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The mirror and lamp living room comedy “Happy Parents Group” that lights up the warm and realistic dual platform ended with high popularity

The mirror and lamp living room comedy “Happy Parents Group” that lights up the warm and realistic dual platform ended with high popularity

On February 28, the family light comedy “Happy Parents”, which focuses on the two-way growth of parents and children, concluded with outstanding results on the dual platforms of Hunan Satellite TV & Mango TV. How can a small WeChat parent group decode the big society of human relations? How does a drama about family education keep pace with the times and project real issues from a new perspective? The TV series “Happy Parents” uses a solid quality of life to contribute a complete model to the artistic exploration of realistic themes. As the cute children grow up more smoothly, the three groups of families usher in a happy ending in the unique “warm and healing” atmosphere.

According to Kuyun Digital Entertainment, the drama has ranked first in the average ratings of satellite TV for 20 days in total, and has won the daily number of broadcasts on the platform for 24 consecutive days. It has dominated the top five prime time broadcasts of satellite TV in the Kuyun ratings in 2024; it has successively won CVB on-air ratings. The TV drama’s single-day peak ratings topped the list. In addition, the drama has also gained over 9.93 billion network exposures on social media platforms, #primary school committee election is comparable to Zhen? Chuan#, #见happyparentsgroupcanhavemorefun#, #beinghappy Terms such as “parent group home visits bring back memories”, “happy parent group workplace mouth substitute found”, etc. are on the hot search list. The powerful actors, supplemented by the passionate performances of cute little actors, helped the series successfully break through the circle of communication, reaching and conquering a diverse audience from different age groups.

From family affairs writing to living room comedy, from educational problems to two-way growth, “Happy Parents Group” starts from the dual advancement of cute children and parents, and upgrades the perspective from a panoramic family to the transcendent innovation of the contemporary society, allowing people to relax and have a sense of control. , find soothing empathy in the relaxed and joyful “family fun” comedy, and also demonstrate the vigorous vitality of realistic themes.

  Keep pace with the times, innovatively decode “small incisions” and trigger “new perspectives”

As an enduring theme of Chinese dramas, whether it can convey scientific concepts and methods of family education in an intuitive and vivid way, and reflect the real situation with an artistic touch that does not lose its sparkle, is the evergreen code for the iterative evolution of family education dramas. “Seeing the world in the WeChat group” is the key to the innovation and breakthrough of “Happy Parents Group”. Parent groups are not only an essential tool for current home-school communication, but also a micro-society that reflects human relationships. “Happy Parents Group” constructs character relationships and dramatic conflicts among parents. Through the intersection of online and reality, it interprets the reshaped interpersonal communication model, and thus opens up a new perspective for storytelling.

The information barriers that existed in the past are now further broken down by high-frequency group chats; activities such as parent committee meetings, parent-child sports meetings, and class committee elections have also caused many farces due to parent groups. This silent competition spread from students to parents, and the “parent group” gradually “changed” under the fierce competition. “Happy Parents Group” cleverly captures this real phenomenon, weaves Chinese stories with dense events, wraps social insights with a comedy atmosphere, uses the micro-society of “parents group” to reflect the topic of growth, and conveys a warm social background and a positive and sunny outlook. Positive energy. Under the dual perspective switching between virtual and reality, three groups of family pictures with different characteristics slowly unfolded, radiating to a wide audience from different angles. This diverse presentation of parent-child relationships further broke the barriers to the production of domestic family dramas.

The family of Liu Xiangshang (played by Zhang Jiayi) represents a family with multiple children, the family of Tang Xiaowei (played by Wang Xiaochen) represents a divorced family, and the family of Yang Mingbiao (played by Zhao Da) represents a reorganized family. Each of the three groups of samples is typical and representative in setting. This drama focuses more on children. Through the interaction between children and parents, it completes the “growth” hidden thread behind their respective families, and through the realistic depiction of different types of parent-child relationships, it stimulates topic discussions of different concentrations. With new ideas, new forms, and new angles, “Happy Parents” is not only full of the aesthetic significance of artistic works that think about the essence of life through the appearance of reality, but also the valuable value of TV series that lead the audience to find the spiritual realm of truth, goodness, and beauty. It is written with real strokes and The vivid and full Chinese story that keeps pace with the times, in addition to the “light narrative” of laughter and stress relief, not only inspires viewers to self-examine, but also provides an industry model with reference significance.

