After signing the contract with Tian Xiwei, “Kunlun Mineral Water” was released. AWE2024 Yunmi leads a new era of household drinking water.


On March 11, on the eve of AWE2024 (China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo), Yunmi Technology held an online new product launch conference. This was also the launch of a blockbuster new product that subverted the industry after signing the contract with actor Tian Xiwei – AI Kunlun Mineral Water Purifier . At the same time, Yunmi Technology announced the establishment of a mineral water research center to conduct in-depth exploration of different groups of people and different drinking water scenarios, and continue to promote the innovative development of the water purification industry.

Many years after the water purification industry reached the innovation bottleneck, Yunmi Technology, which “reinvented the water purifier”, once again brought thinking about the “next generation water purifier”; when the epidemic is under normal control, mineral water has become more At the moment when users choose, healthy water has become the key to the transformation of water purification products at both ends of “supply and demand”.

  Looking for next-generation water purification solutions for users’ health

Since its establishment in 2014, Yunmi Industry has pioneered technological inventions such as large-flux water tankless design, three-dimensional integrated waterways, DIY independent replacement of filter elements, and AI intelligent real-time perception of water quality, which have solved pain points such as secondary pollution and hidden dangers of water leakage, and It drives consumers’ intelligent water purification experience to continue to improve, and continues to lead the development of the water purification industry with 10 major categories of technological inventions and 1,500+ patents.

With the epidemic under normal control, people are paying more and more attention to their health, and more and more people are choosing to drink mineral water. Data shows that mineral water + natural drinking water accounts for 83% of sales in the bottled water market. The authoritative book “Nutrition in Drinking Water” published by the World Health Organization also mentioned that mineral elements in drinking water are an indispensable source of human minerals. Compared with adults, infants and young children obtain minerals from a relatively single source, mainly breast milk, formula food and water. Therefore, drinking water containing appropriate mineral elements is also the main way for infants and young children to absorb minerals.

If RO water purifiers solve the problem of water cleanliness and safety, then the next generation of water purifiers must solve users’ health needs. While traditional RO water purifiers filter harmful substances in the water, they also isolate beneficial components of the water to the human body across the board, and are no longer able to meet users’ needs for healthier mineral water. To this end, Yunmi spent three years searching for high-quality mineral resources across the country, visiting 30+ longevity villages’ water sources, climbing over 20 mountains with an altitude of more than 3,000 meters, researching 100+ kinds of natural ores, and finally found the “ancestor of thousands of mountains” in Sanjiangyuan. Kunlun Mountain found the answer. Yunmi perfectly integrates the 65 million-year-old Kunlun Mountain azure ore with water purification technology, allowing users to drink Kunlun mineral water rich in strontium and metasilicic acid at home.

  AI empowers “Kunlun” to appear in the world, Yunmi opens up the era of mineral water

Yunmi AI Kunlun mineral water purifier adopts the industry’s first NLS natural lava physical composite technology, ore micropore passivation technology and AI mineral slow release algorithm to simulate volcanic eruptions and high-temperature lava calcination to promote the precipitation of mineral elements and increase porosity through high-temperature activation treatment. , and intelligently adjusts the entire system according to water temperature, flow, flow rate, and water pressure to achieve long-term, steady-state slow release of the mineralized filter element.

The water quality filtered by Yunmi AI Kunlun mineral water purifier is rich in six beneficial mineral elements: strontium Sr2+, sodium Na+, magnesium Mg2+, potassium K+, calcium Ca2+, and metasilicate H2SiO3, which is basically the same as natural mineral water. Among them, the strontium content reaches 0.4-1.4mg/L, which is 2 times better than the national standard (0.2mg/L).

It is reported that strontium and metasilicic acid are beneficial mineral elements that promote bone calcium absorption and bone growth. Among them, metasilicic acid is known as “gold in water” and has become the standard for high-end mineral water. Thanks to the steady-state release of the mineralized filter element, one mineral spring filter element can provide 2 years of Yunmi Kunlun “mineral water”, continuously replenishing beneficial minerals for health-conscious people and families with infants and young children. Westerners drink Evian mineral water from the Alps, while Chinese people drink Yunmi Kunlun mineral water.

In addition, Yunmi Kunlun Mineral Spring AI water purifier adopts 8-level depth fine filtration technology, with a heavy metal and E. coli filtration rate as high as 99.99%, and achieves 0 bisphenol A, 0 anti-scaling agents, and 0 stale water, providing healthy drinking water for mothers and babies. Use water for protection. In order to ensure the quality of water purification from the source, Yunmi has also optimized the factory standards of Kunlun Mineral Spring AI water purifiers, using vacuum packaging for the entire machine to be sterile throughout the entire process to ensure no secondary pollution during storage and transportation.

  Technology fashion brands embrace youth, 1 billion put into production and continue to release brand value

Chen Xiaoping, founder and CEO of Yunmi Technology, said that water purification is the core category of Yunmi’s entrepreneurial start-up. After 10 years of accumulation and innovation, it has led the industry to solve the problem of water cleanliness and safety. The AI ​​Kunlun mineral water purifier is Yunmi’s The next generation of water purification solutions is the result of wisdom that can meet people’s demand for healthier mineral water.

At the meeting, Chen Xiaoping announced that Yunmi has officially established a mineral water research center to conduct in-depth exploration of different groups of people and different drinking water scenarios, and continue to promote the water purification industry towards the mineral spring era.

At the same time, as the starting point of the strategy for the next 10 years, Yunmi has invested 1 billion yuan to build a digital “water purification super factory” that has been completed. It is expected to produce 5 million water purifiers and 30 million filter elements annually. Relying on the comprehensive development of products, technology, brand and production capacity, Yunmi will continue to lead the development trend of the water purification industry and bring more health and convenience to consumers.


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