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Haier Smart Home: The highest goal of technology is to satisfy users

Haier Smart Home: The highest goal of technology is to satisfy users

On March 13, on the eve of the opening of the 2024 China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE2024), the Haier Smart Home Ecological Conference with the theme of “Borderless Symbiosis of Digital Intelligence Update” was held in Shanghai.

At the meeting, Haier Smart Home demonstrated to the outside world its new achievements in becoming a “world-class enterprise” through sets of leading data and disruptive products. First of all, by insisting on creating its own brands, Haier has achieved the 15th consecutive title of Euromonitor International’s global retail sales of large home appliance brands. In addition, by adhering to high-end brand creation, Haier Smart Home has achieved global leadership in various regions.

In China, Haier Smart Home adheres to three-tier brands and digital transformation to achieve three leaderships in the domestic market. First, it is the leadership of Haier Smart Home’s market share. In 2023, the share has reached 28%, with a first place degree of more than 2; second, it is the leadership of Haier Smart Home’s high-end brands. The market share of Casarte refrigerators in the 1.5w+ price range has reached 50%. % or more, Casarte washing machines have a market share of 84% in the 1W+ price segment, and Casarte air conditioners have a market share of 28% in the 1.5W+ price segment; thirdly, Haier Smart Home is the leader in smart scenes, and the scene brand Three Wings Bird has passed Smart bedrooms, smart kitchens and other whole-house and all-scenario smart experiences enable leadership from smart products to smart scenes.

Overseas, Haier Smart Home insists on high-end brand creation and achieves growth despite the trend. Achieving the first market share in 6 mainstream countries including the United States and New Zealand. It has entered the TOP3 in 9 mainstream countries such as India and Italy; it has entered the top 5 in 5 mainstream countries including the UK and the Philippines.

  Haier Smart Home’s global market and reputation leadership is driven and supported by technological innovation.


In the process of user-centered technological innovation, Haier Smart Home relies on the industry’s most advanced and complete R&D layout to achieve seamless cooperation and innovation on a global scale, and continues to provide global users with home appliances that meet their needs and customized smart and convenient lives. . As a result, Haier Smart Home not only gained the industry’s number one technology status, but also profoundly explained the highest goal of technology: satisfying users.

  Global technology leadership: demand-centered, changing users’ lives

As shown in the “Technology Changes Life” TVC at the Ecological Conference, Haier Smart Home’s core pursuit of continuous innovation and leadership has always been only one, which is “changing life with technology.” Every technological achievement and every product iteration of Haier Smart Home is initiated from user needs. The entire product development process is actually the solution to user needs.

  And this also means that every time Haier Smart Home innovates, user pain points are solved. This is also the internal reason why it can achieve global market leadership and global technology leadership.

Take the magnetically controlled cold-fresh technology demonstrated on site as an example. Many people go to the supermarket to stock up on meat on weekends, buying enough for a week, but how to store the fresh meat when they get home becomes a big problem. Because freezing it can easily affect the taste, and it cannot be stored in the refrigerator for too long. The color of the meat will soon darken and the texture of the meat will become loose. To this end, Haier refrigerators have clarified user needs: the refrigerated area should retain the redness, tenderness, freshness and aroma of fresh meat to the greatest extent, and extend the shelf life to 7 to 10 days. But this is not easy, because traditional refrigerators maintain freshness by controlling temperature and humidity, which will inevitably affect the quality of fresh meat, which means that tradition must be broken. Haier’s R&D team conducted in-depth research at the theoretical level and found a feasible solution: using a uniform and stable magnetic field to keep fresh meat fresh.


Finally, after three years of research and development, Haier Refrigerator successfully developed the “Magnetic Controlled Refrigeration Technology”, creating a fully covered, uniform and constant magnetic field space in the refrigerator compartment for the first time, filling a gap in the industry. This technology can freeze the molecular movement of food ingredients, slow down the metabolism of nutrients, maintain cell activity, and keep the fresh meat fresh and fresh after being stored for 10 days. This technology has also been unanimously recognized by the leadership of the National Rural Technology Development Center and the review expert group.

