How to win the favor of female consumer groups, BAIC Motor has a lot of experience in this regard

How to win the favor of female consumer groups, BAIC Motor has a lot of experience in this regard

With the progress and development of society, the reshaping of women’s gender roles is reflected in all fields of society, and automobile culture is undoubtedly one of the important fields. Car culture is a natural carrier of free values, especially for female car owners. Nowadays, more and more automobile brands, through more personalized product design, more diverse cultural propositions, more comprehensively reflect women’s value choices and aesthetic orientation, in order to attract the favor of female consumers.

From the pure and beautiful space aesthetics of the Beijing X7, the BJ40 “Clang 40” female car owner club, to the Beijing Auto Rubik’s Cube Goddess Edition, over the years, BAIC Motor has done a lot of work in promoting the evolution of women’s car culture, bringing women’s car culture A lot of new elements.

  Free and untamed & queenly and cold, the “Goddess” of BAIC Motor with multiple styles

Beijing Off-Road is China’s No. 1 off-road vehicle brand, with more than 60 years of profound off-road culture accumulation. Among the 153 BJ40 car clubs distributed across the country, the proportion of female car owners is close to 20%. The “Clang 40” female car owner club established on the basis of all female car owners of BJ40 is currently the largest gathering of female off-road car owners in China.

The “Kang clang 40” club regularly holds various activities, inviting Chinese women’s football champions Tang Jiali and Ma Jun, senior media person Xu Shiyao, “Tea Bao” Wang Haixia, president of Beijing Cross-country Women’s Club, and Wang Haimeng, founder of Mengxinhui Medical Emergency Team The joint participation of BJ40 star female car owners not only brings a strong sense of belonging to female off-road car owners, but also stimulates female car owners to have a deeper cultural understanding through cultural exchanges of multiple values.

The Beijing Rubik’s Cube “Goddess Edition” unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show at the end of last year is another style of Beijing Auto’s “Goddess”. The Beijing Rubik’s Cube Goddess Edition adopts a bright red body paint, with dark feather patterns on the side. The two-color body design is paired with individual blackened rims, matching the full body shape of the Rubik’s Cube, and the deep diamond star front grille, such as the high-cold black Swan, fiery, elegant and restrained.

At the end of February, Beijing Rubik’s “Contracting the first tank of oil in spring—Mofang welcomes the spring season” event, three personalized car clothes with feminine aesthetic style, Ice and Snow Queen, Goodbye Chagall & Technology Art, Shuguang & Art Unicorn The debut fully embodies BAIC Motor’s tolerance for the diverse aesthetics of female fans.

On major social media platforms, Beijing X7 has attracted a large number of female fans, even many overseas female fans, with its pure and beautiful space aesthetics. Beijing X7 has now become a hot model in the Vietnamese market, and continues to occupy the first position of Chinese passenger car brands exported to the Vietnamese market, which is inseparable from the favor of Vietnamese female car owners. Many Vietnamese female car owners take “driving a Beijing X7 and watching Chinese TV dramas” as a fashion.

  The free ego characterizes the rise of female car culture

The reshaping of women’s gender roles is more of a reshaping of women’s self, whether it is the aesthetic orientation of the self or the way of interaction between the self and society. More and more car brands are realizing that shaping women’s car culture should be done from the perspective of women rather than men. “What I am, not what you think I should be.” Whether it’s BJ40″ We can all see the high participation of women as protagonists in the various public activities of the clang 40″ female car owners club, or the birth process of the Beijing Auto Rubik’s Cube Goddess Edition.

“The degree of civilization of a society is measured by how it treats women.” This sentence is not only applicable to a society, but also very applicable to an enterprise and brand. In the automobile consumer market, how a brand shapes its own unique female car culture largely reflects the brand’s value orientation and cultural concepts.

In the increasingly mature Chinese auto market, women’s car culture will undoubtedly play an increasingly important role. It not only affects women’s own consumption decisions, but also affects the car consumption decisions and brand preferences of people around them. BAIC Motor has been deeply involved in the field of women’s car culture for many years, and now it is receiving positive responses at the market level.


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