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[Exclusive]Dongfang Selection Taobao live broadcast debut: no pit fee, Unilever has submitted the product list

[Exclusive]Dongfang Selection Taobao live broadcast debut: no pit fee, Unilever has submitted the product list

Jiemian News reporter|Chen Zhenfang

At 10 o’clock in the morning on August 22, Taobao official Weibo posted a message: “A friend is coming from the east. Guess ____ is coming to our live broadcast room!”

Screenshot of Taobao official Weibo.Source: Sina Weibo

Interface Education learned from a live broadcast e-commerce person that Dongfang Selection had started product selection as early as early August to connect with supply chain companies on the Taobao platform.

Screenshots of the chat provided to Interface Education by people close to Dongfang Selection show that on August 9, Unilever and Dongfang Selection’s product selection team have begun to discuss Taobao’s live broadcast pallets and related mechanisms. Unilever and Dongfang Selection have cooperated on Douyin before, and have submitted a list of products to participate in the first show selection.

[Exclusive]Dongfang Selection Taobao live broadcast debut: no pit fee, Unilever has submitted the product list

Screenshots of Unilever and Dongfang Selection group chat.Source: Respondents

According to the above-mentioned informed sources, the first show of Taobao products selected by Dongfang, in addition to the previously recommended agricultural products, food, personal care and household cleaning products, there are also a large proportion of daily chemicals, beauty makeup and skin care, home appliances, and 3C digital products. . Just like live delivery on Douyin, Dongfang Selection still does not charge pit fees on Taobao.

There are usually two charging models for live streaming, one is pit fee + commission, and the other is pure commission. Among them, pit space refers to a fixed advertising space, and pit space fee refers to the money needed to buy this advertising space. The commission is based on the actual sales, usually 20%-30%.

According to a previous report by Interface Education, Dongfang Selection had opened a Taobao live broadcast room as early as September last year, but had not started live streaming. The company of Dongfang Selection Live Studio is Dongfang You (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., and its legal representative is Sun Dongxu. The company is wholly-owned by New Oriental.

In Taobao e-commerce, Dongfangxuan opened two stores, namely “Dongfangxuan” on Taobao and “Dongfangxuan Flagship Store” on Tmall, with 385,600 and 126,400 fans. Both accounts have not yet launched, and there is no relevant preview and product information on the page.

The above-mentioned person familiar with the matter also revealed that the “Oriental Selection” store account is no longer limited to a single store live broadcast, but has been transformed into a store and anchor expert live broadcast, which is suspected to pave the way for the main anchor to open live broadcasts with goods.

Taobao live broadcasts are usually divided into two categories. One is expert live broadcasts, which mainly rely on the popularity, popularity and charm of Taobao experts to attract fans. Girls” live broadcast. The other type of store live broadcast mainly relies on brand effect, advertising, promotional activities, etc. to attract popularity.

Before the debut of Taobao, the controversy surrounding Dongfang Selection and Douyin has always existed.

In early August 2022, after Dongfang Selection was caught in the controversy of being restricted by Douyin, Yu Minhong once wrote: “The business model established based on the external platform is very vulnerable.”

Since then, Dongfangxuan has launched the app of the same name, and has deployed it on major platforms such as Kuaishou, Douyin, Weibo, Xiaohongshu, and WeChat video accounts. Dongfang Selection also tried to “borrow” WeChat to attract traffic. When the Orient Selection app starts live streaming, users can watch it simultaneously through the Orient Selection WeChat applet.

At noon on July 26, Dongfang Selection announced that its self-operated store had been shut down by Douyin. At noon on July 27, a relevant person from Dongfang Selection told Jiemian Education: “(The store was removed from the shelves) due to the requirements of the rules.” However, no detailed reason was disclosed.

Afterwards, Dongfang Selection launched the first stop of “Out of Douyin” and switched to App to start a 15% discount promotion for self-operated products. The sales in four days exceeded 110 million yuan, and the average daily live broadcast GMV was even slightly higher than that of Douyin live broadcast room.

After falling into a growth bottleneck, finding other growth channels has become a necessary way for live e-commerce companies to open up the ceiling. Dongfang Selection came to Taobao to “open a branch”, and it is not groundless. Yu Minhong had previously stated publicly that Dongfang Selection, as a listed company, would not rely on a specific platform.

In intraday trading on August 22, Oriental Selection reported HK$39.05 per share, up 2.76%, with a total market value of HK$39.603 billion.

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