This is just a glimpse of Haier Smart Home’s user-centered approach to continuous innovation and sparing no effort to solve users’ pain points. In addition, in order to solve the problem of clothes such as down jackets not drying or drying thoroughly, Haier washing machines pioneered 3D perspective drying technology, which can directly penetrate the surface of clothes to monitor the internal dryness and wetness conditions, and truly stop clothes from drying. There are also “flat-mounted refrigerators” and “fully-embedded range hoods” designed to solve the problem that traditional products cannot be flush-embedded and affect their appearance. “Conservation air-wash” washing machines are designed to solve the problem that delicate fabrics are easily washed and damaged, as well as “maintenance air-wash” washing machines designed to eliminate The “all-purpose pot anti-dry burning” gas stove developed to avoid the risk of dry burning, etc…

  Not only does it meet the needs of domestic users, Haier Smart Home also continues to carry out technological innovation and product iteration to meet the needs of global users.For example, in response to the hot weather in the Middle East, Haier Smart Home innovatively developed an air conditioner equipped with cool core bridge technology, which can achieve stable operation at 65°C without stopping; in response to the unstable power supply in most parts of Africa, Haier Smart Home launched a generator air conditioner , which can ensure long-distance air supply in large spaces even during power outages; there are also “non-bending refrigerators” launched to meet local needs in India, “Neutron Harmony” washing and drying care machines developed based on the height of Asian women, etc…

  Because Haier Smart Home has always adhered to “user-centered” in-depth research and development and global collaboration, in the past year, Haier Smart Home has launched more than 1,000 original technology products on the market, and added 37 new internationally leading scientific and technological achievements. Today, Haier Smart Home has established its industry-leading technological status in four aspects: patents, standards, national recognition, and industrial design.In terms of patents, Haier Smart Home has won 12 Chinese patent gold awards, the most in the industry, and won the world’s tenth consecutive smart home invention patent title; in terms of standards, HaierHaier Smart Home has led and participated in a total of 97 international standards, the most in the industry; in terms of industrial design, it has won 6 international design gold awards, the most in the industry; in terms of national recognition, Haier Smart Home has won 16 National Science and Technology Progress Awards, accounting for one-third of the industry two.

  Global R&D collaboration: Gather global resources for efficient innovation and iteration

In fact, behind the visible global innovation and global leadership of Haier Smart Home are invisible huge investments and long-term layout. In response to the diverse and changing needs of global users, Haier Smart Home has established the industry’s most advanced and complete R&D layout. It can not only interact, collect and analyze their needs in real time, but also have the ability to accurately meet and iterate efficiently.

At present, Haier Smart Home has laid out a 10+N open innovation system offline and built HOPE innovation life online.A dynamic platform that links 250,000+ experts and 1 million+ first-class resources around the world, formingIt has become an innovation ecosystem of co-creation, win-win and sharing. In response to user needs obtained in real time, R&D centers located around the world can conduct seamless cooperation, collaborative R&D, result sharing, and precise iteration at any time through the digital R&D platform, breaking the boundaries of regions, fields, and departments, and using first-class R&D resources. , the best R&D system, gathering global strength to create the most advanced technology and the most popular products for users.


  For example, in the United States, the most common laundry scenario is that two machines are required to complete one load of laundry, which not only takes a long time to wash and dry, but also consumes a lot of power. In this regard, GE Appliances, Haier Qingdao and Haier Europe “joined forces” to develop the Combo ultra-efficient washing and drying machine, which shortens the washing and drying time that generally takes 6 hours in the industry to 2 hours, and saves 50% of energy.

The value of technological innovation is always to serve people. Haier Smart Home relies on the industry’s most advanced and complete R&D layout to accurately meet user needs, lead an experiential transition in users’ lives, and become the first choice for users, finally achieving global market leadership. Technological innovation that keeps pace with the times is not only the cornerstone for Haier Smart Home to lead the global market and the core of leading industry trends, but will also be an indispensable and important driver in its process of creating a world-class enterprise.

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