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“I love you! “The results made their debut on the big screen to boost the love song of Ni Dahong and Hui Yinghong in their twilight years

“I love you! “The results made their debut on the big screen to boost the love song of Ni Dahong and Hui Yinghong in their twilight years


  even if there is no tomorrowbut also say the phrase “I love you!” to each other.Directed by Han Yan, starring Ni Dahong and Hui Yinghong, starring Leung Ka Fai, Ye Tong and Guo Guo, is a reality-themed love movie “I Love You!” 》 has been published onIt will be released nationwide on June 21. This movie is also a powerful little flowerThe results made their debut on the big screen. The film is adapted from the original manga of the same name by the famous Korean cartoonist Jiang Cao. It warmly depicts the story of two old couples who are bravely devoted to pure love at the end of their lives.So far, the film Maoyan9.6Amoy tickets are divided9.6, Douban scored 8.0, 95% of Weibo big V recommendation rate, box office exceeded 100 million, many pure love fighters fell to the ground, and this film was rated as “the best romance film of the year”, warm reminder: please bring tissues to watch Many netizens have given feedback: “The makeup is crying.”

  The drama is full of bones, interpreting the love and pain in the second half of life

  “I love you! “No matter in terms of the main creative team or the subject matter, it is a very worth watching film.The opening film of the 25th Shanghai International Film Festival, itIt is a continuation of director Han Yan’s previous work “Get Out!” Mr. Tumor and “Send You A Little Red Flower” portray the living situation of ordinary people and discuss the issues of love and life, and rarely focus on the issues of the elderly group that are rarely paid attention to by domestic screens. The film incorporates Director Han Yan’s deep understanding of the issues of the elderly group:“Nowadays our generation is afraid of aging, I want to use this movie to answer a question: We will all face aging, so how should we age? When we are aging, how should we talk about love?”

  To explain this sentiment is to add up to more thanThe 250-year-old film kings and queens have truly shown the lives of the elderly with 100% emotion and delicate and full performances, portrayed the most authentic appearance of love, and brought the audience the feeling of “I want to love you to the end of my life” Courage and hope.Chang Weijie (played by Ni Dahong), an empty-nest old man who has been widowed for many years, accidentally meets Li Huiru (played by Hui Yinghong), a widowed and lonely old lady who picks up waste. Go, until the granddaughter in ChangweiChang Xiaoqing (Fruit decorated), they embraced each other again; Xie Dingshan(Leung Ka Fai decoration)With his wife Zhao Huanxin(Ye Tong decoration)Hand in hand with each other for forty-five years, the two in their later years faced the intrusion of Alzheimer’s disease while facing the neglect of their children. From walking hand in hand, Xie Dingshan alone carried Zhao Huanxin’s joy and pain, but he never never thought of giving upFour old people, two couples of lovers, when they are entering the final chapter of their lives, they love each other vigorously and purely.

  The characters are full, and the results represent the perspective of young people to promote love songs in old age

  In detail, there are more than two kinds of“I love you”, Chang Weijie and Li Huiru meet again in their later years with the heart-beating “I love you” andXie Dingshan and his wife Zhao Huanxinlife and death between husband and wife“I love you”, and “I love you” between juniors and elders.

  The result is in the filmandAlways a Precept (Ni Dahong decoration)It is a grandparent-grandson relationship. She has witnessed the development of the relationship between the two, and she is also an important booster in the relationship between the two. decorated) to wake up the hesitantAlways as a warning, there would be no such touching love song in old age.Many elderly people will consider their children when they fall in love, and they can’t be unscrupulous. This is the elder’s respect for the younger“I love you” is also an emotional lock that restrains them. As a result, the attitude of this character in the play to fulfill them is the “I love you” of the younger generation to the elders, and it also represents the current situation.Young people’s perspectives and thoughts on Twilight Love:“The biggest obstacle for the elderly to fall in love is their children, but the love of the elderly has broken through their own level. People live only a hundred years. I hope they can be more selfish, think more about themselves, and love purely and bravely. “, said the results at the scene of the film road show.

  I have to say that the result is really an actress who will surprise people. Although this is her big screen debut, her acting skills are very natural and real, with fireworks, and she can clearly feel to progress in acting. And her own appearance conditions are very similar to the characters in the original comics. Many netizens praised her character for being close to the face and full of youthful feeling.

  It is reported that there will be TV series “Happy Roll Chang’an City”, “My Battle with Marriage”, and short drama “The Proof of the Final Key” will meet with you soon, let us look forward to it together!

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