China Life Insurance Company won two awards in the insurance industry in 2023

China Life Insurance Company won two awards in the insurance industry in 2023

Recently, the “2023 China Banking Insurance Industry Service Innovation Excellent Case Conference and China Banking Insurance Industry Service Innovation Summit” hosted by China Banking Insurance News was successfully held in Beijing. The outstanding cases of service innovation selected this time include five awards including typical cases of consumer rights protection, typical cases of customer service, and annual impact claims. The claims cases selected and reported by China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance Company”) are “China Life Opens a New Model of Medical Electronic Bill Claims Service” and “Express Claims for Emergencies: Providing timely help to customers with professional services” respectively. Won the “Typical Cases of Customer Service” and “Annual Impact Claims” awards.

“Customer-centric” is the foundation of China Life Insurance Company’s insurance services, and providing customers with fast and warm claim settlement services is the top priority. As the digitalization of the insurance industry continues to deepen, China Life Insurance Company further expands the application of big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies in claims settlement, comprehensively reshape the efficient claims settlement process, and provides customers with a better service experience.

  Release the value of data elements and carry out medical electronic bill claims settlement

In recent years, the state has comprehensively implemented the reform of the management of electronic bills for medical charges, and promoted the use of electronic medical bills. China Life Insurance Co., Ltd., on the basis of realizing intelligent claim settlement, fully combined with the promotion of medical electronic bills, launched a new service model of medical electronic bill settlement services. This service mode realizes the direct connection of medical electronic bill data, which greatly simplifies the claim settlement service process. After being authorized by the customer, China Life Insurance Company intelligently identifies the customer’s medical bill information, and automatically matches the customer’s policy information, realizing “automatic reminder and report when the customer is in danger, active condolences to the customer to assist in claim settlement, and fast payment through intelligent operations in the background”, effectively Improve the efficiency of claims settlement operations, and shorten the time limit for insurance payment by about 30%.

From the perspective of customers, the medical electronic bill claim settlement service makes insurance claim settlement more convenient. Customers do not need to exchange paper bills or go to the insurance company, realizing a one-stop service from emergency medical consultation to insurance claim, which improves customer experience. In 2022, China Life Insurance Company will provide more than 1.2 million customers with fast and warm electronic bill settlement services. The selected claim case of “China Life Opens a New Model of Medical Electronic Bill Claim Settlement Service” is just a microcosm of China Life Insurance Company’s electronic bill warm service for these 1.2 million customers.

  Bravely assume social responsibility and deal with major emergencies urgently

The great country is for the people. The emergency response to claims emergencies often requires high timeliness, spreads to a wide range of groups, and has a great social impact. It is a major test of the service capabilities of insurance companies, and it is also an important manifestation of the insurance industry’s fulfillment of social responsibilities and its role as a social “stabilizer”. Based on many years of practical experience, China Life Insurance Company has summed up a set of efficient and three-dimensional “emergency express claims” service system with “system + management + service” as the core, covering the efficient response to emergency handling of claims, Organizational system, division of responsibilities, service measures, data management and control, as well as efficient coordination with relevant government departments and external service publicity, etc., enable China Life Insurance Company to respond to emergencies quickly, scientifically and orderly, and provide comprehensive, One-stop integrated services to maximize the protection of customer interests. “Express Claims for Emergencies: Deliver Charcoal to Customers in Time with Professional Services” restores the true process of China Life Insurance Company quickly launching the contingency plan for major event claims during the 6.8-magnitude Luding earthquake in Sichuan, proactively looking for disaster-stricken customers, and providing claim settlement services on-site . In 2022, China Life Insurance Company took the initiative to respond to 88 emergencies, involving the crash of a China Eastern Airlines passenger plane, torrential rain and mountain torrents in Mianyang, Sichuan, and the fire at the Telecom Building in Changsha, Hunan. It shouldered social responsibilities with practical actions, concentrated its efforts to assist in disaster relief, and fully guaranteed the safety of people’s lives. , showing the mission responsibility of insurance central enterprises.

In the future, China Life Insurance Company will continue to build the “China Life Claims Quick and Warm” claims service brand, launch more service measures that benefit customers, continuously upgrade and optimize customer service experience, and contribute to “serving the overall development of the country and protecting the people’s better life” China Life Wisdom and Strength.

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