2024 Hua Chenyu Mars Concert Officially Announces Yantai Station Park Restarts Stage Upgrade and Day Appearance Arrives as Scheduled


On April 2, the first stop of Hua Chenyu Mars Concert 2024 was officially announced. It will be held on May 1, 2, and 4 at Yangma Island Music Camp (Libeng Island, Muping District) in Yantai City. This concert will Continuing the original outdoor park model of “Mars”, the first two performances (May 1st and 2nd) are divided into daytime performances and evening performances. May 4th is specially set as a day performance. At the same time, Huahua also chose to perform at today’s The official announcement of the sunrise time is 5:56, and the long-awaited sunrise debut is launched with joy. Listening to the wind by the sea and welcoming the dawn together, the agreement between Hua Chenyu and his fans that spanned more than two years is finally coming true!

  Mars concert debuts on the East Coast, surprise opening paradise returns, unlocks sunny seaside party

Mars Concert has been going on for ten years, carrying warmth and love along the way. Since its first two concerts at Beijing’s Wukesong Stadium in 2014, it has written a book about the splendor of the Martian world; the latter two times have “arrived” at the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) with breakthrough momentum, breaking domestic concert records many times; and also created the first paradise-style concert. Concert, 12 carnivals in 6 days to release sparks of passion. After ten years and 40 performances, “Mars energy” has continued to spread to various cities. This year, the ship of “Mars civilization” has once again set sail. In order to achieve the beautiful dream of “watching the sunrise together”, the 2024 Hua Chenyu Mars Concert will be held for the first time Standing under countless expectations, we have locked in Yantai, Shandong, an oriental city adjacent to the sea.

This is the first time that Mars Concert has embarked on a fantasy journey in the land of Qilu, and it is also the first time that Hua Chenyu has chosen the location of the concert at the seaside. This performance at Yantai Station follows the model of all-person standing tickets and outdoor carnival. At each performance, the audience can enjoy the Mars world with various ways to play, enjoy the delicious food and beautiful scenery, and spend a happy time with music. In the first two games (May 1st and 2nd), you can enjoy the dual happiness of day and night. In the sunrise show (May 4th), you will witness the dawn with all the audience, appreciate the beauty of the twinkling sunset, and feel endowed with infinite energy and joy. A moment of hope. Mars Concert has always strived to provide the highest quality viewing experience and insisted on not increasing ticket prices, which is a sincere feedback from Mars.

Among them, the Sungai concert on May 4 has attracted much attention. It is reported that the first mention of Sungai was in a live broadcast by Hua Chenyu at the end of 2021. At the beginning of 2023, Hua Chenyu said in a Weibo: “I have always dreamed that one day I can do something romantic and crazy with everyone, that is, we can really hold a concert to welcome the sunrise together.” At the finale of Hua Chenyu’s Mars Concert in Guangzhou in 2023, a video about Sun’s appearance completely ignited the enthusiasm of fans. At that time, Hua Chenyu also revealed that Sun’s appearance would choose a spring day to meet everyone at the beach. , today, as soon as the 2024 Hua Chenyu Mars Concert in Yantai was officially announced, it aroused strong reactions from fans, who all lamented that “the sunrise concert is really coming.”

  Joyfully upgraded Mars City reappears, innovating all the way and receiving constant praise

In addition to the sun show, the first two paradise shows are also very exciting. Looking back on every performance in the first half of last year, Huahua and her fans not only sang from day to night, but also celebrated birthdays, played games, played mahjong, etc. together. It can be said that they were full of joy. Not only are there interesting interactions between the “fireworks”, but the stage of the park has a unique design and experience. The “main stage” and “home stage” are both connected to each other and exist independently. They will also bring entertainment at different times and weather. It brings different visual shocks. The entire stage is like Hua Chenyu building a city for the concert, where Martians can enjoy and relax. At the first stop of this year’s tour, the park-style concert will resume, and the Mars stage will be upgraded on the basis of the previous one, presenting a new “utopia” on Mars for everyone to have fun.

Looking back at the Hua Chenyu Mars Concert Tour in 2023, 19 shows in 8 cities frequently set off a wave of discussion across the Internet. It received 287 hot searches throughout the year, with cumulative topic views exceeding 28.5 billion, and discussions exceeding 87.28 million. The sold-out performance continues to prove Hua Chenyu’s top musical appeal. “Shocking on the spot”, “full of stamina”, and “going in both directions” are the most profound impressions on the audience. At the same time, the positive energy of Mars that frequently appears in the circle has also been unanimously recognized by media at home and abroad, such as Xueqiangguo, China Daily, People’s Video, Beijing News, Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao, Singapore Lianhe Zaobao, etc.

Hua Chenyu has been constantly transforming on the way forward. From becoming the youngest singer to hold a concert at the Bird’s Nest, to creating the first domestic paradise-style concert, to the first singer to hold a four-sided concert at the Bird’s Nest, to this year’s sunrise concert, several years of hard work and The breakthrough allowed people to see the infinite possibilities of Hua Chenyu and Mars’ concerts. The exploration of various modes of the Mars concert has also made many netizens marvel: “Have the current concerts evolved into this?”, “I am curious about what the concert will be like on the day”, “What else is Hua Chenyu It can’t be done”.

With the spring breeze bringing warmth and all things growing, the 2024 Hua Chenyu Mars Concert is about to kick off. We are waiting for the Mars people to start going home. On May 1st, 2nd and 4th, meet at the Yangma Island Music Camp in Yantai City (Muping District) Libeng Island), let’s join hands to face the rising sun in our hearts, fulfill the promise of “watching the sunrise together”, and start this year’s journey to Mars!


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