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“Happy Parents Group” seminar held and was praised for its innovative realist expression

“Happy Parents Group” seminar held and was praised for its innovative realist expression

March 26, produced by Xi’an Zhaomai Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., 2016 Film and Television, Xi’an Film Studio Co., Ltd., Hunan Happy Sunshine Interactive Entertainment Media Co., Ltd., produced by 2016 Film and Television, directed by Li Yafei, and acted by Ma Guangyuan Screenwriter, starring Zhang Jiayi and Chen Hao, special starring Wang Xiaochen, Zhao Da, Liu Ruilin, Ling Zi, Fang Qingzhuo, Li Chuanying, Zhang Lu, Wang Yuxuan, Wei Nuojin, Sun Sicheng, Yin Chenxi, Ren Qiguang, Wei Ran, Fan Jing?, Shi Hanglu The two-way growth family light comedy “Happy Parents” starring in the film held an expert seminar in Beijing.

This seminar was hosted by the China Television Arts Committee. Yi Kai, Secretary-General of the China Television Arts Committee, served as the moderator. Zhong Chengxiang, a librarian of the Central Research Institute of Literature and History and a famous literary and art critic, Dai Qing, a professor of the School of Drama, Film and Television of Communication University of China, Well-known drama critic Li Xingwen, Director of the Audio and Video Office of Peking University Integrated Media Center and Deputy Director of Peking University Television Research Center Lu Fan, Chief Editor of Guangming Daily Niu Mengdi, Deputy Secretary-General of China Television Arts Council Li Yuanyuan, Research of China Television Arts Council Li Minghao, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and other industry experts and scholars as well as mainstream media came to visit. Zhu Yan, Deputy Director of Hunan Satellite TV Channel, Chen Hong, Deputy General Manager of Mango TV Brand Promotion Center, Party Secretary and Chairman of Western Film Group Co., Ltd., Zhao Wentao, Vice Chairman of China Film Producers Association, Chief Producer and Producer of the show Ren Shuangyou, president of 2016 Film and Television, screenwriter Ma Guangyuan and Ling Zi, who plays Jing Tingting in the play, attended as the series’ creative team.

As the first “living room comedy” during the Spring Festival this year, “Happy Parents” has become a must-have “electronic pistachio” for viewers since it was broadcast on the dual platforms of Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV. It has a Douban score of 7.9 and CVB China Audiovisual Big Data , CSM National Network, CSM71 City,, and Kuyun Prime Time ranked first among provincial satellite TV in the same period. The short video has been played more than 21 billion times. The innovative expression of the creative team and the communication method that the audience likes to see cross-screen interaction “two-way” Run to”.

At the seminar, the creative team reviewed the filming process and shared their experience in adhering to original serialization in creation; experts and scholars attending the seminar made in-depth comments on the ideological connotation, artistic characteristics and aesthetic value of the play, condensing ordinary family education in “Happy Parents” The authenticity and innovation of methods and communication habits are highly praised. With children’s education as the top priority for thousands of families as the center, it radiates to marriage, love, work and even all-encompassing social issues. “Small incision, big vision” The narrative technique and realistic depth were recognized.

  New angles, new forms, new ideas, closely following the development spectrum of the times

“Happy Parents Group” focuses on the new “group chat” communication method in the information society, and vividly “reproduces” three groups of ordinary families with their own characteristics in real life. Starting from children’s education, they face family generations. Quickly record responses to life events such as social interactions, home-school communication, workplace insights, etc. Zhong Chengxiang, a librarian at the Central Research Institute of Literature and History and a well-known literary critic, believes that the play “focuses on the background of the times to think about educational issues, and uses a light comedy to show its aesthetic characteristics” and “the screenwriter mobilized his life accumulation and emotions Accumulation, this is a realistic creative attitude and spirit based on life.” He spoke highly of the play’s aesthetic taste and realistic expression.

As an “evergreen” theme in the Chinese drama market, family themes are inherently endowed with a sense of closeness to family culture and a keen perception of social reality. The play uses the form of “living room comedy” to break the theme, and with its unique authenticity and vividness, it escapes from family emotions. The “comfort zone” of drama creation. Looking back on the original intention of the creation, Zhu Yan, deputy director of Hunan Satellite TV Channel, said, “As a family living room comedy with two-way growth, “Happy Parents” focuses for the first time on the communication methods between home and school in the new era, and shows the synergy between home and school society under the new situation and new values. “Education Model”, using small incisions and new perspectives to accurately express realistic expressions. Ren Shuangyou, chief producer and producer of the show and president of 2016 Film and Television, explained the responsibilities and responsibilities of film and television workers in the creative process from the perspective of creators. In his view, “the subtleties of life contain endless treasures.” Perceptions, like a mirror, reflect social changes and the mood of parents. We deeply feel the responsibility to use the form of TV series to truly record this social aspect, convey the correct concept of family education, and at the same time reflect the diversity and tolerance of society. We want to film A show that you dare to let your children watch'”. Taking the times as the axis and life as the mirror, “Happy Parents Group” uses humorous yet truthful narration to explore the parent-child relationship and practical significance behind the “parent group”; in a happy but restrained way, it tells the story of a family with fireworks. A family story that is inspiring, watchable and inspiring.

