Tianjin Binhai New Area releases more than 30 industrial tourism sites

Tianjin Binhai New Area releases more than 30 industrial tourism sites

The 2023 Bincheng Industrial Tourism Promotion Conference hosted by the Tianjin Binhai New Area Culture and Tourism Bureau, “Witnessing the Development of Bincheng, Feeling the Centennial Industrial Heritage”, was held. At the promotion meeting, the industrial tourism season of “Working, Welcome to the Four Seas, Touring Bincheng” was officially launched. start up. The reporter learned at the promotion meeting that Tianjin Binhai New Area has rich industrial tourism resources and a complete range of categories, covering various fields such as science and technology, ecology, medicine, food, and daily necessities. Currently, there are more than 30 sites in the area that can provide tour services.

At the promotion meeting, economic development zones and bonded zones, which form a cluster effect of industrial tourism spots, were used as regional representatives to promote the overall region. FAW-Volkswagen in the Economic Development Zone, Seagull Watch Industry in the Free Trade Zone, Tiandi Weiye and Tianyan Technology in the High-tech Zone, Dongjiang Traditional Classic Car Bonded Exhibition Center, Dongjiang International Printmaking Base, Eco-city Xinyuan Center and other representative companies came to the stage to promote in turn. Tourists offered a rich menu of industrial tourism products.

It is reported that in the bonded area, Haihe Dairy Company is the only company in Tianjin that completely uses the state-owned milk source of the food group to produce dairy products. At present, it is carrying out industrial tourism activities. “Smart Factory”, “Enabled Brand”, “Milk World”, “Pasteurized Milk”, “Innovation Center”, “Wishing the Future” nine exhibition areas.

Guifaxiang 18th Street Twist Airport Economic Zone Factory Area, where tourists and friends can visit the production line of small twists, experience the intangible cultural heritage “Lian Mahua”, feel the craftsmanship of intangible cultural heritage, and taste Tianjin’s characteristic 18th Street twists.

Tianjin Yakult Dairy Co., Ltd., located in Tianjin Economic Development Zone, produces and sells live lactic acid bacteria milk drinks. From the cultivation of strains, the preparation of stock solutions, to the production of small bottles with unique shapes, as well as the canning and packaging of Yakult, visit Visitors can take a close look through the window in the passage, so as to understand the world-class international standardized automatic production line, and complete quality management and food safety production system.

According to reports, the exhibition area of ​​the China National Offshore Oil Industry Exhibition Hall is planned to set up a party building culture hall, a development history hall, a science and technology science hall, a theme exhibition hall and a theater. Among them, the Science and Technology Science Hall uses advanced means such as simulation technology, virtual reality technology, and modern imaging technology to enable the audience to personally experience the scientific and technological breakthroughs and development achievements of CNOOC’s various industrial sectors and scientific research positions, and fully grasp the technology of CNOOC’s industry. The spatiotemporal pulse of development.

It is reported that YAC Youth Art Community of Dongjiang International Art Center is located in Dongjiang Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, one step away from Dongjiang Bay Beach Scenic Area. It is the first large-scale youth art themed community in China and the largest cooperative production of multiple artworks and copyrights in northern China. The base; the printmaking workshop has woodblock, copperplate, silk screen, watermark, lithograph, digital and other studios, with professional R&D and production capabilities for art derivatives; at the same time serving the public, launching art education and experience activities to meet the public’s cultural needs The spiritual needs of art appreciation and communication allow art to form a wider dialogue with the public.

The relevant person in charge of the Tianjin Binhai New Area Culture and Tourism Bureau introduced that relying on rich industrial resources, the New Area Culture and Tourism Bureau implemented the tourism support project of “spotting highlights, stringing lines, and shaping surfaces” to focus on polishing the business card of Bincheng’s industrial tourism and to make Binhai a good place. The story of the city’s industry, creating a hard-core IP for industrial tourism in Bincheng, expanding the new space for cultural and tourism consumption, and driving new momentum for economic growth.

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