch Turbo 4.0, GPU Turbo 4.0, etc., and is equipped with a super heat dissipation architecture, using low flow resistance, high performance VC and ultra-high thermal conductivity graphene design to improve heat dissipation performance . We also measured the temperature of the back cover of Huawei nova 12 Ultra after running Genshin Impact for 15 minutes. The measured highest temperature was 40.3 degrees Celsius, which means the temperature was quite well controlled.

  Second-generation rear-mounted physical variable aperture nova all-round imaging experience

The imaging configuration of Huawei nova 12 Ultra is also very good. Its rear imaging module consists of a 50-megapixel physical variable aperture main camera (F1.4~F4.0 aperture, RYYB super-sensitive color filter array) + 8-megapixel ultra-wide angle Composed of macro lens (F2.2 aperture).

The main camera lens adopts a newly upgraded second-generation physical variable aperture system. This system is composed of 6 curved blades. Compared with the F1.9 aperture, the maximum light input amount is increased by 84%. It is physically adjustable and intelligently variable. Intelligently adjust the aperture size according to the scene.

The front lens module of Huawei nova 12 Ultra consists of a 60-megapixel ultra-wide-angle tracking camera (F2.4 aperture, AF autofocus) + an 8-megapixel portrait close-up camera (F2.2 aperture, AF autofocus), which has the industry’s best Unique 0.7x to 5x portrait zoom shooting capabilities.

Through actual sample shooting, we found that the overall imaging color style of Huawei nova 12 Ultra is very close to the bright color mode of Huawei’s flagship model, and the picture color grading style tends to be rich in color expression.

Huawei nova 12 Ultra supports 2x zoom shooting mode, unlocking more composition space for users. With the blessing of Huawei’s leading computational photography algorithm, Huawei nova 12 Ultra’s zoom shooting experience is also quite good.

With the support of the physical variable aperture, Huawei nova 12 Ultra can more flexibly cope with diverse night scene shooting needs. At the same time, Huawei nova 12 Ultra also has a built-in night scene mode, which can achieve clearer night scene imaging.

  100W fast charging + 4600mAh large battery, super battery life combination

In terms of charging, Huawei nova 12 Ultra uses the classic combination of 100W smart fast charging Turbo + 4600mAh battery. According to actual tests, using the original charger can charge Huawei nova 12 Ultra from depleted to 100% in 30 minutes.


Huawei nova 12 Ultra can be said to be a smartphone product that focuses on portrait shooting experience and daily use experience. It is suitable for users who like to record daily life and do not have heavy performance requirements. Huawei nova 12 Ultra is currently available for pre-sale on major platforms, with the 512GB version priced at 4,699 yuan and the 1TB version priced at 5,499 yuan.

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