Dongpeng Beverage received a buy rating from Shanghai Securities. Why are securities firms favoring it?


Dongpeng Beverage recently received a “buy” rating from Shanghai Securities. This is not only an affirmation of Dongpeng Beverage’s past performance, but also a high degree of recognition of its future development potential. Thanks to its unremitting efforts and continuous breakthroughs in product innovation, brand building, and national expansion strategies, Dongpeng Beverage is expected to have revenue of more than 11 billion yuan and net profit of more than 2 billion yuan in 2023, with year-on-year increases of more than 30%. , this achievement has attracted widespread attention in the industry.

Dongpeng beverage’s tens of billions single product: Dongpeng special drink

Dongpeng Beverage’s performance growth is first due to its precise market positioning and strong product strength. As the company’s flagship product, Dongpeng Special Drink has become a leader in the energy drink market with its excellent quality and cost-effectiveness. Dongpeng Beverage continuously optimizes its product lines through continuous product research and development and market research to meet the diversified needs of consumers. In addition, Dongpeng Beverage’s national expansion strategy also provides a solid foundation for its performance growth. The company actively promotes the layout and implementation of the 10 largest production bases in the country, realizing the integration from procurement, production to logistics, sales and distribution, effectively meeting the needs of the national market.

  Product Innovation: The Core Power of Dongpeng Beverage

Product innovation is the core driving force for Dongpeng Beverage’s continued growth to adapt to market changes and consumer demands. The success of Dongpeng Special Drink lies not only in its ability to meet basic energy supply needs, but also in its continuous product strategy of introducing new products. At the same time, the company has also launched new products such as Rehydration La, Pengyou Shangcha, Dongpeng Daca, and VIVI Cocktails. The launch of these new products not only enriches Dongpeng Beverage’s product matrix, but also injects new vitality into the company’s long-term development. .

Dongpeng Beverage fully implements the 1+6 multi-category strategy

Dongpeng Beverage’s innovation is not limited to the product itself, but also includes the optimization of production processes, updates to packaging design, and innovation in marketing strategies. The company has improved production efficiency and product quality by introducing advanced production equipment and technology. In terms of packaging design, Dongpeng Beverage focuses on user experience and launches products in a variety of specifications to adapt to different consumption scenarios. In terms of marketing, Dongpeng Beverage uses digital means to promote through multiple channels such as social media and online platforms, effectively improving the brand’s market awareness and consumer loyalty.

  Brand building: enhance market competitiveness

Dongpeng Beverage’s brand building is the key to improving its market competitiveness. Dongpeng Beverage continues to expand its brand influence through diversified advertising and cross-border film and television entertainment, sports and other fields. Through carefully planned marketing activities and advertising, Dongpeng Beverage has successfully shaped the brand image of Dongpeng Special Drinks and other products, and established strong brand awareness in the minds of consumers. In 2023, Dongpeng Special Drink will become the official functional drink of the Hangzhou Asian Games. This move further enhances the brand’s international image. In addition, Dongpeng Beverage has further expanded the brand’s young consumer base through in-depth cooperation with top IPs, such as the KPL King of Glory Professional League and the China High School Basketball League.

Dongpeng Special Drinks sponsors the Hangzhou Asian Games

Another focus of brand building is the fulfillment of social responsibilities. Dongpeng Beverage actively participates in public welfare fields such as rural medical care, sports education, and emergency disaster relief. It uses practical actions to interpret the public welfare concept of “making love more powerful” and enhances the brand’s social value and public favorability.

  National expansion strategy: market coverage and sales network

Dongpeng Beverage’s national expansion strategy provides broad space for its performance growth. By setting up production bases across the country, the company has achieved synergy between production and sales, effectively reduced logistics costs and improved market response speed. Up to now, Dongpeng Beverage has established 10 major production bases across the country, covering Guangdong, Anhui, Guangxi and other provinces, forming a production base network radiating across the country. This layout not only meets the needs of the domestic market, but also lays a solid foundation for Dongpeng Beverage’s international strategy.

In terms of sales network construction, Dongpeng Beverage has achieved rapid expansion of terminal outlets through close cooperation with dealers. As of now, Dongpeng Beverage’s terminal outlets have exceeded 3.4 million, achieving 100% coverage in prefecture-level cities across the country. This huge sales network not only provides a wide range of market channels for Dongpeng Beverage’s products, but also provides the company with valuable market data and consumer insights, helping the company better understand market demand and formulate more precise market strategies.


Dongpeng Beverage has demonstrated its strong strength as a national brand with its outstanding performance, innovative products, strong brand and extensive market network. As Dongpeng Beverage continues to launch more high-quality and innovative products, we have reason to believe that Dongpeng Beverage will reach new heights in national brand strength from a new starting point.


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