High-quality control, intelligence, car life, the strength of Great Wall Pickup conquers different generations

High-quality control, intelligence, car life, the strength of Great Wall Pickup conquers different generations

Different social cultures create the personality traits of people of different ages. The “Gen Y” born between 1980 and 1995 have a broad vision and are more willing to spend time on high-value things. The “Generation Z” born between 1995 and 2009 let us understand what a distinctive personality is. When different generations integrate into the society, diverse integration becomes even more exciting. However, it is inevitable that there will be disagreements on some matters, such as the demand for travel tools. The preferences of “Generation Y” and “Generation Z” are different. However, the Great Wall Pickup found The ultimate code to conquer different generations.

High-quality control makes “Generation Y” feel more at ease

The quality control of vehicles is the focus of the “Generation Y” crowd. After all, no one wants to go to the repair shop to become a “mechanical expert” after buying a car. Great Wall Motors obviously knows this very well. In terms of product quality, Great Wall Motors is particularly strict. The rigorous and stable production process makes each pickup truck model produced by Great Wall Pickup Trucks have outstanding quality. In the world’s fifth full-process vehicle production base built by Great Wall Motors – the welding workshop of the Chongqing factory is equipped with 98 Japanese FANUC robots, with an automation rate of 100%; Bosch intermediate frequency adaptive spot welding machines are used for welding. The efficiency is increased by 30%; the non-inductive cable effectively improves the quality of the product; the domestic advanced constant temperature and humidity three-coordinate measurement room ensures the stability and consistency of product quality.

Intelligentization, car life, and unique achievements of “Generation Z”

Unlike the “Generation Y” who pay more attention to the quality of vehicles, freshness is particularly important to the “Generation Z” group, and many “Generation Z” are only children, so they need a group of like-minded friends to share their lives. How can it be different? How can I find this group of like-minded friends? These Great Wall Motors have already arranged for the “Z generation”.

To be different, how can you do it without some black technology? In today’s technology-conscious era, the intelligent driving assistance system equipped on the Great Wall Cannon off-road pickup truck under Great Wall Motors allows users to obtain double satisfaction in terms of high-end and safety. As a qualified driving assistance system, the biggest highlight of the intelligent driving assistance system carried by the off-road gun is its precise identification and powerful functionality, including full-speed ACC adaptive cruise & intelligent cruise assist, automatic emergency braking Pedestrian recognition, lane keeping, traffic sign recognition, speed limit reminder, FCW forward collision warning, etc. Taking FCW forward collision warning as an example, in addition to being able to detect pedestrians and vehicles, it also has a strong ability to identify non-motor vehicles, and can immediately identify misoperations within a short period of time after emergency braking. In addition, the entire system is also commendable in the blind spot monitoring part, which can help the driver automatically correct the deviation from the route and effectively avoid collisions with vehicles in the lateral blind spot.

In order to facilitate “Generation Z” to share their lives, Great Wall Pickup has created a number of exclusive bases for fans to jointly create a trendy culture of car life, allowing car owners to participate in co-creation and enjoy more fun. Focusing on users of fashion and commercial products, King Kong Cannon, Jifei Technology, and Chunbo E-commerce jointly established the “King Kong Alliance” to help industry upgrades, expand new business formats, and create business together; 31 provincial teams have been established to build a highly active and cohesive user ecosystem for riders. On January 12, 2023, the “Great Wall Cannon 2023 National Annual Meeting of the Artillery Alliance” was held in Ningbo, Zhejiang, with the theme of “Artillery Fire Alliance Mountain and Sea Together”. Experts in the pickup truck industry, the media, car enthusiasts of the Pao Huo Alliance, and experts in the six circles of off-road, fishing, and public welfare came to the event site to share the glory and future created by Great Wall Pao and users.

The growth environment of different generations is changing, and the personality traits are also changing. How can car companies stay the same amidst the rapid changes? Great Wall Motors strictly controls the quality of its products, and at the same time complies with the development of the times, with technological support and continuous improvement of services, it has given a reference answer that can be called a textbook.

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