As inbound tourism heats up, Tonglian Payment Network Services Co., Ltd. optimizes cross-border payment services


In recent years, a number of favorable policies have been released to encourage inbound tourism, including increasing flight capacity, optimizing industrial chain combinations, expanding visa-free scope, etc., vigorously promoting the recovery of inbound tourism, which is becoming an important part of my country’s tourism industry.

As a payment-based financial technology service company, Tonglian Pay actively responds to the national call and leverages its “digital payment + financial technology” advantages to create payment facilitation solutions focusing on tourism consumption, key business districts, international events, cross-border trade and other scenarios. , making every effort to clear the payment congestion points encountered by inbound travelers in the consumption process, and help upgrade the inbound tourism experience.

1. Tourism consumption

In internationally renowned tourist attractions such as Zhangjiajie in Hunan and Hongyadong in Chongqing, Tonglian Payment provides payment signs that support foreign card payment for traditional hotels, restaurants, ticketing and other industries, as well as specialty shops and souvenir shops within the scenic spots. Create a safer and more convenient payment experience for inbound tourists. At the same time, Tonglian Payment has joined hands with various parties to create a comprehensive solution integrating unified payment, digital marketing, and smart management for well-known scenic spots in Hunan, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Guangxi and other places, assisting the smart upgrading of scenic spots and accelerating the recovery of inbound tourism consumption.

2. Key business districts

In international tourism consumption business districts such as Shanghai Xintiandi, Nanjing West Road, Lujiazui, Chengdu Chunxi Road, Wuhou Temple, and Hangzhou Hubin, Tonglian Pay actively communicates with local governments and relevant institutions to increase the placement of wild card acceptance terminals. and the development of mobile POS, and provide relevant foreign card acceptance training to merchant cashiers, and fully cooperate with local governments to build multiple key foreign card acceptance business districts to solve the problem of inconvenience for “foreign card” holders to consume domestically.

3. International competitions

During the hosting of large-scale international events such as the Chengdu Universiade and the Hangzhou Asian Games, Tonglian Pay worked with local banks and other payment institutions to help relevant merchants open high-frequency consumption scenarios such as scenic spots, catering, accommodation, transportation, supermarkets, and hospitals. Overseas bank card acceptance services have been provided, and foreign card payment acceptance signs have been posted, foreign card acceptance training has been carried out for cashiers, and the terminal acceptance services of some high-quality merchants have been upgraded to facilitate convenient payment and efficient collection, and create harmony for international events. Stable smart city environment.

4. Cross-border trade

In cross-border trade venues such as the Suzhou Free Trade Zone, Tonglian Pay cooperates with local banks to create convenient mobile payment tools such as Su-Pay to provide inbound business travelers with automated account processing services, eliminating the need for them to go back and forth to the bank. The trouble of opening a card at an outlet. At the same time, Tonglian Pay has also launched smart POS terminals that can support the “pay now” function such as UnionPay, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, etc., providing safe and convenient payment methods for overseas business travelers with the “zero-contact payment” model. Payment experience promotes the in-depth development of cross-border trade.

Inbound tourism continues to heat up, and inbound services must keep up with it to stabilize the popularity. In the future, Tonglian Payment will continue to optimize its products and service capabilities, actively explore and help build more convenient scenarios for foreign card acceptance, so that inbound travelers can consume with confidence and pay efficiently.


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