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Movie “Flying Life 2” Beijing press conference, Han Han and Shen Teng gave each other New Year’s gifts and it was fun and interesting

Movie “Flying Life 2” Beijing press conference, Han Han and Shen Teng gave each other New Year’s gifts and it was fun and interesting

On January 29, the movie “Flying Life 2” held a Beijing press conference with the theme of “New Year’s Party”. Screenwriter and director Han Han, actors Shen Teng, Fan Chengcheng, Zhang Benyu, Sun Yizhou, Wei Xiang and many media and audiences gathered together. They shared their feelings on returning, interesting stories about cooperation, and their feelings about speeding up and down the road, etc., and had a joyful interaction, and the atmosphere was very lively. The Beijing press conference also unveiled the “Good Luck Solitaire” version of the poster, which is full of new year flavor. The actors performed the dragon dance happily, which means conveying good luck and starting the new year with the momentum of the dragon. The movie “Flying Life 2” was released nationwide on New Year’s Day, and it was a lot of fun.

  New and old comedians from the Feichi crew gathered for the New Year and Han Han revealed that the story’s audio-visual and funny points have been fully upgraded

At the Beijing press conference of the movie “Flying Life 2”, screenwriter and director Han Han, actors Shen Teng, Fan Chengcheng, Zhang Benyu, Sun Yizhou, and Wei Xiang all spoke freely in the face of everyone’s curiosity and expectations for this Spring Festival comedy. Screenwriter and director Han Han said that “Flying Life 2” is a team that brings together old friends and new friends. The story, audiovisual and laughter of the movie have been comprehensively upgraded. He also revealed that he had made several versions of the outline and script direction for this story, and Shen Teng liked the current version very much. “At that time, Brother Teng had just finished surgery and was still in the recovery stage. He was willing to come over and gave me a lot of encouragement.” confidence”. Shen Teng said frankly, “After the director told me about it, I thought it was really good and better than the first one.” He also laughed and said that this time he was “making a living by filming.” New member Fan Chengcheng claims to be a fan of “Flying Life” and is very excited to join the “Flying Life 2” crew family. He gained a lot of happiness and touch during the filming. Zhang Benyu talked about his return as the machinist Ji Xing, saying that not only the “iron triangle” tacit understanding is still the same, but also the behind-the-scenes creators including photography are very familiar with working together again. Sun Yizhou said that although he was a new member, he integrated into the team on the first day of filming. He introduced that the character Liu Xiande is very weak in driving, and there is a huge contrast between him and his master Zhang Chi, one day at a time, creating a lot of laughter. Wei Xiang was very grateful to Han Han for writing back the role of Manager Ye, and recalled that after filming the first film, the director said, “If I have a chance, I’ll write you another one that is both good and evil.” He thought it was a courtesy, but the director took it seriously. Let Manager Ye become both good and evil in “Flying Life 2”. The sharing by the main creators not only gave everyone a better understanding of their characters, but also made everyone look forward to the film.

  The “Good Luck Solitaire” version of the poster shows the joy of the new year. The main creators have a grand party and give each other New Year’s gift blind boxes.

The theme of this Beijing press conference is “New Year’s Party”, and the newly exposed “Good Luck Solitaire” version of the poster is quite suitable for the occasion, echoing the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival. Shen Teng led the leader and Fan Chengcheng, Yin Zheng, Zhang Benyu, Sun Yizhou, Wei Xiang, and Jia Bing to continue to pass on good luck and send good wishes for the Year of the Dragon happily and lively. Whether it is the comedy lineup that is loved by the audience , or the joyful atmosphere full of New Year flavor, all of which highlight the quality of the film’s Spring Festival family comedy.

The main creators at the press conference also focused on the attributes of comedians and carried out “party” interactions in a fancy way. Whether it was a game competition or a review of 20-year-old dreams, the scene was full of joy. The interactive New Year’s gift blind box also showed the ingenuity of the creators. Shen Teng prepared a driving test guide, Fan Chengcheng’s lottery ticket, Zhang Benyu’s “grab what you want to catch” robotic arm, and Sun Yizhou’s meme film. The golden cudgel of the master-disciple relationship between Zhang Chi and Liu Xiande, and the pen prepared by Wei Xiang are both quite interesting. Han Han gave away a Bluetooth headset, which meant that “everyone can have blue teeth with the “Flying Life 2″”. Everyone on and off the stage was immersed in joy, filling the atmosphere of the “New Year Party”. I believe that the film will bring unexpected laughter and touching moments to the audience on the first day of the Year of the Dragon.

The movie “Flying Life 2” is written and directed by Han Han, starring Shen Teng, Fan Chengcheng, Yin Zheng, Zhang Benyu, and Sun Yizhou, with special appearances by Wei Xiang and Jia Bing, and a friendly appearance by Zheng Kai. The film is produced by Shanghai Tingdong Film Co., Ltd., Shanghai Taopiaopiao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Tianjin Maoyan Weiying Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Bona Film Group Co., Ltd., China Film Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Happy Mahua Film Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hengdian Film Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ruyi Produced by Film and Television Production Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Film (Group) Co., Ltd., it will be released nationwide on New Year’s Day.

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