Yadea electric vehicle upgrades user travel experience with the wisdom and temperature of technology

Yadea electric vehicle upgrades user travel experience with the wisdom and temperature of technology

Innovation is the life force of an enterprise. The competition among enterprises is also a contest of innovation. As a leading brand in the two-wheeled electric vehicle industry, Yadea has been polishing its brand value with innovation, leading industry reforms with technology, and helping the high-quality development of the electric vehicle industry.

Yadea invested in the research and development of graphene batteries

In recent years, Yadea has led the industry in R&D investment and has increased year by year. Up to now, Yadea has 2 CNAS laboratories, 6 technology research and development centers and a technology research and development team of more than 1,000 people, and has mastered more than 1,350 patents. Relying on the top research and development strength in the industry, Yadea has achieved fruitful results in independent research and development of batteries, motors, electronic control, charging and other technologies. Among them, Yadea pioneered TTFAR graphene lead-acid battery and TTFAR carbon fiber lithium battery, creating a new era of long battery life in the industry. At the same time, with the blessing of the core “four electric” technologies, the Yadea GN series has become the industry’s first single-series product that has exceeded 10 million units. Its product strength, growth strength and brand strength can all stand the test of the market.

With the continuous development of technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence, intelligence has gradually become the “match point” for two-wheeled electric vehicles. Standing on the commanding heights of industrial development, Yadea is also actively seeking to use intelligent technology and applications as the support to solve various problems encountered by consumers in the riding process. Among them, Yadea’s world-first YADEA OS smart center can Realize many world-leading intelligent technologies such as intelligent car control, intelligent travel APP, intelligent sleep, automatic headlights, etc., and open a new era of technological travel for two-wheeled electric vehicles. In addition, Yadea has also created the industry’s first mobile “personal space” through the industry’s LTM three-party Bluetooth technology. Users can easily realize the three-party Bluetooth interconnection of mobile phones, car machines, and helmets, which greatly improves the user’s riding experience. Let users feel the wisdom and temperature of technology.

In the future, Yadea will continue to explore the road of intelligence, integrate technology and innovation into the manufacturing process of products, use higher-end products to bring users extraordinary travel experience, and lead the industry to the road of high-quality development.

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