Hu Jie, general manager of Taiping Life Tianjin Branch, and his party went to Tianjin Radio and Television Education Channel to visit and exchange

Hu Jie, general manager of Taiping Life Tianjin Branch, and his party went to Tianjin Radio and Television Education Channel to visit and exchange

On April 12, Hu Jie, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Taiping Life Tianjin Branch, and Zhang Yi, Member of the Party Committee and Assistant General Manager, visited the Education Channel of Tianjin Radio and Television Station. Chen Guowang, Director of Tianjin Radio and Television Education Channel, Secretary of the General Branch, Guo Dong, Deputy Director and Discipline Inspection Committee Member of the General Branch, Xu Hongtao, Deputy Director and Branch Secretary, and other staff warmly received and held a work exchange meeting, and then accompanied them to visit Tianjin Radio and Television. hall.

At the exchange meeting, the two sides conducted in-depth communication on party building work, brand promotion, operation status, and future planning. Chen Guowang first extended a warm welcome to the leaders of Taiping Life Tianjin Branch on behalf of Tianjin Radio and Television Station, and gave a comprehensive introduction to the development of the education channel, as well as the characteristics and advantages of each column. Hu Jie gave a detailed introduction of China Taiping’s long history, brand culture, and service advantages, as well as the development history of Taiping Life Insurance Tianjin Branch and the Taiping 1929 family office project.

Taiping Life Insurance Tianjin Branch, as a member company of a financial central enterprise that has been rooted in Tianjin for nearly 20 years, has been rated as Class A in the business evaluation index system for 7 consecutive years; it has been awarded the “Tianjin Top 100 Service Enterprises” for 5 consecutive years. In terms of customer service, the company continues to focus on key groups such as “the elderly and the young”, and launches exclusive product lines and health management service solutions. Continue to strengthen the protection of consumer rights and interests, continue to help the elderly bridge the digital divide, and carry out financial knowledge publicity and popularization for young people.

Regarding the Taiping 1929 family office project, Hu Jie introduced that in 2022, Taiping Life Insurance will officially launch the “Taiping 1929 Family Office” project, giving full play to the advantages of global vision, century-old heritage, strategic resources, and sharing and win-win, to create a “wealth inheritance, exquisite Life, elite education, and family style” four rights and interests systems, with high-quality butler-style services, provide a number of exclusive and customized service items to help customers realize the beautiful vision of family happiness, long-term success, and sustainable glory. In 2023, Tianjin Taiping Family Office will launch the “Life Preference+” project to mine resources around the needs of high-quality modern life, integrate resources with the help of the company’s platform, and establish a high-quality resource pool among the best in family offices to create services for customers throughout the life cycle The model provides Taiping VIP customers with all-round, high-quality life services and high-quality resources, so as to promote resource sharing and achieve win-win business opportunities.

After listening to Hu Jie’s introduction, Chen Guowang spoke highly of the business development philosophy of Taiping Life Insurance Tianjin Branch and Taiping 1929 Family Office. He first thanked Taiping Life Tianjin Branch for its positive contribution to the improvement of Tianjin’s social security, and said that Taiping Life’s service concept and active development of rich insurance products around the entire life cycle of customers are very suitable for the positioning of some columns of Tianjin Radio and Television Education Channel With characteristics, we are willing to continue to deepen cooperation with Taiping Life Insurance and work together to make greater contributions to Tianjin’s economic and social development.

This visit and exchange activity enhanced the understanding of both sides, broadened each other’s horizons, and reached a preliminary cooperation intention. The two sides agreed that it is necessary to carry out strategic cooperation in wider areas to promote mutual benefit, win-win results and common development. In the future, Taiping Life Insurance Tianjin Branch will take this exchange and cooperation as an opportunity to give full play to the role of the insurance economy as a “booster” and social “stabilizer”. , in-depth supply of high-quality, all-round insurance protection services, and provide strong financial support for promoting the high-quality development of Tianjin’s economy and the high-quality life of Tianjin citizens.

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