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Douyin takeout goes online: 2.5% of the points, Jin Dingxuan and Hu Da quit after testing the water

Douyin takeout goes online: 2.5% of the points, Jin Dingxuan and Hu Da quit after testing the water

Recently, Sohu Finance observed that the Douyin app has launched a takeaway service port, and users can select merchants and products at the “Takeaway” entry of the local page in the Douyin app.

Insiders of Douyin’s local life revealed to Sohu Finance that at present, the takeaway port is launched in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu, and other cities will synchronize the port after the business opens, and use a third-party platform for delivery.

At present, Douyin has officially launched the “Tiktok Laike” business service platform, which includes four categories: meal delivery, takeaway, general, and wine travel. Merchants can fill in the information here to apply to settle in and operate their own Douyin stores.

Yan Han, a senior practitioner in the food delivery industry, told Sohu Finance and Economics that Douyin’s promotion point for merchants is currently 2.5%, which is lower than that of Meituan and If merchants want to make a good income on Douyin, they can only rely on short videos and live streaming.

Yan Han believes that the advantage of Douyin is that it can cut off the traffic in advance, and guide users to order takeaway directly on Douyin by pushing food content. Push content, the content also needs to win in terms of appearance, and just-needed dishes are difficult to find on Douyin.

A person in the food delivery industry revealed to Sohu Finance and Economics that Beijing Jindingxuan, Huda and other chain restaurants featuring night food were among the first to test the waters of Douyin’s “Takeaway Home”, and they have all withdrawn.

The Douyin takeaway port is officially launched, covering three cities, using a third-party delivery platform

Recently, the editor of Sohu Finance and Economics observed in the Douyin app that the takeaway port has been officially launched.

Sohu Finance learned from a Douyin local life business person that the takeaway port is currently launched in Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu, and other cities will be launched one after another after the opening of the city.

At present, Douyin has officially opened the “Douyin Laike” merchant service platform to provide merchants with services such as settlement, top-ranking, operation, and contract fulfillment. At present, “Douyin’s customer service businesses mainly include four categories: in-store, takeaway, wine travel and comprehensive (beauties, bathing and massage, sports and fitness).

Unlike the previous Douyin cooperation with for food delivery business, Douyin Takeaway no longer uses the page. After users click on the store, they can choose to “group purchase at the store” or “delivery at home”.

Sohu Finance has observed that currently the Douyin takeaway merchants that have settled in mainly focus on desserts, drinks and supper, while McDonald’s, KFC, Laoxiang Chicken, Weijia Liangpi and other well-known chain catering merchants have not settled in.

Food delivery is one of Douyin’s businesses in developing local life.

According to the “2022 Douyin Life Service Data Report” released by Douyin, in 2022, Douyin’s life services will cover more than 370 cities, with more than 1 million cooperative stores, 1.67 billion short videos and 2.35 million live broadcast rooms.

According to the data from Qianzhan Industry Research Institute, in 2021, the market size of China’s Internet local life service industry will reach 2.6 trillion yuan, with a year-on-year growth rate of 15.1%. It is estimated that the market size will reach 4 trillion yuan in 2025.

The promotion point is only 2.5%, and many chain restaurants quit after testing the water on Douyin

Douyin offers only a 2.5% discount to attract merchants.

According to Sohu Finance’s previous reports, Meituan Waimai charges merchants 6%-8%, plus the delivery fee, the overall rate is 20%-30%, and’s overall rate is basically above 20%.

According to the owner of a small lobster restaurant in Hangzhou, Meituan and are “similar in offerings”. According to her understanding, the self-serving rate is 7%-10%, and the special delivery rate is 20%-30%.

A person in the food delivery industry revealed to Sohu Finance and Economics that Beijing Jindingxuan, Huda and other chain restaurants that feature late-night snacks have tried Douyin’s “Takeaway Home”, but they no longer do Douyin.

The platform reminder of 2.5 yuan may be the smallest item in the cost of merchants entering Douyin’s food delivery. Service providers and traffic costs are the necessary expenses for most merchants to do food delivery on Douyin.

It is understood that Douyin currently uses SF Express, Dada, and Malt Field as delivery partners, and the average delivery fee of these platforms is 7-8 yuan.

In addition, Yan Han said that if merchants want to have a good income on Douyin, they can only rely on short videos and live broadcasts. Therefore, the difficulty of operation is higher than that of Meituan and Merchants do not have professional content production capabilities. Service providers are required to do so.

According to Douyin official data, in 2022, 72% of merchants on the Douyin life service platform have invited experts to visit their stores and receive orders.

According to multiple media reports, in March this year, Douyin released the “Regulations for Restaurant Exploration”, and began to rectify the chaotic group buying business of restaurant exploration, and began to try direct sales in key cities.

It is reported that the official “Douyin Laike” merchant service platform can directly reach merchants and talents, and customize commissions.

Yan Han told Sohu Finance and Economics that the advantage of Douyin’s food delivery is to cut off the traffic in advance. In the past, users used to use Douyin to get an appetite and then went to Meituan and to order takeaways. Now Douyin can push food content to guide users to go directly Place an order on TikTok.

The disadvantage of Douyin is that the content that users swipe is based on their interests, which is random and cannot be pushed particularly accurately, and the content of Douyin wins by its appearance, and it is difficult for just-needed dishes to be available on Douyin. Swipe to.

The Douyin official report shows that Douyin users prefer snacks such as fried chicken, chestnuts, grilled skewers, and big sausages. The highest repurchase rate of users is tea, with an average of 4.32 orders per person.

Yan Han believes that Meituan and have long-term advantages, because they are purposeful food delivery platforms, and users will directly search and place orders if they have a clear need for food delivery.

According to public information, the current Chinese food delivery market is occupied by more than 90% of Meituan and, and more than 70% of Meituan.

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