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Collect these 7 official mini programs: WeChat cash withdrawals are free of charge

Collect these 7 official mini programs: WeChat cash withdrawals are free of charge

2023 is the 12th year since WeChat was launched. Today, WeChat has become one of the most frequently used apps for many people to socialize and work every day.

  In 2017, WeChat mini programs were officially launched, and today’s mini programs have already been used in all aspects.

Today, WeChat’s official account “WeChat Pai” posted an article introducing 7 “official mini programs.” The official said, “We hope to bring you convenience and ensure that care is never absent.”

  If you need locks, shoes, and clothes repaired, please look for the “Convenient Map for Small Repairs and Small Repairs” (the name of the mini program is “Convenient Living Circle Map”)

From repairing bicycle tires, to opening locks and matching keys, from repairing zippers and changing trousers, to unblocking and punching holes, these convenient services that were originally “disappeared” on the Internet finally have their own Internet entrance. From now on, everyone can put a shop on the map; to find a repair shop, just search on WeChat.

  If you know these 457 rare characters (mini program name “Uncommon Character Collection”)

On November 10 last year, Tencent Sogou Input Method took the lead in launching the “Chinese Character Guardian Project”, hoping to use the power of the Internet to promote the protection of Chinese characters and allow more rare characters to have digital identities.

In more than a year, the number of participants in the “Rare Character Collection” mini program reached more than 25 million, and a total of 16,800 rare characters were collected. After screening by the Electronic Industry Standardization Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,There are 457 that may have practical or cultural value, but due to incomplete research data, help from people who know them is needed.

If you happen to know their pronunciation, meaning, and practical use cases, please help.

  If you also hate “mini cards” (mini program name “Tencent Guardian”)

When you see a card that violates laws and regulations, open the Tencent Guardian applet and enter the “Report Card” area, take a photo and report it, and you will be able to make a smooth move.

Subsequently, Tencent’s professional team will review and deal with illegal accounts in the background, and clues involving illegal activities will be handed over to the public security organs.

  If you want to thank the sanitation workers (mini program name “WeChat Pay Love Meal”)

If you are worried about disturbing the “urban beautician”, then join the “WeChat Pay Love Meal” and take action together. With your kindness, sanitation workers can enjoy charity meals and water at charity restaurants and convenience stores for just 1 cent.

Sanitation workers who do not use smartphones can also feel everyone’s goodwill through the “help workers receive meals” function.

  If you want to withdraw money on WeChat without fees (mini program name “WeChat Pay has discounts”)

There is no handling fee for cash withdrawals. In fact, there is always a way. Search WeChat for the “WeChat Pay has discounts” applet.As long as you use WeChat to pay, you can get gold coins; then use the gold coins to exchange for free withdrawal coupons.

  If you are going to Hong Kong, Macao or the Mainland (mini program name “OneStop”)

The latest member of the government affairs mini-program that is easy to remember and use with homophones, the “OneStop” mini-program helps you travel around the Greater Bay Area.

Through the mini program, mainland tourists can make an appointment for document processing, check nearby immigration halls, apply for Hong Kong and Macao traffic packages, etc.; Hong Kong and Macao residents can check the “Cross-Border Guide”, “Hong Kong Trains Going North” and other guidelines to quickly find registered hospitals, etc. Each has its own convenience.

  If you can identify fraud at a glance (mini program name “Tencent Technology Anti-Fraud”)

If you don’t know what to do after being defrauded, here are clear guidelines; if you are not sure whether you have encountered a scam, you can identify it by referring to the case techniques given; if you encounter difficult situations such as having your bank card frozen, there is also professional guidance here; You can also report scams with one click and get dynamic updates on recent high-incidence fraud warnings.

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