 See the big from the small, from simple to deep, “artistic beauty” and “real reality”

Individuals, families, and society form the triple narrative perspective of the drama. Along with exciting stories, powerful performances, and rich topics, “Happy Parents” continues to export industry and social values ​​that can be mirrored. The series not only focuses on the family education and parent-child relationship of contemporary primary school students, but also covers social issues in a light and joyful atmosphere, thereby deepening and expanding traditional categories and connecting “real reality” with “artistic beauty”. Various current social hot topics such as workplace disputes, comparison psychology, intergenerational communication, and children’s mental health are all responded to in an orderly manner by the series. “Script Killing”, which has been transformed by various cram schools, exposed the educational philosophy and “following the trend” entrenched in the hearts of parents; the children almost lost their wishing trees in search of fruit treasures, reflecting that people should listen to their children’s voices and respect them. The correct orientation of children’s personality subjectivity; and the release of golden sentences such as “Adults should not listen to biased beliefs or over-interpret”, all demonstrate the drama’s creative concept of using relaxed expressions to condense rational thinking.

The valuable thing about “Happy Parents” is that these realistic topics that deserve to be taken seriously are easily dismantled by the series in a lighthearted context and warm tone, so that it does not fall into a heavy and preachy sense, and it also fits the New Year theme perfectly. The demand for family-friendly drama viewing continues to release social thinking that provides thinking, embraces warmth, and resolves anxiety. Many viewers praised the show on social media, saying, “This show is like my Internet stand-in.” “The performance is real and down-to-earth, and the overall feeling is very immersive.” “The family-friendly atmosphere of the Spring Festival is perfect for watching this show.” “It’s like a real-life projection of my home, and it resonates so well.” Many viewers also expressed great expectations for the second season, “I hope that Tangdou and Guobao can reunite when they grow up! Looking forward to the second season.”

Three nuclear families, a panoramic group portrait, “Happy Parents Group” uses the human fireworks of each small family to let people think about the wisdom of life in a joyful atmosphere. As education-themed film and television dramas continue to heat up, the drama seeks a breakthrough from “elementary school” to reflect social issues and inspire people. It not only captures social pain points, but also pursues artistic authenticity. It can be called a “small incision” to illuminate “big topics” Successful practice.

This is not the first time that 2016 Film and Television has successfully responded to the topic of the times. As a film and television production company with social sentiments, 2016 Film and Television has launched long-term and in-depth exploration in this field. From the “Pi” series, “The Stage” and “Alley” to today’s “Happy Parents”, 2016 Film and Television has always captured the most emotionally resonant content and created innovations that conform to mainstream aesthetics and set industry benchmarks. Content, I believe that under the guidance of the responsibility of conveying positive values, it will continue to produce more heartfelt and powerful works in the future, which is worth looking forward to.

“Happy Parents” is produced by Xi’an Zhaomai Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., 2016 Film and Television, Xi’an Film Studio Co., Ltd., Hunan Happy Sunshine Interactive Entertainment Media Co., Ltd., filmed by 2016 Film and Television, directed by Li Yafei, and acted by Ma Guangyuan Screenwriter, starring Zhang Jiayi and Chen Hao, special starring Wang Xiaochen, Zhao Da, Liu Ruilin, Ling Zi, Fang Qingzhuo, Li Chuanying, Zhang Lu, Wang Yuxuan, Wei Nuojin, Sun Sicheng, Yin Chenxi, Ren Qiguang, Wei Ran, Fan Jing?, Shi Hanglu Starring.


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