From what aspects can foreign trade be exerted? PingPong Fumao has become the tool of choice for small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises

From what aspects can foreign trade be exerted? PingPong Fumao has become the tool of choice for small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises

This year, the pressure on foreign trade has “significantly increased”, and many companies have reported that their orders are decreasing, orders are being delayed, large orders are getting smaller, and long-term orders are getting shorter.

In this regard, analysts believe that in the future, China will make efforts to stabilize foreign trade from three aspects.

First, cultivate new “hit products”. We can no longer rely on epidemic prevention materials and products related to the “stay-at-home economy”, and we can focus on the “three new things” such as automobiles, lithium batteries and photovoltaic products. In the first two months, China’s auto exports grew by 78.9% year-on-year. It is expected that in the future, China will take more practical and effective measures in terms of optimizing product structure and cultivating new growth points of trade.

Second, deeply cultivate emerging markets. Some foreign trade companies claim that the number of European and American customers on my country’s B2B foreign trade platform Alibaba International Station has decreased by two-thirds this year. In the diversified market, some Chinese manufacturing enterprises are also actively carrying out global industrial layout, which has strengthened the division of labor between my country and these regions, and also promoted the continuous increase of my country’s exports to ASEAN and the “Belt and Road”. In 23 years, emerging markets will become the main driving force of global trade growth.

Foreign trade merchants can use PingPong Fumao’s global collection account to effectively shorten the collection path and arrive in real time. Not only can they consolidate business in existing countries or regions, but they can also try to develop more markets in Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and other markets. Great business opportunities, open up new markets.

Fumao is a one-stop foreign trade collection product under PingPong. It supports fast collection of more than ten mainstream currencies, and provides local collection accounts for foreign trade users, and 0 account opening fee, 0 service fee, 0 account entry fee, convenient Foreign buyers make low-cost local transfers. It not only supports local accounts in European and American markets, but also continues to open local collection accounts in multiple regions in Southeast Asia. When customers trade, they can collect money like local companies.

Recently, another important member has been added to PingPong Fumao’s global local collection account! The local collection account in Mexico is going online very quickly!

The PingPong Fumao Mexico local account is to help you solve the problem of slow arrival of traditional offshore accounts, enrich more local payment scenarios, and support foreign trade companies to use Mexican pesos MXN for transactions. For example, when you are dealing with customers in Mexico, you can directly use Mexican pesos MXN for payment, without the need to convert into US dollars in advance, effectively reducing exchange losses and reducing the cumbersome payment process.

When using PingPong Fumao’s local collection account, the account can be credited in real time at the earliest! It can help your company reduce the cash flow pressure to the greatest extent, accelerate the return of funds, and facilitate faster freight arrangements.

Overall, the global trade situation will improve in 2023, and digital trade, emerging markets, e-commerce and green trade will become new trends and opportunities. Enterprises should actively adapt to changes, strengthen their own competitiveness, grasp trade opportunities, and lay a solid foundation for their own development. At the same time, PingPong will continue to bring convenient cross-border payment services to small and medium-sized enterprises, and strive to become the preferred tool for more small and medium-sized foreign trade business owners.

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