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Come on, snap your fingers in resonance! “The Long Season” lands on Jiangsu Satellite TV on the second day of the Lunar New Year

Come on, snap your fingers in resonance! “The Long Season” lands on Jiangsu Satellite TV on the second day of the Lunar New Year

At 19:30 on February 11 (the second day of the Lunar New Year), the TV series “The Long Season” created by the original cast of “The Hidden Corner” and starring Fan Wei, Qin Hao, and Chen Minghao officially landed at Jiangsu Satellite TV’s Happiness Theater. The play mainly tells the story of three old guys, Wang Xiang, Gong Biao, and Ma Desheng, who were involved in an old case 18 years ago from a fake car under a strange combination of circumstances, and then discovered the truth.

  Suspense dramas can also have warm tones and pyrotechnics

The first shot in the play is of a train speeding by. The protagonist Wang Xiangzheng is sitting at the front of the train in high spirits. There are lush cornfields on both sides, and the sun is pouring down. Everything is beautiful.

The second shot in the play is still a lush cornfield, the weather is clear and the sunshine is soft. At this time, Wang Xiang has white hair, a staggering walk, and a look of exhaustion on his face.

Two shots highlight the difference between this drama and other suspense dramas: unlike the cold and cold style of similar themes, “The Long Season” is full of “fireworks” and “warm colors” with the texture of life.

This quality of life also extends to the entire series. In the subsequent plots, whether it is 2016, when people are already using smartphones, or the 1990s, which is far away from the present, there are very pyrotechnic details of life, making the audience feel like they are seeing their own memories. . However, the tragedy that occurred in the small town and the death of Wang Xiang’s son Wang Yang added suspense to this seemingly ordinary story, making the audience want to find out.

“The Long Season” tells the past events that happened in Hualin, a small town in Northeast China. It involves three timelines: 1997, 1998 and 2016. The comparison between before and after also fascinated the audience. For example, in the first scene of the play, Wang Xiang is high-spirited, but in the second scene, he is exhausted. This creates a strong contrast that makes people wonder: What kind of story happened to the protagonist? What is his connection with that tragedy?

  “Detective Squad” is full of joy and contrast

The drama is very life-like, and the characters are naturally not suspended. The “Detective Team” composed of Wang Xiang, Gong Biao, and Ma Desheng is not only very down-to-earth, but also has a sense of joy.

When the corpse dismemberment case occurred, Wang Xiang, who wanted to show his enthusiasm, ended up sending himself to the hospital; Gong Biao misappropriated his wife’s small treasury to buy a car, but got himself into it; the former police detective Ma Desheng appeared again Later, he became the “King of Dance” on the dance floor, and even quarreled with others with their arms crossed… In fact, the leading actors Fan Wei and Qin Hao are both from Shenyang, Liaoning Province. The “Northeastern Mandarin” they blurted out in the play was a tribute to this The fictional city not only increases the degree of reality, but also makes the character’s personality more plump and approachable.

But fun is not all that the trio is about. As a suspense drama, “The Long Season” is a series of links, from Gong Biao buying a car and taking out the fake car, to Wang Xiang seeing the familiar back in the photo, and then bringing out the old cases, all the stories As the layers progress, the sense of suspense gradually becomes more prominent.

In recent years, various suspense works have repeatedly broken the circle. In comparison, “The Long Season” has its own unique quality: it abandons the fast-paced and high-conflict narratives commonly seen in similar themes, and starts from various perspectives such as family and daily life. , speak slowly and calmly. This way of expression also makes it easier for the audience to have a sense of involvement, which dilutes the heaviness of the story itself. On the Douban platform, “The Long Season” scored 9.4 points, making it a rare masterpiece of domestic TV dramas in recent years. Jiangsu Satellite TV’s Happiness Theater tonight at 19:30, let’s go into “The Long Season” together!

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