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Eat more pears during the Awakening of Insects season, arrange 100% pear juice in Huiyuan

Eat more pears during the Awakening of Insects season, arrange 100% pear juice in Huiyuan

  When the sun reaches 345° of the yellow longitude, we ushered in the third solar term of spring – Jingzhe. As a solar term that reflects natural phenological phenomena, Jingzhe means that the weather warms up and the spring thunder begins to sound, waking up the hibernating insects that are dormant underground. “The sound of spring thunder makes all things grow”, the solar term of Awakening of Insects is of great significance in farming. Therefore, the folks have attached great importance to the solar term of Awakening Insects since ancient times, and many unique solar term customs and folk activities have been derived. Such as “sacrificing the white tiger”, “beating the villain”, “covering the drum skin”, “eating pancakes”, “eating pears” and so on. Speaking of this, you may be very puzzled: Why does Jing Zhe eat pears?

In fact, “Awakening of Insects eat pears” mainly implies keeping away from pests. The insects and ants gradually woke up after the waking up, and every family began to prepare for spring plowing. People hate the pests that come out after the waking up and damage the crops.

Although “eating pears” to keep away from pests has some “theological” color, it is undeniable that from the perspective of health preservation, eating pears after Waking of Insects is indeed beneficial to the body. Pears are known as the “family of all fruits”. The fruit is rich in water, vitamins, cellulose, glucose, fruit acid, potassium, calcium and other nutrients, and because of its rich water content, it has “natural mineral water” reputation.

Awakening of Insects eating pears can be said to have many benefits. Of course, there are many ways to eat pears, either raw, steamed or juiced, grilled or stewed. For example, wash and cut pears and stew them with rock sugar over low heat to get a bowl of stewed pears with rock sugar; remove the pits from the pears, fill them with honey and heat them until they are cooked, and then you can harvest a bowl of steamed pears with honey. Both adults and children can eat it. Of course, if you are busy with work and study and have no time for others, you can also directly choose Huiyuan 100% pear juice and other nutritious juices as daily drinks, which are also sweet and delicious.

Huiyuan 100% pear juice continues the high quality of “National Juice” Huiyuan. It selects high-quality fresh pears as raw materials. It has a sweet and pure taste and rich nutrition. It is a 100% pure fruit juice. More importantly, Huiyuan 100% pear juice is processed by aseptic cold filling technology and packaged with 7-layer composite aseptic packaging materials, which can keep pear juice fresh for up to 12 months at room temperature. Therefore, students and office workers can rest assured to buy and store by box.

There is a sound of thunder in the Awakening of Insects, and all things come back to life. In this breezy season, let’s drink the nutritious and delicious Huiyuan 100% pear juice together, and welcome the vigorous mid-spring!

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