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Hunan food legend returns “Aojiao’s Hunan Cuisine” Season 3 starts today

Hunan food legend returns “Aojiao’s Hunan Cuisine” Season 3 starts today

Hunan cuisine has conquered countless picky taste buds with its unique flavor and rich cultural connotation since ancient times. The first and second seasons of the Hunan humanistic food documentary “Aojiao’s Hunan Cuisine” have received widespread attention and praise for their in-depth exploration of Hunan cuisine culture and the stories of Hunan people, and have an excellent reputation. Now, the third season has officially returned and will once again set off a boom in Hunan cuisine.

The third season of “Aojiao’s Hunan Cuisine” jointly produced by Hunan Satellite TV, Mango TV, Aojiao Culture, and Jian Tiancheng will be jointly premiered on the dual platforms of Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV at 19:30 today. With a new global perspective, Record the legendary story of Hunan people and Hunan cuisine coming out of Hunan.

The first episode of the program “Ingredients” will enter the world of three Hunan chefs and explore how they use their skills to handle different ingredients and how they use the ingredients to express their respective attitudes towards life. In the program, whether it is Brother Zhou’s nostalgia for his hometown and the flavor of his childhood, “Coach Lin” and Sister Yang’s transformation and innovation of home-cooked ingredients, or Brother Xia’s struggle to run a Hunan restaurant in Turkey, every story is full of sincerity and touching.

  The charm of ingredients: the emotional connection from field to table

“The lotus of Xiang is the best in the world, and the lotus of pond is the crown of Hunan.” Zhou Xiangqi, who grew up in Xiangtan, Hunan, introduced the ingredients of his hometown and talked about it, especially lotus seeds. He used his nostalgia for his hometown and childhood to cook ordinary ingredients such as lotus seeds, lilies, and pork belly into delicious dishes that touched people’s hearts. Lotus seeds and lilies in a pot with tube bones, rock sugar Xianglian, and lotus pods with pork belly. Every dish is a filial piety to grandma and an affectionate confession to hometown.

On the other side, there is a trend of reforming Hunan cuisine ingredients. Home-cooked ingredients such as fried sweet potato chips, winter melon, and Ningxiang duck in gray soup have become the focus of Huang Yonglin’s innovation. Imagine foie gras with a slightly salty aroma that melts in your mouth, wrapped around crispy sweet potato slices. The taste is rich and interesting. Every bite of this crispy foie gras is healing. In the process of innovating delicious food, disagreements are inevitable. The two restaurant founders had a heated argument over the development of a new dish “Tea-flavored duck”. After the dispute, they remained professional and rigorous, and made a special trip to Ningxiang Huitang to find the ingredient “Tribute Duck”. “. These explorations are requirements for oneself and also promote the development of Hunan cuisine.

In distant Istanbul, Turkey, this Changde brother and sister, who shuttle between Asia and Europe every day, not only make tofu themselves to restore the purest taste of their hometown, but also integrate the flavors of typical Turkish ingredients into Hunan cuisine. Thanks to the innovation of the two people, the “Conch Roast Chicken”, which combines seafood from the Black Sea and local chicken from the country, came into being.

  Hidden thoughts: the enjoyment of taste buds and the intertwining of emotions

The third season of “Aojiao’s Hunan Cuisine” remains true to its original intention and continues to explore the hot and soft hearts of the children of Hunan. What it touches is not only the desire of the tongue, but also the deep experience of emotion. Just like Hunan cuisine, it is not only about cooking skills and flavor combinations, but also about the attachment to hometown and the inheritance of culture.

My heart is the longing that cannot be hidden in the eyes of the wanderer who has not returned home for two and a half years; it is the grandmother who raised me now that she is old, and she cannot let go of her hands clasped in the fields; it is the innocent smiling faces of the children at the family banquet. Just like the heat and vitality of Hunan cuisine, it always maintains its longing and expectation for the future.

However, they are still passionate and unswerving, and have always maintained their original aspirations in the journey of enriching Hunan cuisine recipes and leading Hunan cuisine to a broader stage. This not only injects new vitality into the inheritance of Hunan cuisine, but also provides unlimited possibilities and broad space for its innovation.

  The fusion of cultures: the legend of Hunan cuisine from a cross-cultural perspective

“Aojiao’s Hunan Cuisine” is in its third season. It will continue to focus on the life totems of Hunan people behind the food, continue to pay attention to the strong connection between characters and food, deeply explore the cultural connotation of Hunan cuisine, and help the emergence of Hunan culture. Circle and break. On the basis of keeping the original core unchanged, the creative team strives to make breakthroughs and explore with a global perspective. As the “Global Season”, this season has a higher ambition, paying attention to regional cuisines from a global perspective, and showing a more grand pattern.

The creative team is not afraid of hardships, crossing mountains and seas, and has traveled all over the world. They not only traveled to more than half of China, but also extended their footprints overseas, traveling to the United States, Japan, Spain, Malaysia, Turkey, New Zealand and other countries to pursue the style of Hunan people and Hunan cuisine around the world, bringing the audience a brand new and open world. perspective. In this journey of cultural blending, they witnessed how Hunan people and Hunan cuisine came out of Hunan, how Hunan cuisine blended into the characteristics of various places, and created new sparks when it collided with local ingredients and cooking techniques.

Through the program, viewers will get a glimpse of the secrets behind General Tso’s chicken’s rise to fame overseas and Hunan-style braised pork being listed in Michelin restaurants in Spain. These exciting stories will be gradually revealed as subsequent programs are broadcast.

From today on, every Monday to Thursday at 19:30, the third season of “Aojiao’s Hunan Cuisine” will be jointly broadcast on the dual platforms of Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV. Let us immerse ourselves in this gourmet feast of cultural fusion and experience the uniqueness of Hunan cuisine. Contains profound cultural heritage and infinite power of innovation. At the same time, let us witness how the people of Hunan stick to their traditions in the wave of globalization and convey the charm of Hunan cuisine to every corner of the world.

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