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Facing the wind and rain, CPIC is on the front line

Facing the wind and rain, CPIC is on the front line

“The typhoon came last night, and the longan fruit fell all over the ground. I didn’t expect to receive the compensation today. CPIC settled the claim too quickly. Although I suffered a lot of losses, my heart is still warm.” On the afternoon of July 18, Mr. Liang from Xiaoliang Town, Dianbai District, Maoming City, Guangdong Province, said excitedly when he saw the insurance claim of 91,000 yuan transferred from the bank.

This is the first agricultural insurance claim paid by CPIC Property & Casualty Insurance Guangdong Maoming Zhongzhi for the typhoon “Tai Li”. It took less than 24 hours from the damage assessment to the payment of the claim. After the typhoon “Tali” passed, it had a certain impact on the local longan which was in the mature stage. So far, more than 20 farmers have reported the case one after another. China Pacific Insurance Property & Casualty established a professional service team in the first place, quickly launched a claim investigation work, and at the same time opened up a “green channel” to pay compensation in advance for the affected people and quickly resume production.

On July 17, typhoon “Tali” landed on the coast of Zhanjiang, Guangdong, and landed again in Beihai, Guangxi as a severe tropical storm on the 18th, which had a great impact on Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Zhejiang and other places. China Pacific Insurance’s agencies along the line actively prepare for the war, adhere to the principle of “prevention first, prevention is more important than compensation”, early warning, crop harvesting, quick claim settlement, professional rescue, minimize disaster-causing factors, and provide people with “responsibility, wisdom, and warmth” CPIC services.

Escort in the wind and rain

After the typhoon, in the early morning of July 18, China Pacific Insurance Property & Casualty Insurance Guangdong Yangjiang Zhongzhi sent a number of investigation teams to visit the whole area to carry out loss investigation and on-site investigation. Because the rice was immature and could not be harvested, the rice of the farmer Chen fell down and was soaked by rain. If it is not disposed of in time, the loss will be further expanded. China Pacific Insurance Property & Casualty Guangdong Yangjiang Zhongzhi Agricultural Insurance inspectors immediately used “CPIC e-Agricultural Insurance” survey, measured acres through satellite remote sensing, accurately located and measured the area of ​​damaged rice, approved on-site and reported for review, and quickly determined the damage and paid to the account. Chen, a farmer, said that he did not expect to be able to pay the compensation so soon. When the rain stopped, he immediately arranged for a pump to pump water and rush to harvest rice.

In Zhanjiang, Maoming, Shantou, Qingyuan, Zhongshan, Yunfu and other cities in Guangdong, agricultural insurance specialists from CPIC Property & Casualty were dispatched to visit farmers one by one to inform farmers to prevent disasters and rush to harvest in a timely manner. They rented rice harvesters to give priority to harvesting, and coordinated rice drying and drying sites to ensure that the rice at maturity was harvested and the grains were returned to the warehouse. As of July 16, Jieyang, Yangjiang, Zhuhai and other central branches have harvested more than 32,000 mu of rice, and the estimated loss amount exceeds 20 million yuan.

Affected by typhoon “Tali”, on the evening of July 16, heavy rain fell suddenly in Jiashan, Zhejiang, breaking the daily rainfall record of Jiashan Station within one and a half hours. Accompanied by the torrential rain, large areas of Jiashan’s urban area were flooded, and the harvest watermelons planted by farmers in many places were flooded.

“Flooded plant leaves should be cleaned up in time, and the leaves wrapped in sludge should be washed with water.” On the morning of July 17, in the vegetable greenhouse of Lu Quanming, a grower in Majiaqiao Village, Luoxing Street, the disaster support team of the Zhejiang Jiaxing Central Branch of China Pacific Insurance Property Insurance was carefully checking the damage to the crops and providing advice on the spot.

As the main underwriter of policy-based agricultural insurance, in the face of sudden disasters, China Pacific Insurance Property & Casualty Zhejiang Jiaxing Central Branch urgently dispatched 15 professional backbones and 4 external experts from the company on the night of July 16 to set up the “Jiashan 7.16 Disaster Support Team” to rush to the scene. In the early morning of July 17, in a watermelon shed in Liangqiao Village, Weitang Street, the Disaster Support Team began to accept reports of disaster damage from local farmers, simultaneously conducted damage investigations, and initiated a rapid claim settlement mechanism. As of 11:00 a.m. on the same day, 6 households with more than 200 mu of greenhouse watermelon had completed all surveys and system claims applications, providing strong support for farmers to resume production as soon as possible.

Emergency Rescue in Distress

“Can you help us, the car has been flooded and turned off, and there are still people trapped in the car…” “We have sent a rescue vehicle, please get out of the car and escape to the high ground as soon as possible, pay attention to personal safety!” The heavy rain is pouring, and the Zhejiang Jiaxing Central Branch of China Pacific Insurance has been receiving reports from car owners, hoping to provide rescue. In view of the blowout growth of a large number of car owners reporting during the rainstorm, the local branch immediately arranged rescue vehicles, reflective vests, rain boots, insulating gloves and other disaster prevention materials to provide services for trapped car owners at any time. At the same time, survey personnel are on standby 24 hours a day, providing one-on-one survey and damage assessment services in the affected areas, helping disaster-stricken customers to contact and arrange repair factories in a timely manner, so as to ensure that rescue and claims are in place in all aspects.

Also affected by the typhoon “Tali”, on July 18, Tan Hanli, an investigator of the Guangdong Maoming Central Branch of China Pacific Insurance, received a report from Ms. Chen that her vehicle was crushed by a tree. The customer, Ms. Chen, praised her again and again, showing her skills in times of crisis, CPIC’s professional and heart-warming service!

In order to better prevent disasters and provide disaster relief, before the typhoon came, China Pacific Insurance had coordinated and mobilized emergency relief resources from all over the country, mobilized elite forces to form a disaster relief vanguard team, strengthened the professional skills training of survey and rescue personnel, developed and applied natural disaster BI Kanban and automatic disability inquiry robots, optimized the claims settlement policy and process during major disasters, opened green claims settlement channels, ensured that small cases can be settled quickly, large cases can be professionally determined, and the efficiency of disaster response has been improved.

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