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The opening ceremony of the 2024 Capital TV Program Spring Promotion Conference and the Drama Series Development Forum were successfully held in Beijing

The opening ceremony of the 2024 Capital TV Program Spring Promotion Conference and the Drama Series Development Forum were successfully held in Beijing

On March 26, the opening ceremony of the 2024 Capital TV Program Spring Promotion Conference and the Drama Development Theme Forum, directed by the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau and hosted by the Capital Radio and Television Program Production Industry Association, were successfully held in Beijing. Li Jingsheng, Vice President of the China Federation of Radio and Television Social Organizations and Director of the First Production Co-creation Planning Steering Committee, Teng Yong, Vice President of the Radio and Television Planning Institute of the State Administration of Radio and Television, Han Yunsheng, Level 2 Inspector of the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, Party Leadership Group of Inner Mongolia Radio and Television Station Deputy Secretary and Editor-in-Chief Zhang Zhaogang, President of Capital Radio and Television Program Production Industry Association Liu Yanming, Vice President and Chairman of Noon Sunshine Hou Hongliang, Resident Vice President Zhang Ping, Vice President, Senior Vice President of Perfect World, Perfect World Film and Television Business Leader Zeng Yingxue, Vice Chairman, founder and CEO of Xixi Pictures Yang Xiaopei, Professor Dai Qing of the School of Drama, Film and Television of Communication University of China, famous director Kang Honglei, Senior Vice President of iQiyi Dai Ying, Professor and screenwriter Zhang of Beijing Film Academy Wei, Zhou Zhaozhong, general manager of Youku Youxiang Studio, Tu Lagu, founder of Tiantu Wanjing, and other guests were present to share their views. Li Xingwen, founder of “Film and Television Du Guan”, served as the host of the drama development forum and attended a “spring event” with industry colleagues. “Theatre”.

At the beginning of the event, Inspector Han Yunsheng and President Liu Yanming delivered speeches respectively, extending a warm welcome to the guests present at the spring promotion meeting. Comrade Han Yunsheng introduced the development achievements of “Beijing-produced dramas” in the past year, and promoted a series of measures to promote the construction of the “Beijing Great Audio-visual” brand, which mainly include: first, optimizing fund support and comprehensively strengthening support; second, supporting those in Beijing shooting, comprehensively expanding the breadth of services; thirdly, focusing on talent development and comprehensively raising the level of care. President Liu Yanming reviewed the main work content of the association in 2023, and said that the spring promotion will continue to play the role of industry barometer and market vane, providing continuous impetus for the high-quality development of domestic film and television dramas. Subsequently, guests such as Li Jingsheng, Han Yunsheng, Liu Yanming, Hou Hongliang, etc. came on stage to countdown with the audience to launch the 2024 Capital TV Program Spring Promotion Conference, officially kicking off the spring promotion conference.

In the drama development forum with the theme of “Promoting high-quality development of the film and television industry with new productive forces”, Vice President Li Jingsheng shared “2024: Interpretation of the Ten Keywords for the Development of Chinese TV Dramas”, focusing on “telling Chinese stories well in the new era” , excellent traditional culture, people’s aesthetics, mutual learning among civilizations, adaptation of classic literature, Chinese science fiction, integration of culture and tourism, international communication, realism” to conduct an in-depth analysis to help industry players have an overall, macro, and holistic view in the creation and production process of TV series sexual understanding.

Vice President Teng Yong gave everyone a keynote speech on “Keeping Integrity and Innovating to Shine the Screen – CVB TV Drama Rating Insights” and shared the new developments and trends in TV dramas in the past three years. “Dual governance” has achieved positive results and boosted the TV drama ratings. The creative trend of new dramas that are short and precise, short and beautiful has gradually formed. The number of users who rewatch the annual masterpieces is high. The “Revisiting Classics” channel has a clear upward trend in screen ratings. Online dramas are broadcast on stars and micro-short dramas are on the big screen. Received excellent ratings, and the TV drama industry has developed an increasingly prosperous ecosystem.

The annual Spring Promotion Conference of Capital TV Programs is a platform for the industry to collide with ideas, connect resources, and interact with each other. Practitioners here jointly look forward to the development direction of TV series in the new year. The “Beijing Big Audiovisual” brand promotes high-quality literary and artistic content with various production institutions. The booth and the participating plays together bring high-quality spiritual food to the audience.

