Demonstrating brand strength, Meichao won the honor of “2022 Influential Brand in the Ready-Mixed Mortar Industry”

Demonstrating brand strength, Meichao won the honor of “2022 Influential Brand in the Ready-Mixed Mortar Industry”

On February 22-23, 2023, in order to help the green, low-carbon, safe and high-quality development of the ready-mixed mortar industry, and actively promote academic exchanges in the entire industry chain, the “National Ready-mixed Mortar Industry” sponsored by the China Building Materials Federation Ready-mixed Mortar Branch Annual meeting” was held in Lianyungang. This meeting brought together ready-mixed mortar industry experts, production enterprises, equipment manufacturing, raw material supply, scientific research and construction, real estate, decoration and other upstream and downstream industry chain enterprise representatives from all over the country.

In the “Salute to Industry Builders” session of the conference, after the evaluation and assessment by industry experts of the Ready-Mixed Mortar Branch, the Ready-Mixed Mortar Branch of the China Building Materials Federation selected multiple awards for the ready-mixed mortar industry in 2022. Meichao won the honor of “Influential Brand in the Ready-Mixed Mortar Industry in 2022”, and Zhang Jingfu, Chairman of Meichao, was awarded the title of “Leader in the Ready-mixed Mortar Industry in 2022”. This not only represents the industry’s double affirmation of Meichao’s product quality and brand strength, but also highly affirms Meichao’s contribution to the ready-mixed mortar industry.

Emphasis on product environmental protection quality, Meichao environmental protection is in sync with the world

With the improvement of people’s pursuit of a better home life and the increasing awareness of product environmental protection, when purchasing home improvement products, whether the products are healthy and environmentally friendly has become an important indicator for consumers to measure the value of products. Meichao is quite forward-looking in the field of environmental protection. On the basis of in-depth insight into consumer needs, it has been deeply involved in the field of home decoration environmental protection accessories, and has always focused and specialized in the research, development and manufacture of interior decoration accessories.

Meichao adheres to the environmental protection concept of “Meichao’s environmental protection is in sync with the world”, and all its products have passed the world’s four most stringent environmental certifications: UL GREENGUARD in the United States[金级]Certification, German GEV EMICODE EC1PLUS certification, European Continental IAC gold certification, French French A+ standard. These four environmental protection certifications not only prove that Meichao has world-class environmental protection products, but also witness Meichao’s contribution to promoting the green development of the industry.

Continue to promote the market layout, Meichao serves China

Meichao owns six core brand products of “Yiguaping”, “Wangu”, “Wanni”, “Fangshuigu”, “Zhancibao” and “Huacai” to meet consumers’ one-stop environmental protection home decoration needs. In addition, in order to allow consumers across the country to purchase Meichao products conveniently, Meichao has deployed 34 legal person companies in 31 provincial-level administrative regions, and has built a market network serving Chinese consumers with 8 sales regions, providing consumers nationwide Provide high-quality and world-class environmentally friendly products.

Meichao will always adhere to the corporate mission of “escorting health, helping environmental protection, and adding color to the nation”, providing high-quality and environmentally friendly home decoration products for Chinese people, being an advocate and practitioner of healthy life, and promoting the green development of the industry.

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