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Don’t be afraid of high temperature “baking” experience and use sweat to build a “protective wall” of financial knowledge

Don’t be afraid of high temperature “baking” experience and use sweat to build a “protective wall” of financial knowledge

Recently, the hot weather in Tianjin has continued. Under the scorching sun, there is such a group of lovely and serious staff. They are the propagandists of Tianjin Bank to popularize financial knowledge. They are not afraid of the scorching heat, stick to their posts with sweat, and send financial knowledge to the countryside, to the market, and to the hands of every villager.

In order to deeply practice the concept of “finance for the people” and continuously improve the breadth and depth of financial knowledge popularization, on June 16, Tianjin Bank’s financial knowledge popularization staff went to Changjiadian Village, Dongjituo Town, Ninghe District, Tianjin City to carry out The promotion of financial knowledge into rural areas was carried out with the themes of “popularizing financial knowledge, preventing financial risks and sharing a better life” and “boosting financial consumer confidence and helping build a harmonious financial environment”. Changjiadian Village, Dongjituo Town is the poverty alleviation unit of Tianjin Bank. While paying attention to the improvement of rural income and living conditions, the bank always keeps in mind how to help rural residents strengthen their basic financial knowledge reserves.

“Tomorrow there will be a big fair in the village, let’s take this opportunity to popularize financial knowledge for everyone.”


The staff of the Bank of Tianjin acted immediately. After communicating with the cadres stationed in the village, they learned that there are many elderly people in the village. the content of the lecture. On the morning of the 16th, some staff members of the Bank of Tianjin rushed to the market first, and warmly invited the villagers to the village committee to participate in financial knowledge popularization activities. During the activity, the preachers explained typical cases of telecommunications and network fraud and illegal fund-raising to the villagers in their native accents, vividly revealed the typical criminal methods of illegal financial activities, and at the same time taught the villagers the skills to identify and prevent various scams, and popularized bank cards and bank accounts. Use security and other relevant financial knowledge.

The rustic dialect shortens the distance with the villagers, the vivid cases make the financial knowledge more understandable, and the patient explanation effectively improves the safety awareness of the villagers, especially the elderly. Answering questions and interacting to win gifts is more entertaining. It not only helps villagers keep their financial knowledge in mind, but also creates a good atmosphere for learning, understanding and using finance. After the meeting, the staff of Bank of Tianjin rushed to the market again to distribute promotional leaflets and fans with financial knowledge.

Under the scorching sun, financial knowledge was “delivered” to the villagers, and “coolness” was delivered to the villagers. Through face-to-face communication with market crowds and merchants, Tianjin Bank staff focused on introducing the typical characteristics, manifestations, social hazards, identification essentials and prevention skills of illegal fund-raising, and at the same time popularized relevant financial management knowledge to help villagers further understand Financial knowledge, so as to effectively improve the ability of rural residents to recognize and prevent fraud.

Bank of Tianjin has always insisted on taking multiple measures to promote financial knowledge education work, and has always worked hard on “pragmatic and effective”, focusing on “action” to popularize financial knowledge, and to help rural development with practical actions. By helping rural residents improve their financial literacy and self-protection awareness, prevent rural residents from being harmed by illegal financial activities such as telecommunications and network fraud, illegal fund-raising, etc., help villagers establish correct financial consumption concepts, and guide everyone to handle related businesses through formal financial institutions, which will benefit Consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation.

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