Guoquan Shihui jointly launched a 100-game camping plan, aiming at “camping + food”

Guoquan Shihui jointly launched a 100-game camping plan, aiming at “camping + food”

Since the beginning of this year, the cultural tourism industry has shown a comprehensive recovery. At the same time, as new scenes and topics of camping and leisure emerge in an endless stream, and the form and content are constantly enriched and expanded, the camping economy welcomes a spring breeze. In order to bring people a brand-new self-driving camping experience and empower the development of the entire cultural tourism and camping industry, recently, the release ceremony of the “Hundred Fields of Camping Plan · Guoquan Camping Carnival” co-sponsored by Guoquan Shihui was officially launched in Zhejiang Radio and Television Group .

It is reported that this event has integrated a number of brand resources including Guoquan Shihui. On the basis of “camping +” experiences such as “camping + sports”, “camping + food”, “camping + travel photography”, the launch The “Hundred Camping Plan” is dedicated to creating a new scene-based camping experience. Ni Renzong, assistant to the chairman of Guoquan Shihui and general manager of the East China Region, said that he hopes to bring new empowerment to camping through Zhejiang City Voice and Guoquan Shihui, attract more young people, and experience the “poetry and painting Jiangnan” in multiple scenes Vibrant Zhejiang”.

In this event, Guoquan Shihui launched a series of “Camping BBQ Season” products in order to create a more innovative way of camping. By combining the consumption habits of young people today, we bring special products that are ready to be roasted, baked and rinsed out of the bag. The convenient dining experience makes people more happy while camping. solution”.

It is worth mentioning that Guoquan Shihui specially launched a pot of hot pot for the recent popular “camping + gourmet” trend. It is reported that Guoquan Shihui’s “Camping Pot Hot Pot” has three flavors: “Chongqing Maoxuewang”, “Chongqing Old Hot Pot” and “Beef Tomato Soup”. “Into the backpack, accompany every camper who loves life over mountains and mountains, through mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, to meet the flavor needs of different groups of people for camping hot pot.

In addition to hot pot, Guoquan covers eight categories including barbecue, lo-mei, one-person food, fast food, beverages, Western food, and fresh food. It can provide a one-stop solution to meet most of consumers’ needs in camping, eating and drinking.

It can be said that at the moment when short-distance travel is popular, Guoquan Shihui has become the first choice for consumers to experience “camping + food”. Guoquan Shihui has a rich variety of healthy and nutritious ingredients that are attracting more young consumers.

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