Concerned about consumer protection, benefiting the people’s livelihood Bohai Bank protects consumers’ “money bags” in multiple scenarios and in an all-round way

Concerned about consumer protection, benefiting the people’s livelihood Bohai Bank protects consumers’ “money bags” in multiple scenarios and in an all-round way

On the occasion of the 41st International Consumer Rights Day, the “Administrative Measures for the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests of Banking and Insurance Institutions” (hereinafter referred to as the “Administrative Measures”) was officially implemented on March 1, marking the basic system and The system of planning has been significantly improved.

As a “new force” among state-owned financial institutions, Bohai Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bohai Bank”) has a deep understanding of the connotation of “people-centered” consumer rights protection work, and accurately grasps the new era of consumer rights protection work in the new era. Requirements, earnestly implement the Bohai Bank’s 16-character consumer protection service culture service concept of “lean service, adhere to the original intention of consumer protection, and show responsibility for the people”, and comprehensively carry out the “3.15” consumer rights protection education and publicity activities throughout the bank, and will consume The protection of rights and interests of investors is integrated into various links and various scenarios, helping to improve the public’s financial literacy, while continuously enhancing the sense of gain, happiness, and security of financial consumers.

Focus on key groups to build a financial security line of defense

In order to enhance consumers’ awareness of risk prevention and self-protection, and help create a harmonious and orderly financial ecological environment, Bohai Bank focuses on special groups such as “one old, one young and one new”, and makes full use of its nationwide network layout to carry out multiple Channel, multi-level, and multi-form “March 15” consumer rights and interests protection publicity activities, taking multiple measures to protect the rights and interests of financial consumers and improve financial service satisfaction.

The volunteer service team of Bohai Bank head office went deep into the Fenghuli community and Xinheyuan community. By distributing promotional materials and setting up publicity display boards, they explained financial security knowledge such as fraud prevention, and used cases to explain the dangers of typical frauds involving the elderly, so as to improve the identification and awareness of the elderly in the community. The awareness and ability to resist the scam of “elderly care fraud”; and sit together with the elderly in the community in the form of entertaining and entertaining, and jointly make “paper derivation stickers”, so that paper derivation art and publicity activities are fully combined. In a joyful and relaxed atmosphere, help the elderly to take financial security knowledge into their brains and hearts.

In the grass-roots outlets of the branches, Bohai Bank thoroughly implemented the requirements of the Party Central Committee for rural revitalization, dispatched a financial education team to Baixi Village, Chunhua Town, Changsha County, and carried out “Preventing Telecom Fraud, Preaching Deposit Insurance, and Preventing Money Laundering” for the left-behind elderly in rural areas. “Risk” special lecture, by explaining real cases and easy-to-understand knowledge points, as well as prize-winning quizzes, etc., let farmers understand basic financial knowledge, improve villagers’ awareness of fraud prevention and financial literacy, and help them consciously stay away from and resist illegal finance Activities to effectively safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

In Taiyuan, Shanxi, in order to enhance students’ awareness of financial risk prevention, Bohai Bank and the faculty members of Shanxi Finance College reached a consensus to provide students with financial knowledge on two phases of “campus loans”, preventing telecommunication fraud, and credit investigation. preaching activities. At the themed class meeting of “Financial Knowledge Entering the Campus”, the staff of the bank especially focused on high-incidence cases such as “campus loan”, telecommunication fraud, and bank card theft, and explained in detail the fraudulent methods, speech techniques and methods used by criminals. The countermeasures remind students to fully understand the hidden dangers and risks of bad loans on the Internet, and establish a rational consumption concept.

In terms of ensuring the safety of the “money bags” of migrant workers and other new citizens, Bohai Bank has also put consumer protection into practice. The staff of several branches went to the construction site, distributed various public welfare brochures to migrant workers, analyzed various new types of fraud methods and anti-fraud precautions, and answered financial-related problems encountered in daily life, including anti-counterfeit currency knowledge , anti-money laundering, identification of false financial advertisements, prevention of telecom fraud, etc., to help migrant workers improve their risk identification and prevention capabilities. The Changzhi Branch of Bohai Bank even delivered services to them, handling and activating salary cards for migrant workers on the spot, introducing the use and operation of mobile banking in detail, allowing them to handle banking online anytime and anywhere, and getting the support of migrant workers on site. unanimous praise.

At the same time, Bohai Bank also made full use of the bank’s business halls and outlets to build a publicity grid, and continuously broadcast the “3.15” education and education videos on the protection of financial consumer rights and the “Anti-Telecommunications Network Fraud Law” through the hall TV, and public education In the area, publicity leaflets such as “Caring for the Elderly and Preventing Financial Frauds” and “Cultivating Good Payment Habits to Ensure the Security of Account Funds” and a series of books such as “Financial Integrity Accompany Me” and “Finance Accompany Me to Grow” are placed, and the publicity TV in the waiting area is scrolled Consumer rights protection promotional videos, organized “micro-salon” activities in halls, created a strong educational and publicity atmosphere at outlets, and further expanded publicity.

Consumer rights protection actions are always on the way. Bohai Bank will also continue to fulfill the mission and responsibility of a state-owned financial institution, and will always maintain the inclusiveness of the people. With “lean service expansion, innovation-driven strength, quality and efficiency improvement, responsibility and warmth, and benefiting the people, the company will In-depth” is the ultimate goal of consumer protection services, efficiently output “financial positive energy” such as consumer rights protection knowledge, do a good job in the protection of financial consumers’ rights and interests, help build a harmonious and stable financial environment, and let the majority of financial consumers enjoy Fairer and safer financial services.

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