Continuing the enthusiasm for holiday consumption and shaping more new consumption scenarios

Continuing the enthusiasm for holiday consumption and shaping more new consumption scenarios

  Tianjin North Net News: Take advantage of the consumption boom of the May Day holiday economy and continue the holiday consumption boom. Boutique coffee from Shanghai, hotels with antique buildings, immersive puzzle-solving night tours, sky gardens and other fresh business formats have appeared after the “May 1” holiday, creating a new consumption scene for citizens and tourists to “check in”.

In the old city of Nankai District, there are characteristic blocks such as Ancient Culture Street and Drum Tower, as well as commercial complexes such as Joy City and Tianyou City. Aiming at the night economy, Nankai District has developed “Old City Model”, “Cultural Core”, and “Fashion Trend”. “Three cards, rich consumption scenarios. After the holiday, Nankai District received nearly 4 million tourists, and its tourism revenue exceeded 230 million yuan. Using culture to attract more young consumers, Yanlord Isetan, Tianyou City and other surrounding large-scale commercial complexes have firmly grasped the core of “fashion trend”. The first store opened, and new products continued. In order to promote product discounts, some restaurants have also broadcast live broadcasts of Kaiyu to attract young people to enter the store for consumption.

Continuing the enthusiasm brought about by the May Day holiday, Nankai District is still making every effort to promote the construction of a city of cultural consumption in the old city, connecting historical relics, urban landscapes, and characteristic business districts into one piece, and realizing the integrated development of cultural exhibitions, tourism experiences, business leisure, etc. , to create a new night economic scene.

  Highlight “first” and “new” Commercial Carrier Popularitycontinuedhot

During the “May 1st” period, many commercial carriers opened new stores and held their first exhibitions, which enriched the festival life of citizens and also led to a significant increase in passenger flow and sales.

Tianjin Meijiang Huanyu City, which opened on April 28, was very popular during the “May 1st” period, with an average daily passenger flow of more than 150,000 person-times and an average daily sales volume of more than 10 million yuan. During the “May 1st” period in Tianjin Joy City, the passenger flow increased by 44.9% year-on-year, and the single-store sales of the new tea brand “Bawang Chaji” in Tianjin reached 4,000 cups in a single day. Luneng City introduced a number of catering and fitness brands to their first stores in Tianjin, and holiday sales and customer traffic increased by 49.5% and 34% respectively year-on-year. According to the data from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the 44 shopping centers monitored during the holidays achieved sales of 570 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.5%, and a year-on-year increase of 49.1%; the total passenger flow reached 7.511 million, a year-on-year increase of 40.4%. After the holidays, Tianjin’s consumption enthusiasm continues, and the passenger flow of various commercial entities is still at a high level.

  Linkage “literature” and “style” cross-border integration to gather customers and attract traffic

Watch the opening of the Jiefang Bridge, “check in” the sunrise of Dongjiang Pro-sea Park, and play water amusement projects… This “May 1st” holiday, Tianjin’s pro-water and pro-sea experiences are highlighted, and it also brings full popularity to the surrounding business districts. Various business, travel, cultural and sports linkage activities have appeared one after another, and the immersive consumption scene continues to be hot. For example, Golden Street held the Trend Culture Festival and “Starry Sky·Coffee·Golden Street Lime Market”, with an average daily passenger flow of nearly 700,000 person-times and accumulated sales of more than 10 billion yuan. Going into the cinema to enjoy an audio-visual feast is also a leisure choice for many citizens. According to statistics, during the period, the city’s movie box office exceeded 25 million yuan.

  Six themed public art installations  in a romantic setting

In Tianjin Vientiane City, Orange Train, which symbolizes sacredness, magnificence, and bravery, becomes an emissary of art and spreads Parisian street art to the entire space. A window of the train is a picture frame, telling a story and presenting the scenery outside the window to the world. people in the car.

  train to paris:Indulging in the blooming of art, an orange city train engraved with “sacred” DNA will lead Tianjin’s “passengers” friends to roam the streets of Paris, experience the theater art on the streets of Paris, and explore the life released naturally in a corner of French art Joy.Birdcage on the Left Bank of Paris:Symbolizing the romantic and luxurious Left Bank of Paris, the birdcage breaks the conventional space and stands in the scene. The gorgeous, fashionable, classical and fantasy left bank birdcage creates a dramatic and extremely misplaced scene.Digital art ‘returning to its golden age’:The city train shuttles from the screen back to Paris in the “golden age” of the old era in a dramatic way, leading passengers to indulge in the wonderful and wonderful era of Paris. The scene where virtual and reality intersect is full of infinite beauty and fantasy.The Mind and the Mirror of the Bee and the Nest:The fantasy of the interactive perspective of the geometric figures of the Parisian art window, the passenger bees of the city train enjoying their afternoon tea in the hive, the life breath of the lazy afternoon on the Left Bank, is a unique street theater life in on the streets of paris:The exaggerated expression of Parisian art, the giant bouquet is a gift from a Parisian street corner, and the color matching of the bouquet is matched with the distinctive retro aesthetics of Wes Anderson movies. This dramatic legend has added more dreamy de vivre in paris:The last stop becomes the protagonist of street art. A Parisian streetcar exists independently on the corner of the Champs Elysees. You and I will become art itself. Each of you has a unique theme and unlimited imagination.

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