How to have a comfortable driving experience?Giti Tire takes you to meet black technology for comfortable driving

How to have a comfortable driving experience?Giti Tire takes you to meet black technology for comfortable driving

How to have a comfortable driving experience while driving? It is often a point that car owners pay more attention to. But the old drivers who know the “comfortable survival rules” best have their own set of driving operations, such as adjusting the seat and maintaining the correct driving posture to make driving more comfortable; or spend a little thought on the car tires , such as adding sound insulation cotton to reduce noise and meet the comfort of vehicle driving.

Facing the needs of car owners for driving comfort, how about Giti Tires?

Mute cotton – sound absorption and noise reduction, quieter step

In order to meet the needs of vehicle driving comfort, many tire companies will adopt the most direct method, such as adding sound insulation cotton to the tires to reduce tire noise and achieve the purpose of driving comfort.

The mute cotton is also quite particular about the material and installation process. The sound-absorbing foam technology of Giti Tire uses the polyurethane sound-absorbing foam material with a porous structure to allow the vibrating air to generate friction when it passes through the wall of the hole, so as to attenuate the vibration and achieve the effect of sound absorption and noise reduction. In addition, the use of advanced long-lasting bonding technology – laser beam cleaning paste surface, so that the silent cotton and the carcass fit more firmly.

Soft noise reduction technology – optimize the tread and carcass design

In addition, Giti Tire has optimized and upgraded the tread and carcass of the tire. For example, the Giti Comfort F50 is equipped with Giti AdvanZtech’s soft noise reduction technology under the technology platform of Lingyue, which optimizes the tread and carcass design and greatly reduces the decibel value of tire noise, allowing car owners to enjoy a comfortable ride while driving driving experience.

So how is this “black technology” applied to tires?

First of all, in terms of pattern, Giti Comfort F50 reduces pattern noise and improves driving comfort by precisely adjusting the length of pattern blocks, optimizing the arrangement sequence of pattern blocks, and optimizing the relative positional relationship of pattern blocks. In addition, there is a multi-angle pattern groove design, which can effectively suppress the noise energy of the tire grounding and reduce the noise caused by the pumping effect.

Of course, there is also great attention to the tire structure design and outline. First of all, Giti Comfort F50 adjusts the tire structure to the most suitable state through intelligent simulation evaluation. Secondly, the silent profile and structural design are adopted to reduce the noise caused by the vibration of the tire structure and at the same time buffer the discomfort caused by the vibration.

In addition, Giti Comfort F50 has enhanced wet grip performance, allowing drivers to calmly cope with the challenges of slippery roads, adding peace of mind and confidence during driving. In addition, this tire effectively reduces tire rolling resistance and improves tire fuel economy.

If you want to have a comfortable driving experience, try Giti tires. In terms of quietness, safety and fuel economy, Giti Comfort F50 satisfies car owners’ peace of mind, tranquility and caring driving journey.

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