Come to AWE to see the “big” and “small” aspects of Haier Smart Home Technology


In life, some seemingly small details greatly reduce the user experience: the gap between the refrigerator and the cabinet is not big but easy to hide dust, the underwear and outerwear that are changed must be washed separately, the air conditioner is turned on for a long time and the temperature does not drop… …There are countless such things.

But for Haier Smart Home, every “little thing for users” is a “top priority”. On March 11, the video “Big” and “Small” of Haier Smart Home Technology was launched. It can be seen that Haier Smart Home focuses on the “small pain points” in users’ lives, focuses on overcoming key core technical problems, and creates many original technologies such as flush mounting, variable shunting, and anti-dry burning, ultimately achieving the ultimate satisfaction of user needs.

Want to personally experience these original technologies that solve life’s pain points? On March 14, you might as well come to the 2024AWE Haier Smart Home exhibition area to find out. There will be a refrigerator that can intelligently control the temperature according to the type of food, a washing machine that can keep cashmere coats brand new after multiple washes, an air conditioner that combines temperature control effects with comfortable wind… and more exciting things are waiting for you to explore on site!


  “Small” requirements:The 10cm gap between the refrigerator and the cabinet is not only unsightly but also easy to hide dust.

  “Big” R&D:Iterated on dozens of plans, experienced more than 200,000 opening and closing tests, established a technical team of nearly 100 people, and spent 20,000+ hours… Inventing a zero-distance free built-in refrigerator, reducing the flash gap of the refrigerator to 0cm, making the kitchen beautiful Hide ashes.

The sales performance of the zero-distance built-in refrigerator has increased by 27 times in the two years since its launch. Currently, Haier refrigerator has ranked first in the global refrigerator brand retail sales for 16 consecutive years.

  washing machine

  “Small” requirements:Adults’ and children’s clothes should be washed separately; underwear and outerwear should be washed separately.

  “Big” R&D:After more than 15,000 tests and the comparison, verification and reconstruction of more than 100 plans, the twin-partition washing machine perfectly meets the requirements of partitioned washing, classified washing and healthy washing of different clothes.

The twin-partition washing machine has gone through 7 optimization iterations and firmly occupies more than 85% of the market segment.

  air conditioner

  “Small” requirements:When the cold air from the air conditioner blows onto your body, the temperature is low and the wind speed is high, making you prone to “air conditioning disease”.

  “Big” R&D:After thousands of “blowing experiments”, the air-conditioning wind that blends 20% of the indoor air was finally determined. After half a month of retreat and dozens of demonstrations, the cause of the noise was found and the fan blade shape was replaced. It has unlocked 445 domestic and foreign patents, led 4 national standards for air conditioners, and finally created the original jet air equalization technology, making the wind blown out softer and more comfortable.

Since the launch of Casarte’s jet-equalized wind technology, it has gone through three iterations of soft wind and four generations of product innovation. Let Casarte Air Conditioning achieve the first place in one year and continue to be the first in seven years, achieving high-end leadership.

  water heater

  “Small” requirements:The inner tank of ordinary three-stage water heaters is prone to corrosion and leakage after being used for a long time.

  “Big” R&D:After 10 years, 4 large-scale upgrades, and more than 100 repeated trials, we created the first seamless gallbladder, which is better understood and more suitable for China’s water quality. The unique deep drawing process and seamless one-piece molding revolutionize the industry. It can withstand 1.6 million times of pressure and has a strength 10 times higher than the international standard, eliminating the hidden danger of leakage in the inner tank for users.

Haier’s King Kong Seamless Beverage promises users that it will not leak for life and will replace it with a new one if it leaks. It has become the first choice of more than 40 million users.

  kitchen appliances

  “Small” requirements:When cooking, people often forget to turn off the heat, causing the pot to dry out and even cause a fire accident.

  “Big” R&D:It took 10 years to visit 2 million families in 20 countries, study the cooking habits of different people, and undergo countless experiments. The first anti-dry burning technology for gas stoves, which automatically cuts off the gas source when the pot is dry or not sitting on the pot.

Certified by Euromonitor International, the world’s authoritative research organization, Haier Kitchen Appliances is the world’s leader in large kitchen appliance companies and the only kitchen appliance company in China with sales exceeding 10 million units (excluding dishwashers).

With the user mindset of “no matter how small it is, never ignore it, no matter how difficult it is, never bypass it”, Haier Smart Home Technology has achieved global leadership. It is understood that Haier Smart Home has brought hundreds of original technologies and new products to the AWE site. We will see you in Hall N5 of the Shanghai New International Expo Center on March 14th!

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