Grasping the “tail” of the holiday, more than 30 consumption promotion activities continue to be arranged


The sun is warm and everything is growing. It is a good time to go out for leisure and vacation. The holiday is coming to an end, and we still have to catch the little tail of the holiday and enjoy the blue waves, clear water, green lawns, and charming flowers. There are many exciting leisure and entertainment projects to continue, let’s enjoy this coziness together!

  Splendid promotion activities in supermarkets  

Aegean Sea carried out a series of activities such as the “FIT Dancing Dopamine” theme popping dance competition and other activities, and a series of activities such as the “Global Travel in the Food Market” food collection activity, using activities to drive passenger flow and seize golden opportunities for May Day consumption.

Sino-Ocean Future launched spring-themed activities such as the “No Anxiety City Plan” to create an interesting and scene-based spring shopping experience for consumers in the form of guzheng concerts and children’s model catwalks. Wanda launched “Internet Celebrity Wave Music Festival” and “Youth Youth Football Game” and other social activities that attract the attention of young people and children to seize the youth economy and the baby-walking economy.

Jinmaohui held the Sea View Collection—the first Jingu Hanfu Festival in Tianjin Jinmaohui, inviting many well-known Hanfu associations and Hanfu brands to gather together. At that time, there will be a limited-time ancient style market, and performances of Tang Dynasty beauty-themed plays, etc., to promote oriental aesthetics and inherit traditional culture. “Buy” activities to stimulate consumption enthusiasm in the home furnishing market with coupons for full discounts and lottery draws.

  The park’s consumption promotion activities show a new look of “trendy fun”

The second party held the activities of “Shadow Public Welfare & Food & Culture Expo” and “Planet Group Market” to sell retro cultural and creative products, animation, food and other products in the form of creative markets. Board games, camping and other links to increase residents’ interest in participation. Cotton 3, together with Tianjin Intangible Cultural Heritage Association, launched the intangible cultural and creative area of ​​the “Bumian Night Alley” theme market.

  Add scales to night markets and electrical appliances to promote consumption

During the “May 1st” holiday, the major business districts in Hedong District have combined the deployment of the second Tianjin Quality Life Festival, with quality as the core, releasing pyrotechnics, and setting up night markets to meet the diversified consumption needs of citizens and tourists and help the market to revitalize and be active. During the “May 1st” holiday, there are 5 night markets in Hedong District, Aegean Sea Old Gate, Ocean Future Plaza Old Gate, Wanda Happiness, Week 8 Paradise, and Mian 3 “Bumian Night Alley”. These night market blocks introduce exquisite snacks, time-honored brands, intangible cultural heritage, entertainment and other formats, make full use of the network marketing platform to continuously promote and attract traffic, and continuously improve the differentiation, quality, and specialization of night markets. Suning Yijia Wanda Plaza store opened on April 28. It launched a series of activities such as home appliance trade-in special activities and in-depth consumption promotion, providing new scenarios and ideas for electrical appliance sales, and creating an upsurge in electrical appliance sales with an innovative attitude.


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