Bask in the wind and face the sun, watch the summer from the terrace in the early summer series of Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin

Bask in the wind and face the sun, watch the summer from the terrace in the early summer series of Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin

The curtain moves and the breeze rises, waking up the forest on the pool. Waking up at the beginning of the long summer, living in the hustle and bustle of the city for a long time, yearning for the wonderful time in the greenery. Follow the editor to see what colorful activities Tianjin Four Seasons Hotel has to wake up the vitality in early summer.

  Hanging Garden “Pink Night” Party

If you like to relax and pursue romance, it is better to be on the garden terrace and let the gentle sunset soothe your body and mind. On the evening of May 12, 2023, the hotel held the opening party of “Pink Night” in the sky garden of Aria on 9. The cool and cold black mixed with gentle and romantic pink, fashionable and sweet, opened the sky of Jincheng Drunk Beauty Prologue to the garden.

The party started with a cool DJ blasting the audience with electronic music. The emotional performance of the jazz band and the energetic dance brought the scene into a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, allowing the guests to dance along with it. The sky garden has carefully prepared a variety of garden cocktails, red and white wines, and sparkling wine, paired with exquisite light food produced by executive chef Martin Ouyang, who has experience in Michelin and Black Pearl restaurants, so that the tongue can also feel the party atmosphere.

Smell the fragrance and enjoy the greenery in spring, drink wine in the wind in summer, watch the stars and the moon in autumn, Aria on 9 Sky Garden is located on the ninth floor of Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin, designed by Spin Studio, a well-known Asia-Pacific company. The layout and decoration style is quite modern, with beautiful and open landscape. With a sparkling clear pool surrounded by greenery, an oasis of pleasure is built in the center of Jincheng CBD. Open from Tuesday to Sunday night from 17:30 to 23:59, the main seafood light food, bistro Western food and exquisite desserts, including “Boston lobster, tuna, abalone, scallops, French oysters” iced seafood platter, “spicy grilled tuna Onion tart, avocado fruit, meringue barrel”, “baked apple and peach tart, vanilla ice cream” and other tempting delicacies, can be served with garden cocktails, sparkling wine, red and white wine, craft beer and whiskey, etc. There are also DJs and jazz bands (Thursday to Saturday) performing on site to add to the fun, and guests can enjoy a camping-style garden lounge experience.

From May 12, 2023, the Sky Garden will launch a “Happy Hour” package for two, including two special cocktails, paired with an exquisite snack combination – spicy mixed nuts, rosemary marinated mixed olives and blue flag crabmeat basil salad Fragrant Shrimp Chips. ¥228+15% for two people, 15% discount for media fans who book through the editor.

  Sky Garden “Sustainable New Life” Sustainable Afternoon Tea

Delighted in yearning for nature, pursuing the beauty of environmental protection and sustainability. Inspired by the trend-leading sustainable green life, Christy Tse, the hotel’s ingenious executive pastry chef, ingeniously integrates concepts such as natural organics, new energy, turning waste into treasure, and CD-ROMs into the creation of pastry, in a beautiful environment and close to nature. The Aria on 9 sky garden is newly presented, advocating a green life with the sweetness of creativity.

5 exquisite themed desserts, including citrus milk chocolate mousse cake inspired by natural and organic ingredients, rhubarb strawberry mascarpone olive oil cake inspired by green plants and basil inspired by “wind offset carbon” Blueberry pistachio cake and more. With 5 types of appetizers and salty snacks, accompanied by special summer drinks or tea/coffee, enjoy a leisurely afternoon in the rippling sky garden. From May 23, 2023, ¥718+15% for two people, 15% discount for media fans who book through the editor.

Green tea is fragrant and refreshing. Guests who love Chinese-style tea can brew a pot of tea on the quiet garden terrace, aged white tea or Mingqian Longjing and other six types of tea to choose from, paired with Cantonese dim sum produced by Black Pearl Jinyun Chinese Restaurant, including Tangerine skin golden shredded pork floss crisps, walnut crisps, rock salt cashew nut crisps and seasonal fruit plate, enjoy the freedom of “stealing a half-day leisure”. ¥628+15% per set, suitable for 2~4 persons, 15% discount for media fans who book through the editor.

  Parent-child funfamily sojourn

Guests who focus on family fun can also take their children to experience a city vacation. Choose the hotel’s “Parent-child Fun” family travel package, stay in elegant and comfortable rooms, enjoy cute children’s tents, building block toy tables, basketball hoops (0-2 years old babies can choose crawling fences and educational toys), and children’s aids Sleeping essential oil bubble bath, exquisite picture books, treasure hunting mini-games, welcome pastry, fruit and children’s interest gift cards.

In the early morning of the next day, you can exercise in the hotel fitness center while admiring the beautiful scenery of the city, or take a dip in the swimming pool with natural lighting. There are cute “unicorns” and “flamingos” to accompany the children to enjoy the fun of playing in the water in early summer.

  Dragon Boat Festival·Green Field Rice Dumplings

The green moxa is dense, and the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching. Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin has selected and launched two Dragon Boat Rice Dumpling Gift Boxes that contain the beauty of nature and heart-warming flavors, which are the ideal choice for gifting relatives and friends and conveying friendship.

Among them, the Zhenya gift box is in the shape of a fashionable bucket bag, and contains 8 pieces of fragrant rice dumplings with creative fillings, including poplar nectar, sweet-scented osmanthus lotus root, oatmeal purple sweet potato and perilla plum chicken drumstick, ¥388 per box; luxury gift box It is an octagonal dragon pattern gift box, which contains 8 pieces of classic filling fragrant rice dumplings, such as traditional red bean paste, purple rice candied dates, auspicious eight treasures and Umi fresh meat, ¥328 per box. Early Bird Reward starts from ¥230 per box, and you can enjoy a better discount if you order 50 boxes or more.

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