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“Chinese cup and pot expert” Hals Future Intelligent Innovation Park starts construction

“Chinese cup and pot expert” Hals Future Intelligent Innovation Park starts construction

Against the background that the global thermos cup market continues to grow, and new productivity has become a new driving force for high-quality development, Hals, the Chinese cup and pot expert, has taken a strategic step.

On March 14, the groundbreaking ceremony of Hals’ “Future Intelligent Innovation Park” was held grandly in Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province. This project is not only an opportunity for Hals to increase product production capacity, realize the digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of production, and continue to deepen the R&D and innovation capabilities of cups and pots. The important layout is an important measure taken by Hals to respond to the national call and implement new quality productivity. Yongkang Mayor Zheng Yuntao, Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee Member Li Haofeng and Hals Chairman Lu Qiang and other leaders attended the groundbreaking ceremony and witnessed this historic moment together.

According to data from iResearch, China’s thermos cup market is expected to continue to grow, reaching 56.47 billion yuan in 2026, with huge market potential. At the same time, the functional attributes of thermos cups are gradually becoming more and more prominent. Only products that can truly adapt to different life scenarios, have health quality assurance, conform to fashion trends, and reflect the individual needs of consumers can meet the individual needs of consumers.

Facing the diversified, personalized and intelligent market demands, Hals has actively improved its product innovation and high-end “intelligent” manufacturing capabilities. Since 2021, it has begun to implement a digital transformation strategy through standardization, automation, informatization and lean. The perfect production system has laid a solid foundation for the company’s long-term development. We are always committed to scientific and technological innovation, and independently developed lead-free vacuum green manufacturing technology, high-pressure and strong expansion process integration technology, two-phase flow alternative electrolysis technology and other cutting-edge technologies not only improve the environmental performance of products, but also bring benefits to the cup and pot industry. Create new industrial models and momentum.



The construction of the future smart innovation park is also an important practice for Hals to use digital production management systems to help upgrade production capacity. The project covers an area of ​​224.98 acres. It plans to build new modern factories and auxiliary buildings, and introduce MES manufacturing execution systems, ERP systems and APS The advanced production scheduling system comprehensively optimizes the process flow, improves the production environment, ensures timely and effective transmission of supply and demand information, and achieves efficient integration of production resources. Combined with the information system platform, it significantly improves the automation, digitalization, and intelligent manufacturing level of the product production line. This significantly improves production efficiency and product quality. This effectively shortens the product design to delivery cycle, meets the market’s urgent demand for personalized and customized products, and enhances Hals’ competitiveness in China and even the global thermos cup market.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, Hals Chairman Lu Qiang said that we should take the construction of the future smart innovation park project as a new starting point, do a good job in industrial integration, and use the digital transformation strategy to target the construction of lighthouse factories and build Hals in the future. The mid- and long-term strategic goals of “Three Hundred, Four Modernizations, and Five Bureaus” proposed in 2012 serve as the general outline. We will continue to improve our own strength, contribute to the sustainable development of the entire thermos cup industry, lead the healthy development of the cup and pot industry, and achieve cooperation with shareholders and shareholders. A win-win situation for consumers and society.

Looking forward to the future, I believe that with the gradual advancement of the smart innovation park project in the future, Hals will also usher in greater breakthroughs in product innovation, market expansion and production management optimization. Leading the entire industry into a more prosperous, innovative and green new era of thermos cups.

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