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Enjoy the quiet environment of the city and meet the light of the banyan tree?? Banyan Tree Tianjin Haihe’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

Enjoy the quiet environment of the city and meet the light of the banyan tree?? Banyan Tree Tianjin Haihe’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

Ten years ago in the spring, Banyan Tree Tianjin Haihe, the first urban resort hotel of Banyan Tree Group in North China, officially opened on the banks of the Haihe River, perfectly integrating the spirit of Jincheng and Banyan Tree. Since its opening in 2013, Banyan Tree Tianjin Haihe, nestled on the banks of the Haihe River, has become the preferred residence for vacations in the city. In the past ten years, it has provided countless travelers with a quiet and leisurely special living experience in the city. Accompanying us for ten years, every step of our growth is inseparable from the support and trust of our guests.

On May 8, 2023, on the occasion of the hotel’s tenth birthday, in order to thank everyone for their “joy” all the time, we invite guests to celebrate the happy time with us in this urban Xinjingxuan. On the basement floor of the hotel, beside the meditation pool, the bamboo shadow layers “Enjoy the tranquility of the city and encounter the light of the banyan tree” The 10th Anniversary Celebration Cocktail Party of the hotel officially kicked off. Ms. Cheng Fang, General Manager of Hotel Business Department of Pengxin Group, Mr. Qin Bo, CEO of Banyan Tree China and Senior Vice President of Banyan Tree Group, Tianjin Pengan Investment, Executive Deputy General Manager of Pengtian Real Estate Co., Ltd., Commercial Management of Tianjin Aqua City Ms. Fang Fang, general manager of the company, leaders of Banyan Tree Group and Pengxin Group, VIP guests of the hotel and the media were invited to attend.

Mr. Yang Jie, general manager of Banyan Tree Tianjin Haihe, and Ms. Li Yuanchun, deputy general manager and owner representative, led the hotel management team to welcome everyone. Ms. Fang Fang and Mr. Yang Jie delivered speeches respectively, thanking guests from all walks of life for their presence and their love and recognition for Banyan Tree Tianjin Haihe in the past ten years.

Amidst the blessings of the guests, the leaders slowly poured the golden quicksand, which symbolizes eternal memory, and the quicksand spread layer by layer, presenting the beautiful vision of “enjoying ten years of happiness and starting a new journey”. At the same time, the water curtain poured down in the meditation pool, and the 10th anniversary lights were turned on. All the guests raised their glasses to wish Banyan Tree Tianjin Haihe a happy 10th birthday.

After the cocktail party, the hotel prepared a series of well-planned activities for the guests to celebrate the 10th anniversary, and cherish the quiet moments of Banyan Tree. Hand-made candles with natural essential oils in the aromatherapy workshop, bringing home the taste of the Banyan Tree vacation; outdoor camping afternoon tea – feel the greenery of early summer; relaxing and healing singing bowls, from many aspects It perfectly presents Banyan Tree’s concept of self-cultivation and creates an unforgettable Banyan Tree urban tranquil journey.

At the end of the event, the catering team of Banyan Tree Tianjin Haihe presented to the guests a well-prepared 10th Anniversary Appreciation Dinner—Replenishment Menu. Every dish is full of heart, and Banyan Tree’s concept of self-cultivation runs through it.

The 10th anniversary celebration ended successfully in a joyful atmosphere. The hotel leaders once again thanked all the guests who came here. We will continue to uphold the classic service concept of Banyan Tree and provide every guest who comes here with a unique urban vacation experience. Let us enjoy the moment with “joy” and create the future with “rejoice”, which is more exciting than expected.

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