Create diversified and characteristic marketing and enrich the material and cultural needs of Bincheng: Tianjin Youa Outlets won the industry’s “2022-23 China Outlet Planning Star”

Create diversified and characteristic marketing and enrich the material and cultural needs of Bincheng: Tianjin Youa Outlets won the industry’s “2022-23 China Outlet Planning Star”

On May 12, 2023, the 10th Outlet Leading Show Summit with the theme of “Reconstructing Outlets in China” was held in Guangzhou, China. Teles industry event. At the meeting, Tianjin Youa Outlets won the “2022-23 China Outlet Planning Star”.



For a long time, Tianjin Youa Outlets has attached great importance to planning activities such as marketing planning and promotion. The combination of online promotion and ground activities has greatly enhanced the park’s popularity and influence. In the three years of the epidemic, under the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control in the Tianjin market, sales and passenger flow have declined significantly. In order to alleviate the operating pressure, Tianjin Youa Outlets has done a good job in online marketing and vigorously carried out ground warm-up activities. Increase the passenger flow in the park and promote the recovery of the consumer market. With the full support of government departments at all levels, and under the personal planning, leadership and leadership of General Manager Li Chenghui, many large-scale themed activities such as “Youa Night Market” and “Youa Ice and Snow Carnival” were successfully held, which were widely loved by citizens and superiors. Departmental appreciation and industry emulation.

In 2020, under the support and guidance of the High-tech Zone Commercial Promotion Bureau and relevant departments, Tianjin Youa Outlets will launch the first cultural night market from July to September. Special sales, cultural and creative projects and children’s entertainment projects are the main ones. On the opening day of the night market, the number of visitors in the park exceeded 30,000, a new high since the opening, and sales in the third quarter increased by 23% compared with the same period. On the basis of this customer group, the following anniversary and National Day holidays will increase by 50.84% ​​compared with the same period;The monthly sales in October even created the highest single-month sales since its opening.


From June to August 2021, Tianjin Youa Outlets will continue to launch the night market carnival “Duck Duck! Big Player!” large-scale water clearance project to create a phenomenon-level water clearance event in Tianjin. The event organizer, sponsor, Youa Supporting facilities and other media platforms give full play to their respective advantages and start multiple publicity. Moments, video accounts, Xiaohongshu, Dianping and other media platforms work together to influence all districts in Tianjin and successfully attract more than 500,000 customers to the store.As a result, it has successfully won many awards such as the “2021 China CNEF Nightingale Award for Nighttime Consumption City Representative Scene”, “2021 Tianjin Business Wind and Cloud Selection Night Economy Demonstration Star”.


In winter, the outdoor temperature is low, and the epidemic situation is more severe. Starting from 2021, in January and February every year, the park will launch the “Ice and Snow Carnival”, which provides customers with an outdoor playground for playing with snow, and solves the problem that indoor crowds are not conducive to prevention and control. It is very popular among parents, children and young customers.Period ParkTotal Passenger FlowMore than 200,000 people,A month-on-month increase of 50%; during the Spring Festival holiday, sales in the park doubled.


At the beginning of 2023, with the full liberalization of the epidemic, combined with the gradual recovery of market activity and the decline in social consumption levels, Tianjin Youa Outlets actively planned marketing activities for the first half of the year. Under the support and guidance of Xinhe Sub-district, the park launched the “Sounds of Friends, Singing the Future” Song God Grand Prix from April 15th to May 2nd, which was widely loved by the people of Bincheng. The offline event was combined with the live broadcast on the Douyin platform. More than 170 contestants signed up for the competition. The scene attracted a large number of customers to stop and watch. Nearly 40,000 people watched the Douyin live broadcast. The number of likes for the live broadcast exceeded 60,000. The highest number of views exceeded 35,000. The park is currently launching the 4th “YouA Cup” Child Star Grand Prix. The event will start on May 13, will run through Mother’s Day and Children’s Day, and is expected to end on June 10.


Tianjin Youa Outlets always insists on being result-oriented. In addition to careful planning and multi-channel publicity and promotion in the early stage, it also deeply combines on-site discount promotions with off-site ground activities through lottery draws and award settings to achieve activities and park passenger flow. Two-way drainage and sales conversion. During the implementation of the event, all departments have a clear division of labor and work together to understand the effect of the event in real time through all-round monitoring and control of the effect of the event, on-site customer response, and passenger flow orientation in the park, and adjust the event plan and details in a timely manner, thereby creating a good atmosphere. , Stimulate consumption, and make the concept of “big brands and low prices, and you can get friends when shopping” deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

With the increasing popularity and reputation of the park, more and more enterprises and groups have entered Youa to seek cooperation. For example, Nongfu Spring and Red Bull have sponsored night market activities. Many banks, car companies, and folk art associations have successively cooperated with Youa Carrying out cross-border cooperation, creating and detonating multiple hotspots in the park, not only obtained a large number of free publicity resources, saved considerable advertising costs, but also increased the operating lease income of the park, realizing resource integration and win-win cooperation.

Tianjin Youa Outlets will continue to strive for new improvements and breakthroughs in marketing concepts and marketing methods, continue to introduce new ones, and carry out more Youa special activities that are “interesting, highly involved, and widely disseminated”, and strive to promote Youa has become a “must-visit check-in point for people in Bincheng”, and contributes to enriching the material and cultural needs of people in Bincheng!

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