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Honor Magic6 series flagship mobile phone officially released, equipped with satellite communication function

Honor Magic6 series flagship mobile phone officially released, equipped with satellite communication function

On January 11, Honor officially released a new generation of flagship smartphones, the Honor Magic6 series, including Honor Magic6 and Honor Magic6 Pro. After three years of growth, Honor has continued to break industry bottlenecks in multiple fields, and has made great strides in pursuing the ultimate experience, moving from Chinese Honor to World Honor.

As a masterpiece of innovation, the Honor Magic6 series brings consumers a magical technological experience in the fields of communications, battery life, screen, glass, imaging, AI and other fields, and also leads the direction of technological innovation in the smartphone industry.

Honor has always adhered to a two-wheel drive productism. On the one hand, it has a deep understanding of user needs and defines products based on consumer needs. On the other hand, it increases investment in forward-looking technology and brings groundbreaking technical solutions.

This time, the Honor Magic6 series brings consumers Honor Hongyan Communications, which reconstructs the direct-connect satellite communication solution for mobile phones, the newly upgraded second-generation Qinghai Lake battery, the ultra-fall-resistant Honor Jurhino glass, and the SLR-level Honor Eagle. Innovative experiences such as eye cameras, Honor Oasis eye protection technology that continues to lead, and Magic OS that leads operating system changes. The Honor Magic6 series starts at 4,399 yuan and will be officially launched on January 18.


  Leading the innovation in communication capabilities, Honor Hongyan Communications supports direct connection of mobile phones to satellite services to create a better satellite communication experience.

Communication has always been Honor’s superior capability. This time, the Honor Magic6 series is equipped with the newly upgraded self-developed RF enhancement chip HONOR C1+, which has achieved greater breakthroughs in antenna performance, increasing antenna transmission revenue by up to 41% and antenna reception revenue by up to 51%. , even in weak signal scenarios such as basements and basements, fast network return can be achieved; on high-speed moving subways, frequent signal tower switching can still ensure a smooth video experience.

Honor Magic6 Pro is also equipped with a new and better mobile phone direct connection satellite communication technology solution – reducing the overall area of ​​the satellite chip by about 40%, supporting real-time voice and two-way text messages, and having the industry’s fastest satellite connection speed to date, reducing It reduces the time required to connect to the satellite and the power consumption of satellite calls, making satellite communication signals better and lasting longer. In order to further increase consumers’ sense of security, Honor Magic6 Pro can also use satellite communication to support 8 minutes of real-time voice or send 16 two-way text messages in 5% ultra-low battery limit scenarios.

Honor Hongyan Communications not only brings a better satellite communication experience to current smartphone terminals, Honor also stated that it will share this solution through the industry chain to promote the rapid development of the industry. It hopes that smart terminal satellite communications can truly enter thousands of households. Let more consumers enjoy the satellite communication experience anytime, anywhere, and lead domestic mobile phones to fully enter the era of satellite communication.


  Leading screen innovation, the new generation of Honor Oasis eye protection screen is more eye-protective, and Honor Jurhino glass is more resistant to drops

The Honor Magic6 series applies a new screen concentrating technology to achieve an industry-leading peak brightness of 5000nits. When playing HDR videos, the light and dark are fully displayed, and the details are revealed. Reading the screen content under strong outdoor light is also clearer, and the entire series supports Dolby Vision. , HDR Vivid dual authoritative display. The Honor Magic6 series also implements the domestic full-range low-power LTPO display technology for the first time, supporting an ultra-low refresh rate that can be reduced to 1Hz at any brightness, achieving both full-range low power consumption and global smoothness.

As a continued leader in eye protection technology, the Honor Magic6 series supports five Oasis eye protection technologies, industry-leading 4320Hz ultra-high frequency PWM dimming, natural light eye protection, sleep aid display, hardware-level low blue light, natural color display, and through It has TÜV Rheinland global eye protection 3.0 certification and won the VICO A+ visual comfort test from the Bidding Institute.