  Exploring new paths in classic narratives demonstrates cultural confidence through theme creation

2023 is a great year for TV dramas with hundreds of flowers blooming. Creators at all ends of the content industry chain have accumulated experience in theme creation. Zhang Wei attempts to tell female growth stories in multiple genres. She said she will humbly adopt the opinions of Internet users, speed up the narrative rhythm, abandon misunderstandings, increase reversals, etc., and always maintain curiosity and exploration. Kang Honglei took “Glory of Our Fathers” as an example to explain a process-based attempt to connect young audiences from the perspective of intergenerational communication and co-create contemporary dramas with young people.

Zeng Yingxue said that Perfect World Film and Television will adhere to the high-quality and diversified content production line and the talent cultivation mechanism of letting a hundred flowers bloom, and use multiple professional studios to incubate vertical projects. Ultimately, we hope to impress the audience and make them resonate, interesting and gainful. Based on the creation process of four dramas broadcast within one year, Yang Xiaopei said that Xixi Films adheres to the creative idea of ​​putting the script first, “The script will not be launched until the complete script is polished. The so-called business method is to come up with the right content.” A sense of awe.” Turaku shared five difficulties and five characteristics of current science fiction film and television content creation, believing that the future of Chinese science fiction works is full of infinite possibilities.

Regarding the next trends at the platform level, Dai Ying said that iQiyi will continue to develop new formats in the drama market, such as encouraging mini-series such as “My Altay”, using innovative perspectives to tell stories in existing themes, and in war. Explore new ways of content in classic tracks such as , history and more. Zhou Zhaozhong summed up the content creation of Youku TV series as “one vertical and three horizontal”. He will continue to focus on exclusive broadcast library content and hot-blooded comic adaptations, historical mysteries, suspense mini-series and other tracks. He will also continue to invest in Hong Kong drama projects and encourage original costume content. Looking forward to more cooperation with original screenwriters such as Zhang Wei. Dai Qing concluded that after three years of preparation for heavy realistic themes, the TV drama market this year will surely bear fruit.

  Virtual shooting, iterative production technology, scientific and technological innovation, optimization of content supply

With the strong advancement of artificial intelligence technology, AI technology is entering the field of film and television production. Is it an opportunity or a challenge to the existing TV drama market? The creators shared their cutting-edge content thinking based on their own exploration experience. Zhang Wei said that young screenwriters will pay more attention to the field of “Wen Sheng Video”, while Kang Honglei, from the director’s perspective, hopes that AI technology can solve the problem of background shooting. Dai Ying then sent an invitation to Director Kang, saying that the next project to be produced by iQiyi will use the latest virtual shooting technology that iterates green screen keying and LED screen simulation in Hengdian. This technology has been used in “Fox Demon”. In projects such as “Little Matchmaker” and “Big Dream Returns”, real-time rendering and real-time editing can be achieved. I look forward to the state of the work that can be synthesized directly on site with Director Kang Honglei.

Yang Xiaopei shared that as early as 2017, virtual shooting technology was initially used in “The Master”. The progress of AI technology is actually very close to us, but in the final analysis, it is people who operate the technology, and the imagination of the creator will be in the new stage of technology. be more widely used. Zeng Yingxue recognized that the advancement of AI technology will be a great boost to traditional film and television production. Perfect World Film and Television has a dedicated AI research group that will also apply game technology in content creation. In the future, perhaps the director alone + AI can make a movie works.

Zhou Zhaozhong reviewed the production experience of last year’s first attempt to co-star digital and real people in the comic drama “Under the Stranger”. It has been possible to achieve real-time playback of the picture and real-time editing of the director, and real-time synchronization of wind, rain, thunder and lightning. Regarding rendering, he believes that in the next two to three years, AI technology will have a major disruption in film and television production. Tulagu finally concluded three points of view: All LED virtual filming is an intermediate product and will fade into non-mainstream within three to five years; all AI-perceived virtual production will become a deformed form that incorporates spatial computing; With decentralized creation, film production and drama production have opened up a new ecology of decentralized creation.

Theme creation, classic innovation, and scientific and technological progress together form part of the “new quality productivity” of the 2024 Capital TV Program Spring Promotion Conference, investing in the high-quality creation and development of the film and television industry in the new stage. We look forward to the entire film and television industry working together to live up to the times, the times, and the people, and tell more touching Chinese stories with emotion and effort.

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