Great Wall Life Chen Zhuo: The key to digital transformation lies in the cultivation of talent teams

Great Wall Life Chen Zhuo: The key to digital transformation lies in the cultivation of talent teams

Digital intelligence reshapes operations, and technology changes the future. At present, my country’s insurance industry is in the process of moving towards high-quality development. Digitalization has become an important engine to promote the transformation and upgrading of the insurance industry, and digital transformation has become an important means to enable high-quality development of insurance companies.

“Digital transformation depends on the digital talent team. How to cultivate digital transformation talents is more important than concept transformation.” On March 2, at the “Second China Insurance Industry Digital Transformation Summit” sponsored by China Bank Insurance Media Co., Ltd. and co-organized by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Chen Zhuo, deputy general manager, chief actuary, and chief information officer of Great Wall Life, focused on “construction The path and method of digital operation service system” delivered a keynote speech, and shared personal views and thoughts with the industry through the digital exploration practice and construction results of Great Wall Life Insurance.

  ●The premise of digital transformation is online

Chen Zhuo believes that in order to realize digital transformation, online transformation must first be completed. Traditional sales models, sales teams, and insurance products have very limited perception of customers and cannot adapt to the needs of digital transformation. When pricing customers, they should focus on state-oriented data rather than simple results. When Great Wall Life is doing digital transformation, it has carried out transformation from two dimensions: horizontal and vertical: one is horizontal integration, that is, to achieve full coverage of business data such as operations, preservation, and insurance policies. The second is to deepen vertically, digging deep into the entire process of customer service journeys in each business scenario, and then integrating the entire chain.

  ●The key to digital transformation is the cultivation of talent team

Chen Zhuo believes that the key to digital transformation is to focus on “people”, look at problems from the perspective of customers, build a digital transformation team, and do digital transformation. Great Wall Life’s digital transformation was completed without any organizational restructuring, mainly by training a team of part-time product managers. The product team uses the development of embedded system projects to promote the completion of external procurement. In this process, the company has realized the cultivation of digital talents and the cultivation of digital capabilities.

At present, the company has gradually built a talent training system with a digital vision, which fits the “needs-business analysis” digital product manager of the insurance industry. A capability training model for digital product managers has been preliminarily established, which focuses on building business scenario process sorting capabilities, data analysis model building capabilities, key data analysis and extraction capabilities, and data analysis business optimization capabilities. At the same time, a digital talent training path is formed, through the introduction-then training-then practice-accompanying, gradually letting go, the way of ability development, with the goal of capturing real customer needs and experiences, and realizing the company’s cross-domain and full-process digital capabilities .

  ●Digital Transformation Innovation Studio Achievement Sharing

Chen Zhuo said that Great Wall Life is continuing to promote technological innovation and digital transformation in the field of insurance operations. It mainly carries out various tasks in the form of innovation studios, brings together professionals in various fields, breaks the boundaries of operating positions, and aims at cutting-edge technologies to build intensive operations. System, diversified service system, intelligent risk control system as the direction, improve production efficiency, and promote digital transformation.

In 2021, Great Wall Life’s “intelligent operation multi-dimensional risk control system” won the first prize of the 35th Beijing Municipal Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation Achievement. In 2022, the “Road to Intensive Operation of Medium-sized Life Insurance Companies” project won the second prize of the 36th Beijing Municipal Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation Achievement Award.

The summit also announced the selection results of the “2022 China Insurance Industry Digital Transformation Case Collection” campaign. At the same time, it was included in the “2022 Excellent Cases of Insurance Industry Informatization” in the “Bank of China Insurance News”, providing an excellent example for the high-quality development of insurance companies empowered by technological innovation.

Finally, Chen Zhuo said that Great Wall Life will continue to focus on the digital transformation strategy, continue to strengthen the establishment of online operation and management mechanisms, improve the level of service content operation, market activity operation and product operation, promote the standardization of business processes, and continuously improve digital operation and service capabilities. Strive to build the Great Wall of Insurance for hundreds of millions of Chinese families, and be the most trustworthy health and wealth management partner for customers!


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