  Real details, real life, real resonance, a detailed portrait of all living beings in family and society

“Happy Parents” depicts event details and living environment close to reality, and creates concise and tender characters. In the play, the two parents of “With or without a teacher” are really happy. The children’s clever lines of “the teacher asked us to make sentences but did not ask us to make rumors” are repeated one after another. The intergenerational communication waves set off in the small family after the ancestors joined the parenting army It’s one after another. According to Zhao Wentao, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Xi Film Group Co., Ltd. and Vice Chairman of the China Film Producers Association, “”Happy Parents” vividly presents the real relationship between two generations in contemporary families, making the whole drama more authentic. The vitality and appeal allow the audience to think about real problems in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.” Screenwriter Ma Guangyuan, as a “parent group friend” in real life, transformed his personal experience into artistic expression, saying “make good use of the parent group to understand the children’s Communicating well in the real learning state is also the purpose and original intention of creating this play.” Young actor Ling Zi, who plays Jing Tingting in the play, shared his creative insights and believed that in the play, he can see familiar people and things around him, and the role he plays is also The process of growing together with the character, “As an actor, you must always keep your roots in the land and in life.”

“Happy Parents Group” starts from the highly publicized concerns of children going to school and new parents, focusing on the behind-the-scenes of different family lives. Through parents and children constantly thinking and growing in the process of new environment and new identities, it learns from the ordinary family life Come, it has aroused widespread resonance in the public spiritual world. Dai Qing, a professor at the School of Drama, Film and Television of Communication University of China, believes that “”Happy Parents” presents the reform of education, and has many derivative thoughts on a series of issues such as workplace experience, female awareness and gender equality, and outlines the life of parents. It reflects the subtle and complex human sophistication and human heart.” Li Xingwen, a well-known drama critic, mentioned, “”Happy Parents” defines a kind of imaginary and real interpersonal relationships, which has a mirror value. The living room comedy is the most popular in terms of genre. “Innovative ones not only continue an old variety, but also continue a new branch of urban emotional dramas.”

  Realistic creation is booming and the creative transformation of Chinese stories has a long way to go

Although “Happy Parents” takes the form of a light comedy, it aims to address the many real problems surrounding ordinary people; it magnifies the trivialities of ordinary life, and also injects colorful colors and human warmth into ordinary days, highlighting the way that works of art pass through life The aesthetic significance of surface thinking about the essence of life also highlights the valuable value of TV drama art in leading the audience to find the spiritual realm of truth, goodness and beauty. Lu Fan, director of the Audio and Video Office of the Center for Integrated Media at Peking University and deputy director of the Television Research Center of Peking University, mentioned, “The comedy style of the play makes the concept of parenting non-preachy and acceptable. The communication methods in the play, especially the healthy parent-child relationship, communication method, which is worth reading as a manual for many parents today.” Niu Mengdi, editor-in-chief of “Guangming Daily” believes that “”Happy Parents Group” has made a certain contribution to the creation of the concept of living room comedy, outlining a A microcosm of Chinese families. On the level of parental care, the implantation of the concept of two-way growth is different from other educational dramas. It not only conforms to the mainstream aesthetics, but also soothes people’s hearts with warmth.”

Chinese stories are an important carrier of China’s excellent traditional culture, and they are also hidden in the most real life, waiting for creators to discover them. According to Yi Kai, secretary-general of the China Television Arts Committee, “”Happy Parents” is a typical film and television work derived from life, which has enriched the cultural life of the people and enriched the spiritual world of the audience.” In the new era, promoting the creative transformation and innovative development of traditional culture through practice requires literary and art workers to be deeply rooted in real life, to gain insight into the daily life around them with a “discovery” perspective, and to pick up every sparkle. The novelty and authenticity of “Happy Parents” concretizes the practice of realistic creation in telling Chinese stories in contemporary times, demonstrates the responsibility of literary and artistic workers, and deepens the development of “two creations” on the TV screen with practical actions.

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