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Analysts predict that the iPhone 15 will increase in price!The reason behind it is revealed

Analysts predict that the iPhone 15 will increase in price!The reason behind it is revealed

With the leak of the iPhone 15, we can see that the design of the iPhone 15 has changed a lot. Of course, it is a good thing to have changes, but as consumers, they must be more concerned about the price.

According to the forecast of Dan Ives, a well-known analyst at Wedbush, the iPhone 15 series released in September this year will be more expensive than last year’s iPhone 14 series, and the increase is most likely to be around 100-200 US dollars (converted into RMB about 716-1432 yuan).

The high-end iPhone 15ProMax will increase by $200, and the 1TB version of the top-equipped iPhone 15ProMax may cost as much as $1,800, making it the most expensive iPhone in history. Meanwhile, Ives said in both his report and on the TV show that he expects the average selling price (ASP) of the iPhone 15 to rise.

According to analysts, the main reason for the possible price increase of the iPhone 15 is that Apple will change the Lightning interface to Type C under the requirements of EU regulations. “, At the same time, the new design of the periscope camera has a 6x telephoto, and the pixel will be increased to 4800W. This tangible improvement makes the cost of the iPhone 15 inevitable.

Analysts have always had good accuracy in predicting iPhone prices. He once correctly predicted that Apple would increase the price of the iPhone 14 in some countries last year, mainly because of changes in the U.S. dollar exchange rate. Consumers in the United States were not affected by the price increase at the time, but with the launch of the iPhone 15, everyone may have to increase prices together this time.

Ives also believes that Apple has every reason to raise prices, and his data analysis shows that the current market demand is still very strong. He estimates that 250 million iPhones have been in use for more than four years and have not been updated, leaving a large backlog of potential buyers who are likely to upgrade this year.

At the same time, he also predicts that Apple will be able to ship 235 million to 240 million iPhone 15 units this year. If the average price of each mobile phone is increased by US$100, then Apple will be able to earn an additional US$23.5 billion, which will bring higher revenue to Apple.

Editor’s comment:

At present, it seems that the changes of the standard model are still very limited. On the contrary, in order to maintain the consistent low price of the standard version, many new features may be castrated, but the changes of the iPhone 15 Pro series are indeed very obvious, such as Type-C interface, 2K resolution High rate + high screen-to-body ratio, rear 48MP triple camera, 3nm A17 bionic chip, 8GB storage, 4800mAh large-capacity battery, etc.

These make the iPhone 15 series more fragrant than the last iPhone 14 series. But if the prices of the iPhone 15 series increase across the board, many people may hesitate before placing an order?

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