Himalaya’s new opening screen focuses on podcasting Podcasting injects vitality into the audio industry

Himalaya’s new opening screen focuses on podcasting Podcasting injects vitality into the audio industry

Going to the Himalayas to “listen to books and lectures” has become a public perception, and recently the Himalayas seem to have a new move…

Recently, some attentive listeners discovered that Himalaya has replaced the new opening screen “Listen to books, lectures, and podcasts, and go to Himalaya”. What can we interpret from this move? As a leader in the audio content industry, what strategic considerations does Himalaya have?

In fact, it is not difficult to find that Himalaya intends to deploy podcasts. In recent years, audio platforms represented by Himalaya have supported original content expressing opinions, making original content represented by podcasts popular and liked by young people, and podcasts have gradually become a way of life for young people. Therefore, Himalaya has gathered a large number of high-quality podcast creators and podcast programs. The new opening of the screen means that Himalaya will take podcasting as an important development direction of the content ecology under the premise of stabilizing the basic market.

Not long ago, Himalaya also held the 2023 Creators Conference in Jinyun, Zhejiang. The theme of the conference was “Podcasting, let’s play big”. public. The extension of Himalaya’s understanding of podcasts is conducive to expanding the audience of podcasts. It also announced at the conference that it will help podcasters succeed by upgrading products, tools, services, and traffic support.

After participating in the Himalaya 2023 Creators Conference, history podcaster Zhang Zhihao said: “I have great expectations for podcasts. I think it is just the beginning, and everything is possible in the future.”

Podcast Advocate Zhihao focuses on the creation of humanities and history in the Himalayas. He plays a professional role in the Himalayas podcast “Historical Shelling”, which currently has more than 16 million views. Because of the confidence gained from the Himalaya Creators Conference, Zhang Zhihao plans to make his podcast more professional and improve the listening experience of the program. He believes that with the vigorous promotion of Himalaya, more people will understand and like podcasts.

“Tianyin Tainn” is also a “Generation Z” podcast host in the Himalayas. She graduated from a prestigious school with a major in social science and humanities and grew up in an era of prosperous entertainment culture. At the beginning of 2021, Tianyin became the creator of the Himalayan podcast. There are currently two podcast programs “Don’t Ask Me What Is Fanquan” and “Vowels Are Not Pronunciated”. In Himalayas, with the help of podcasts, she tells stories of the times she sees and shares her views through observations of entertainment cultural phenomena. “Listening to a podcast for half an hour is far more rewarding than watching 50 short videos,” she said.

Himalaya has gathered a large number of excellent head podcasts, and the platform also provides creators with convenient services such as recording, editing, uploading, and interaction. Himalaya will also support original content, let high-quality podcasters be heard, help podcasters succeed, let more people understand podcasts, and release the value of sound content at the same time!


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