Everything is new? Gathering potential to profit | The 4th Enterprise Smart Travel Summit Forum ended successfully

Everything is new? Gathering potential to profit | The 4th Enterprise Smart Travel Summit Forum ended successfully

In 2023, the market economy will recover, and the corporate travel service industry will usher in a new opportunity for development. On March 1, the 4th Enterprise Smart Travel Summit Forum “All Things Going to the New Gathering Potential and Prosperity” sponsored by Shanghai Way Information Technology Co., Ltd. was grandly held in the banquet hall of Shanghai Park Hyatt Hotel, from business travel, medicine, finance, law firms Leaders from more than 100 companies in various fields such as manufacturing, software, etc. gathered together to discuss the status quo of corporate travel and even corporate service industries under the background of digital ecology, and put forward the slogan of “big travel, travel together”. Promote the ecological integration among enterprises in the industry, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and jointly draw a new chapter of enterprise travel.

Mr. Wei Wentong, chief product officer of Shanghai Channel Information, said that after three years of uncertainty, enterprises have finally ushered in a relatively stable spring where everything grows, and the Chinese economy is full of new vitality. The mobility of the domestic population has increased significantly, and the large-scale travel market has recovered rapidly. Shanghai’s route information seizes the opportunity to deepen ground travel and expand cross-regional transportation. , air tickets, hotels and other business travel companies will deepen cooperation and jointly create a new ecology of big travel.

Mr. Cao Guangzheng, Chief Technology Officer of King & Wood Mallesons, shared the successful cooperation with Shanghai Channel Information in the past 4 years, and introduced the travel requirements of the lawyer industry and the pain points of lawyers using cars in actual work. Traveling is a good solution to the travel problem of King & Wood Mallesons lawyers. Mr. Cao Guangzheng’s humorous introduction allowed the guests to get to know one of the most innovative King & Wood Mallesons law firms amid laughter and laughter, how it continuously helps lawyers solve their worries and improve work efficiency through digital applications. By using the Yiqi Travel digital application service platform, King & Wood Mallesons has relieved the travel pressure of lawyers to the greatest extent, simplified the internal car use process, enhanced the compliance management and control of internal case fees, optimized management costs, and provided travel services for the law firm industry. A new benchmark has been set.

Steven Liu, head of information security at GlaxoSmithKline China, said that since 2016, China has successively issued a series of policies such as the “Network Security Law of the People’s Republic of China”, “Data Security Law of the People’s Republic of China”, and “Personal Information Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China”. , requiring “localized storage” of important data in key industries (automotive, financial, medical and health) and personal information reaching a certain scale, etc., which puts forward new requirements for data localization in the pharmaceutical industry. This highlights the importance of information security and local data deployment in corporate travel, and requires corporate car service solution providers to implement privatized deployment to protect user privacy from disclosure, in order to fully meet the information security needs of multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Ma Ting, investment director of Xiaomiao Langcheng, introduced the enterprise service industry from the perspective of investors. She said that the Chinese enterprise service market is still in the development stage. In terms of customer unit price and other aspects, they all show a trend of continuous development. There are great opportunities in the enterprise service track, and it is easy to break through in the vertical field. Among them, medium-sized companies have the characteristics of large scale, rigid demand, easy standardized management, and similar profit model, and are the main high-quality target market. In the future, the focus of competition in the travel industry will shift to enterprise-level services. The corporate travel service industry and machine wine services will develop in coordination to form a large travel ecosystem. Enterprises will focus more on their main business, and there will be greater room for development in the outsourcing of corporate travel services.

Zhou Wenjie, co-founder of ZT Travel, said that ZT Travel, as a business travel service solution provider established in 2015 and focusing on serving medium and large group companies and listed companies, breaks closed procurement from the perspective of supplier management and realizes price comparison across the network; internal process management On the one hand, it simplifies the process and connects to the internal information system of the enterprise; on the other hand, it makes full use of digital intelligence to empower the enterprise in terms of information management, and realizes three aspects of product price optimization, program recommendation and behavioral constraints, and promotes employees to actively save expenses to solve corporate business travel problems. In the future, we will continue to look for room for improvement and create more value for customers as a professional travel steward.

The subsequent roundtable dialogue session was hosted by Mr. Yang Huan, COO of Shanghai Channel Information, Wang Xiaofeng, global partner of Yingke Law Firm, Wilson, head of Pfizer’s digital team business partner in China, Shao Weidong, deputy general manager of Shanghai Kingdee Network Technology Co., Ltd., and Tencent PCG Business Group Xie Zongxing, director of the Research Center, participated in the discussion around “opportunities and challenges in the digital transformation of enterprises”.

Wang Xiaofeng said that as the largest law firm in the world, Yingke has fully started a new stage of high-quality development of “internationalization, specialization, digital intelligence, and low carbonization”. Yingke actively promotes the transformation of digital intelligence, strengthens the construction of legal science and technology, and strives to build a cloud office system to break through space constraints and efficiently match needs; through the “Internet of Things + New Media + Video + AI” method, “Yingke AI Law Firm Smart Space Station” is launched , to provide customers with one-stop self-service legal services, and realize the two-way connection between legal demanders and high-quality lawyer service resources across time and space.

Xie Zongxing said that his deep cultivation of the Internet industry belongs to the digital “deep water area”. The marketing system represented by the BOSS and AROS systems currently being tried is essentially a process acceleration tool. The purpose is to reduce costs and improve our development while maintaining high quality efficiency.

Shao Weidong said that CRM, ERP and other systems play an important role in the complex process management of enterprises. From the past to the present, different technologies will appear in unexpected ways at different time periods. Digital transformation has only a starting point and no end point.

Wilson said that digitalization is a goal that is being practiced and pursued all over the world. It has changed the way we go to the market, that is, the way we do business. In the future, Pfizer will continue to increase investment and continuously realize digital transformation and upgrading.

“Big Travel” is not only the wind vane for the development of the enterprise smart travel industry in 2023, but also the rallying point for industrial integration and deepening cooperation in the field of corporate smart travel. The plan for the year lies in the spring. I hope that this extraordinary summit will welcome the spring for the corporate smart travel industry Let’s start a new journey hand in hand!

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