The entire Honor Magic6 series is equipped with Honor JuRhino Glass, which breaks through the limits of glass materials. The optimized material formula increases the crystal density by 50%. It has passed the Swiss SGS multi-scenario gold standard five-star anti-fall certification and can be used on marble, asphalt roads, gravel roads, etc. Under harsh circumstances, it still resists falling.

  Leading the way in battery life, the second-generation Qinghai Lake battery achieves all-weather long battery life in all scenarios

The Honor Magic6 series is equipped with a newly upgraded second-generation Qinghai Lake battery, built-in a new self-developed energy efficiency enhancement chip HONOR E1, and cooperates with the Honor Dujiangyan power management system to achieve intelligent charging and discharging and low-temperature enhancement through the combination of software and hardware, providing consumers with Bringing all-scenario and all-weather long battery life experience.

The second-generation Qinghai Lake battery technology, as well as the new self-developed energy efficiency enhancement chip HONOR E1 and Honor Dujiangyan power management system, enable the battery capacity of Honor Magic6 to reach 5450mAh, and the battery capacity of Honor Magic6 Pro is as high as 5600mAh, making it the leading flagship product. Battery life. The overall battery life of the Honor Magic6 series in low temperature and low battery conditions has also been greatly improved, achieving a new breakthrough in low temperature battery life technology in the industry, allowing users to have more opportunities to use their mobile phones to communicate with others or in harsh environments and extreme scenarios. Handle emergencies.

In addition, Honor Magic6 and Magic6 Pro support 66W and 80W wired super fast charging, as well as 50W and 66W wireless super fast charging respectively. The Honor Magic6 series will also increase the freedom of wireless charging and increase the wireless charging range by 70%.

  Leading the way in imaging capabilities, the new SLR-level Honor Eagle Eye camera brings SLR-level excellent capture of all scenes and full-focus high-definition image quality performance

The imaging system of the Honor Magic6 series has received a leading new upgrade this time, introducing SLR-level optical effects and capture capabilities into smartphones, bringing SLR-level Honor Eagle Eye cameras.

The Honor Magic6 series fully adopts a customized 50-megapixel ultra-dynamic Eagle Eye main camera, which can sense light and dark and is not afraid of backlight shooting, bringing a capture experience comparable to that of a SLR and defining a new standard for flagship captures; among them, the Honor Magic6 Pro adopts the industry-leading F1.4 ultra-large variable aperture supports F1.4-F2.0 intelligent variable aperture; it is also equipped with an industry-leading 1/1.49-inch outsole telephoto sensor and a 180-megapixel periscope telephoto lens to easily focus more light. Achieve clearer image shooting. The super powerful SLR-level Honor Eagle Eye camera of Honor Magic6 Pro achieves further full-focus eagle-eye capture, giving you SLR-level textured portraits, SLR-level sports captures, SLR-level landscape photography, and SLR-level eighteen-arrow starlight, satisfying more needs. The need to easily record wonderful moments in multiple scenes.

In order to continue to improve the efficient interaction and professionalism of the camera, the Honor Magic6 series also integrates the image magic box function with commonly used parameter settings for shooting, allowing functions to be accessed at one touch, making shooting more efficient and smooth; the professional zoom function simulates professional SLR lenses and adds focal length information. , optimize the two-level shock sensation to create a professional and smooth zoom experience. In addition, the Honor Magic6 series has also created three different shooting styles: natural, vivid, and texture, which can adapt to different shooting scenes and demands such as food, flowers, scenery, work, commodities, and humanities, to meet users’ personalized shooting needs.

Leading the creation of intelligent capabilities, Magic OS 8.0 opens a new AI experience at any door

The Honor Magic series pioneered AI smartphones. On the basis of platform-level AI capabilities, it introduced the capabilities of large-scale device-side AI models, launched MagicOS 8.0, a breakthrough operating system with deep AI enablement, and opened the door for intent-based mobile operating systems. A new paradigm of human-computer interaction for identification. In the Honor Magic6 series, it is also the first to be equipped with Honor’s self-developed 7 billion parameter end-side platform-level AI large model “Magic Model”, bringing consumers a magical smart experience.

