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Excellence Group: Delivered 2,100+ residential units and gained 2,100+ smiling faces

Excellence Group: Delivered 2,100+ residential units and gained 2,100+ smiling faces

Excellence Group has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of “integrity, professionalism and innovation” and repays customers with high-quality housing. Recently, Excellence Group has successfully delivered 2,100+ residential units in 6 projects including Nanjing Blue Time, Wuxi Shangcheng No. 1, and Nantong Huachen Century in 6 cities including Nanjing, Wuxi, and Nantong, opening up a happy life for thousands of families. A new chapter in life. In this spring season, Joyo Group has received more than 2,100 smiling faces, which is the best recognition of the efforts of all Joyo employees.

In the increasingly competitive real estate market, Excellence Group can stand out because of its persistent pursuit of quality, continuous exploration of innovation, and deep understanding of customer needs. Taking Wuxi Shangcheng No. 1 as an example, this project not only demonstrates Joyo Group’s deep affection for the city of Wuxi, but also brings a perfect integration of technology and aesthetics, providing a new solution for urban life. The visual style of this project highlights the elegance of the times with its simple, elegant, stable and concise modernist features. Excellence Blue Time, the ingenuity of Excellence Group, is located in the main city of Liuhe with a thousand-year elegance. It creates a city living room full of humanistic feelings. The project follows the principles of “water as the vein, landscape zoning, core catalyst, and axis darning” to create an overall spatial structure composed of “three pieces, one axis, and three cores”, comprehensively upgrade the main city of Liuhe, and create An urban “core” interface integrating prosperity, ecology, humanity and livability.

Excellence Group always regards quality as the lifeline of the enterprise. From site selection, design, construction to delivery, every link is strictly controlled and strives for perfection. These 2,100+ residences have been highly recognized by owners in terms of location, unit design, decoration quality, green environment, etc., fully embodying the corporate spirit of “people-oriented, honest management” of Excellence Group.

Innovation is another major feature of Excellence Group. Joyo Group keeps up with the trend of the times and introduces advanced design concepts and technological elements, such as smart home systems, green and environmentally friendly materials, etc. Joyo Group makes residences more modern and humane, not only improving the living experience, but also occupying a leading position in market competition. Dominance.

Excellence Group also deeply explores customer needs and is committed to providing customers with a full range of services. During this delivery process, Excellence Group not only provided comprehensive after-sales services, but also held a variety of activities to bring it closer to the owners. This customer-centered service concept has enabled Excellence Group to establish a good reputation in the industry.

Delivering 2,100+ residential units and gaining 2,100+ smiling faces is the honor of Excellence Group and the driving force for moving forward. In the future, Excellence Group will continue to adhere to the three core concepts of quality, innovation and service, provide high-quality housing for more families, and bring happy smiles to more owners’ faces.

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