The Seraph design team makes a big debut, and strives to create the most suitable SUV for the city

The Seraph design team makes a big debut, and strives to create the most suitable SUV for the city

Not long after the Jikrypton live broadcast, the Jikrypton X that the industry has been anticipating has finally arrived. Jikrypton X, as a high-value fashion item led by international design master Mr. Stefan Sielaff, and young designers from all over the world participated in the creation of high-value fashion items, using the urban borderless aesthetic concept to fully demonstrate the limitless and borderless Free attitude, shuttle easily every aspect of urban life.

In the circle of luxury cars, Mr. Stephen Silaf can be described as a legendary figure. As a well-known design master in the world, he has written countless commendable stories in the industry with one after another stunning industry masterpieces in the past few decades. This time, Mr. Stephen Siraf created a young and dynamic design team for Jikrypton X, and created a new design culture.

Jikrypton X arouses infinite yearning with its minimalist and free body

Compared with other designers, Mr. Stephen Siraf has bolder ideas, more passionate creations, and is very good at exploring more possibilities of contemporary luxury and returning them to the users themselves. He once said: “Make life easier , providing the best quality, this is the true meaning of luxury in modern society”. So this time, Jikrypton X breaks the traditional aesthetics with a minimalist design philosophy, leads the modern urban fashion, and brings a subversive design unprecedented in urban SUVs.

Jikrypton X adopts the design of no door handle, frameless door design, frameless rearview mirror design and the unique hidden outer water cut in its class, which is clean, smooth and flawless, and realizes the comprehensive improvement of aesthetic design and aerodynamics.

In terms of styling, Jikrypton X presents a full and three-dimensional body posture with outstanding angular lines. The embossed three-dimensional side waistline, like a slim suit, outlines the body, with the golden ratio design of 0.618:1 streamer sculpture, it is sharp and elegant.

At the same time, Jikrypton X is equipped with three-dimensional crystal-carved LED daytime running lights with 41 LED light-emitting units, 1.45m integrally formed streamer-integrated penetrating taillights, and 1.21m² arc-light dome panoramic double canopy, breaking through the peak of industry technology.

Extreme Krypton X embodies boldness and transcendence everywhere, just as Robert KNUTSSON, senior exterior designer of Extreme Krypton X said: “We perfectly combine humanistic design elements with modern technology, which makes Extreme Krypton X unique.”

The third car under Jikrypton, for the first time, is named after the “X” representing the unknown and infinite, instead of the previous number. It aims to open up the whole scene of urban life with a global perspective and subversive attitude, and redefine the new standard of urban pure electric luxury SUV , Create a new era of global urban SUV.

Jikrypton X naturally has omnipotent attributes and ever-changing experience. Faced with multiple roles, multiple scenes, multiple life, multiple personalities, and multiple needs, it can freely switch forms without defining or limiting. The emergence of Jikrypton X will bring a new solution to the ever-changing urban travel and open up the infinite fun of urban life.

Not defined by size, Jikrypton X is the most suitable SUV for the city

In addition to the exterior styling, the distinctive urban attributes of Jikrypton X are also reflected in its excellent body size. Previously, people were used to defining value by size. Now, Jikrypton X uses the concept of “spatial translation” to link the most comfortable state in the bedroom to the car, realizing the integration of car and home.

The length, width and height of Jikrypton X are 4450x1836x1572mm respectively. The proper body length not only ensures the convenience of parking in dense urban places, but also creates more legroom for rear passengers; the proud wide-body design gives the driver more room for movement and further extends the comfort zone ; The higher vehicle height ensures a good driving vision and protects driving safety.

Jikrypton X translates the comfort and peace of mind of home into the car with its exquisite body layout, creating the most suitable solution for urban travel.

Every aspect is tailor-made for the city. Jikrypton X combines space art, innovative technology, humanistic elements and street fashion inspiration to subvert tradition and reshape classics. Like a gentleman with sharp edges and corners, he breaks the shackles with passion and vitality and switches freely. The diverse scenes of urban life can satisfy all your desires and create a model for perfect urban life.


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