Hot embrace love! Tianjin Joy City “520” is in full swing, releasing new business vitality!

Hot embrace love! Tianjin Joy City “520” is in full swing, releasing new business vitality!

“520, I love you” is a day when the whole world proclaims love loudly, how to play new tricks and make FUN louder and louder? As a landmark commercial project in Jincheng, Tianjin Joy City leads the heartbeat of the city. In the upcoming 520, we will join hands with Tianjin Radio Station to create an offline audio-visual, fun shopping, and fun event with the theme of “More than Wish Music Festival”. The trendy feast of Changqi makes the love stronger in the warm May.

  The enthusiasm is full, and the trendy experience empowers love

Together with the one you love, listening to crazy songs, playing wild disco, visiting interesting places, and riding to a wider world are the high-profile ways that young people are keen to show their love. Tianjin Joy City cooperated with Tianjin Radio Station to jointly create the “Rainbow Candy Music Festival”, music + making friends + riding + sharing, outlining a new scene of youth cultural social experience, enjoying the joy and release brought by music at will, like love Same, hearty.

 Music/More than wish music market

From May 19th to 21st, the three-day extreme carnival combined live music with the atmosphere of the youth market. 11 popular anchors and campus bands from Tianjin Music Broadcasting helped out, using diverse music styles to spread the music-loving trend People gather together and use the language of music as a link of communication to create a wonderful and restless memory of love.

  Art/Van Gogh Immersive Symphony Under the Stars

On May 20th, the Tianjin Symphony Orchestra was invited to create a symphony experience under the stars in combination with the outdoor scene of the great artist exhibition “Van Gogh Looking at the Stars in the Rye”. When the wheat field lights up after sunset, with the bustling city as the background, you can feel the beauty of the symphony and immerse yourself in the artistic and romantic atmosphere.

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  Socialize/Cycling and singing freely with musicians

Starting itself is a kind of healing, and cycling is an instant trip in the city. Tianjin Joy City has an insight into the lifestyle of young people who are keen on cycling. On May 20, it cooperated with the high-end professional folding bicycle Tern Tern. Taking Tianjin Joy City outdoors as the starting point, it recruited dozens of cycling enthusiasts to participate in the 520 Participate in the fun experience of musicians riding all the way.

  ·Express/HUGHUG adds filters for romance

Tianjin Joy City always knows how to interpret the romance that only belongs to Tianjin. On the occasion of 520, it created HUG HUG pink hugging wall, heart-shaped inflatable device for expressing love, and a social space for young people to get out of singles…let more young consumers see Tianjin Joy City. The unique romance of Joy City.

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  The sweetness is full, and the extravagant pet benefits are used to help love

Helping love, full of extravagant pets. Tianjin Joy City not only customized 1,000 points for members to redeem CCB life 200 minus 100 gift coupons, but also prepared 100 yuan morning Yuegou coupons for members, which can be collected free of charge on the day of 520; it also helped to create favorite fans on the night : Red envelope rain in the evening show, scan the QR code for a limited time to participate in the lucky draw! Popular overlord meals, MUJI scented candles and other exquisite gifts will drop randomly. In addition, the merchants in the venue are fully engaged: DR created Tianjin’s exclusive pop-up event “DR Helps You Say Love Loudly” exhibition to help the 520 marriage proposal season; there are also many first-line high-end gift boxes with 50% off, and limited new gold accessories, for Sweet continuous assists!

  Full of new ideas, add fun to love with continuous updates

In May, Tianjin Joy City ushered in a wave of new store openings. The much-anticipated Gundam Base SATELLITE store will be grandly opened on May 19. The new Cantonese cuisine Dashu restaurant, Tianjin’s first new Chinese Sichuan cuisine Maliuji, topped the list The four-season coconut chicken, a popular catering colleague in Shenzhen, and the authentic Russian-style Russian kitchen, etc., are all delicious and fulfill the “love of eating and eating”, satisfying the different taste buds of consumers.

Dare to express, dare to create, dare to play new, dare to love, not only the innate “love gene” of young people, but also the “innovation gene” of Tianjin Joy City. In the future, Tianjin Joy City will also continue to introduce more enthusiastic and trendy lifestyles, and continue to lead Tianjin youths to explore new possibilities for ideal life.

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