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Focusing on Tianjin Ecology and Collaborating with Huawei Cloud to Help Digital Upgrade of Smart Heating

Focusing on Tianjin Ecology and Collaborating with Huawei Cloud to Help Digital Upgrade of Smart Heating

On August 17, 2023, hosted by Huawei Cloud, co-organized by Tianjin Bohai Rim Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Promotion Association, and Tianjin Hongda Credit Suisse Technology Co., Ltd., the digital empowerment of small and medium-sized enterprises nationwide (Tianjin Station) Heating Industry Enterprise Private Meeting was a complete success curtain down. The theme of this conference revolves around “The Digital Upgrade of Smart Heating”, which aims to explore how to use advanced technical means to realize the intelligence and efficiency of the heating system. Experts and scholars from the government, enterprises, industry associations and other fields gathered together. A number of member companies of the Tianjin Bohai Rim Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Promotion Association participated in the meeting and shared the latest research results and practical experience to promote the heating industry in Tianjin. Contribute wisdom and strength to the development of China.

Heating in winter is related to people’s livelihood and involves thousands of households. It is an important livelihood project. In recent years, with the development and popularization of informatization, the heating industry has been accelerating its transformation to “intelligence and digitalization”. As a representative of industry associations and new energy companies, Wang Anmin, president of the Tianjin Bohai Rim Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Promotion Association and chairman of Jindadi New Energy (Tianjin) Group Co., Ltd., mentioned in his opening keynote speech that “smart heating can effectively promote Energy saving and emission reduction and green environmental protection are consistent with the purpose of the promotion association of “unity, development, mutual existence and progress”. Tianjin is accelerating the construction of an environment-friendly society.”

Tianjin Energy Group is the largest central heating enterprise in Tianjin in the field of central heating. The direct central heating area accounts for nearly 30% of the city’s central heating area. It has also been continuously exploring clean heating and digital upgrades in the heating industry . In this regard, Xia Qing, a technical engineer of Tianjin Energy Group Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd., shared the application experience of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and other technologies to empower the digitalization and intelligence of the heating industry.

In the service enterprise sharing session, Huawei started from its own digital transformation experience and combined with the current rapidly developing AI technology to introduce the Huawei Cloud Smart Heating Solution. Experts in the Huawei Cloud China heating industry mentioned that Huawei Smart Heating uses Based on the fusion prediction and control algorithm of artificial intelligence and mechanism model, the data-driven artificial intelligence model and the heat supply mechanism model are combined to accurately predict the heat demand and temperature target of the heat source heat station. Based on the intelligent and precise control of the source, network, station, and household linkage, it can effectively save energy and reduce emissions.

Zhang Haohao, a technical expert of Tianjin Hongda Credit Suisse Co., Ltd., added from the perspective of Huawei Cloud smart heating technology partners, introduced the technical architecture of HTC Credit Suisse’s first-network balancing system and second-network balancing system, and demonstrated its supporting hardware equipment on site. Provide enterprises with the efficient delivery of the integration of software and hardware, and the combination of virtual and real.

  In addition to technical solutions, Li Songran, chairman of Tianjin Zhongqi Software Co., Ltd., shared topics on digital transformation of heating operation services, includingFour aspects of smart heating charging management, smart heating customer service, smart heating production and operation, and smart heating comprehensive operation service management, especially pointed out that heating companies should lead the digital transformation process by themselves, tailor their clothes according to their needs, and follow the principle of refined operation the way.

During the meeting, representatives of many enterprises actively interacted with the lecturers and asked questions, and the atmosphere was warm. With the successful conclusion of the conference, we believe that the collision of viewpoints at this event will also inject new vitality and impetus into the digital upgrade of the heating industry. As a solution provider, HUAWEI CLOUD will continue to give full play to its own technological advantages and innovation capabilities, and work with partners from all walks of life to explore new paths for smart heating.

In the future, HUAWEI CLOUD will continue to hold industry-themed forums, city summits in September and other activities to help Tianjin’s digital transformation of thousands of industries.

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