Haier Smart Home AWE: Invisible air conditioners, invisible hoods, etc. interpret new productivity


As an important signal released by the country to the field of science and technology, accelerating the formation of new productive forces requires enterprises to tackle core technologies and put the promotion of scientific and technological innovation at the top of corporate development.

Haier’s practice of new productivity is “high technology, high efficiency and high quality”. Among them, in terms of high technology, we always adhere to the strategy of “original technology, self-reliance and self-reliance”, and transform users’ lives through the transformation of results.

On March 14, the China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE2024) was held in Shanghai. At the Ecological Conference on the eve of the exhibition, Haier Smart Home released new achievements towards becoming a “world-class smart residential ecological enterprise”. On the day of the exhibition, it brought the most cutting-edge original scientific and technological achievements: not only did it show to the outside world as many as 101 industry Leading first-of-its-kind technologies, as well as invisible air conditioners, invisible hoods and many other new technological products were unveiled, which concretely explained the latest practice of new productivity in enterprises.


  Adhere to original technology and continue to innovate to change users’ lives

The core path for enterprises to create new-quality productivity lies in “innovation”, and the ultimate focus is on users’ lives. From “Sky Eye” soundings to high-speed rail, with the continuous implementation of new technologies and new scenarios, life has more wonderful experiences. Especially after experiencing it in the Haier Smart Home AWE exhibition hall, we can deeply feel that family life is becoming happier and more beautiful due to technological innovation. This is intuitively demonstrated in many innovative products of Haier Smart Home.

Take air conditioners as an example. Today’s air conditioner products can all adjust heating and cooling, but it is difficult to achieve balance in terms of wind feel, noise, appearance, temperature and humidity balance, etc. But in the Casarte exhibition area of ​​Haier Smart Home, an “invisible” air conditioner did just that. It is not a traditional air conditioner, but a whole-house smart and healthy air system built by Casarte based on the industry’s first Wuheng air solution. Because there are no air outlets and internal units, it is “invisible” in appearance; using water in the system instead of refrigerant makes no wind noise, and it is also “invisible” in terms of hearing. In addition, Casarte’s Wuheng air solution can also achieve “exclusive customization” of air. For example, for southern households that are humid all year round, it can independently control temperature and humidity, dehumidifying without cooling; for northern households that are dry in spring and autumn, it can introduce humidified fresh air to ensure that the air is moist and clean. This change in the previous air experience also led many people on site to walk into the Wuheng experience room to personally experience the “Five Constants” good air of constant temperature, constant humidity, constant oxygen, constant quietness and constant purity.


In addition, many cutting-edge products such as invisible refrigerators and invisible hoods on display also greatly exceeded expectations in terms of experience. For example, when a refrigerator is built into a cabinet, space must be left for heat dissipation, and it cannot be “fitted perfectly” with the cabinet. For this reason, Casarte is the first to create a flat-mounted refrigerator. Technically, it replaces traditional heat dissipation technology with bottom-front heat dissipation, allowing the refrigerator to achieve zero inset on both sides and flush inset on the front after being embedded. In terms of experience, it innovates embedded hinges to avoid embedded installation. After that, it will affect the normal opening of the door, so that there are no flash seams on both sides and no protrusions on the front, presenting an “invisible” home aesthetic. Another example is the cigarette machine. From an industry perspective, if we want to achieve the full embeddedness that users are pursuing, the smoke cavity must be smaller, causing problems such as oil smoke escaping and incomplete suction. Casarte’s fully embedded lifting hood can not only achieve the effect of powerfully sucking and exhausting oil fume, but its built-in lifting function can also be integrated with kitchen cabinets to create a smart kitchen for users that integrates home aesthetics, efficiency and convenience. .


Not only that, Haier Smart Home AWE also has many industry-leading original technologies and smart technologies. Haier’s full-space fresh-keeping refrigerator is equipped with the industry’s only smart fresh-keeping cabin. It uses a variety of intelligent algorithms to achieve higher-efficiency smart fresh-keeping. A scene of it protecting Sanxingdui civilization was also displayed on site, allowing users to intuitively experience the charm of the industry’s only cultural relic-level fresh-keeping technology. . Similarly, daily cleaning of clothes has always been time-consuming. Now the “direct drive essence washing” technology of Haier Yunxi laundry kit can soak the laundry liquid 5 times into the clothes, making the cleaning fast and clean. Moreover, under the intelligent washing and drying linkage, it can be achieved The load dryer starts preheating 15 minutes before the end of washing to save washing and drying time.


The greatest value of technological innovation is to make life happier. In the past, our imaginations about a better family life in the future have now been restored to real life pictures in the Haier Smart Home AWE exhibition area.

  Technology leadership is not only domestic, but also global

At present, China has become an important source of global new technology R&D and innovation. The accelerated construction of new quality productivity is also promoting China’s original technology to the world and driving the high-quality development of global industries. In the process of this great history, Chinese companies need to establish longer-term strategic goals. Their strategic vision should not just stay in the local market, but should also look globally and listen to the voices of users around the world.

As a leading global enterprise, Haier Smart Home has firmly grasped the “voice” of technological innovation in the industry through years of intensive globalization strategic layout. Many of its scientific and technological achievements have been distributed in user households around the world. For example, Haier Smart Home has innovated the “UV Healthy Smart Air Conditioner” for the air environment of local users in Thailand, launched the “No-Bend Refrigerator” to meet the different dietary needs of India, and also developed the Casarte partitioned washing and drying integrated system specially developed based on the height of Asian women. Machine and so on.

Why can Haier Smart Home understand the different needs of these global users and develop new technological products to meet different needs? Behind it lies the industry’s most leading and complete global R&D layout. Haier Smart Home has created an offline 10+N open innovation system and an online HOPE innovation ecological platform around the world, linking 1 million+ R&D resources and 250,000+ expert communities around the world, forming a system of co-creation, win-win, and sharing. innovation ecology. Through this, Haier Smart Home can continuously interact with the needs of global users, mobilize the world’s first-class innovation resources at any time, and achieve global collaboration and precise research and development.

Take washing machines as an example. In the United States, the most common laundry scenario is that two machines are required to complete one wash. Not only does washing and drying take a long time, but it also consumes a lot of power. In this regard, GE Appliances, Haier Qingdao and Haier Europe “joined forces” to develop the Combo ultra-efficient heat pump washing and drying machine, which shortens the washing and drying time that generally takes 6 hours in the industry to 2 hours, and saves 50% of energy.

It can be said that it is precisely because of the global collaboration of technological innovation that Haier Smart Home can always maintain its leading position in the industry’s technological field. It is understood that in the past year, Haier Smart Home has launched more than 1,000 original technology products and added 37 internationally leading scientific and technological achievements.

In today’s era, only innovators win. When scientific and technological strength has become a key indicator of national competitiveness, Chinese enterprises, as the main body of scientific and technological innovation, need to lead by example and continuously strengthen innovative concepts and scientific research. Only in this way can they accelerate the formation of new productive forces and realize the early rise of China’s science and technology. Haier Smart Home, which shined in this AWE2024, has undoubtedly given us such confidence and hope.

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