In the Honor Magic6 series, the new iconic interactive function “Any Door” is based on the data-based learning and personalized habits of Honor’s terminal-side platform-level AI large model. Through the sensing center and based on the multi-mode decision engine, it allows various cross-applications to be used. Operation, just drag and go directly to the needs, achieving a breakthrough upgrade of the operation experience; the “Smart Filmmaking” function is based on the semantic understanding of large models. The user only needs to describe the needs in one sentence, the user’s intention can be understood, and the film will be automatically edited. ; “Smart Capsule”, relying on low-power mobile platform and Honor’s unique eye movement control technology, intelligently understands the user’s every step of the intention and achieves global reach across applications.

The entire Honor Magic6 series is equipped with the third-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship chip, and with the support of MagicOS 8.0, it achieves a magically smooth experience. Whether it is the system space motion effect, sliding experience, or application keep-alive, reloading games, the Honor Magic6 series has industry-leading performance. It is a product that has obtained SGS double gold label certification for full-scenario smoothness and 60-month long-lasting smoothness.

  Reconstruct a new form of aesthetic design and use science and technology to draw the beauty of China’s mountains and lakes

Innovation requires the courage to break the rules. In the face of the convergence of high-end mobile phone camera module designs, the Honor Magic6 series dares to subvert traditional designs. On the basis of inheriting the family’s iconic center-mounted image module design, it draws inspiration from the concept of the surrounding universe and heaven and earth, and adopts the classic “pincushion” shape. “The imaging module in the shape of a circle breaks through the single design language of the circle, uses modern technology to interpret a new aesthetic charm in a square inch, integrates imaging technology innovation in a square and round shape, and fully demonstrates Glory’s technological idealism.

At the same time, the Honor Magic6 series also draws inspiration from the magnificent mountains and rivers of China, and uses technology to interpret beautiful new colors, bringing a total of five colors: Qilian Snow, Sea Lake Green, Liuyun Purple, Wheat Wave Green, and Velvet Black.

The Honor Magic6 series will start pre-sales on January 11, 2024, and will be officially launched at 10:08 on January 18 in Honor Mall, major authorized e-commerce stores, Honor experience stores, and authorized retail stores. Among them, Honor Magic6 is available in three versions: 12+256GB, 16+256GB, and 16+512GB, priced from 4,399 yuan; Honor Magic6 Pro is available in three versions, 12+256GB, 16+512GB, and 16GB+1TB, priced from 5,699 yuan. .

At this conference, Honor also jointly released the world’s first Porsche design folding screen mobile phone Honor Magic V2 RSR Porsche Design with Porsche Design. The product body design is inspired by Porsche’s classic flying line, equipped with flying line slip-back side windows, a 5D feather fiber fuselage, and an agate gray color matched by the original master in Stuttgart.

On the outer screen of the product, Honor brings the industry’s first Honor Diamond Rhinoceros glass, which is based on the second-generation nanocrystalline glass technology and uses the same super-wear-resistant material silicon nitride as the supercar engine, making the screen 10 times more resistant to drops. It achieves 10 times the scratch resistance and has passed the SGS five-star gold label certification for multi-scenario glass scratch resistance and drop resistance. Honor Magic V2 RSR Porsche Design is priced at 15,999 yuan and will be officially launched at 10:08 on January 12, 2024 in Honor Mall, major authorized e-commerce stores, Honor Experience Stores, Porsche China official website, and authorized Porsche Centers.

Honor also launched two new styles of white and cyan for its flagship smartwatch Honor Watch 4 Pro, with white leather straps and blue fluororubber straps respectively, as well as a new dial design. Honor Watch 4 Pro pays tribute to the exquisite craftsmanship and design of classic mechanical watches, showing impeccable and unique beauty; it integrates three processing chips of “one master and two associations” to bring 10 days of ultra-long battery life in typical mode; it also supports eSIM and one watch Dual standby and other powerful independent communication capabilities. The price of the new color Honor Watch 4 Pro still starts at 1,599 yuan, and pre-sales will start from now on, and will be officially launched at 20:30 on January 11, 2024.

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