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China Guangfa Bank Tianjin Branch’s “March 15 Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Campaign” – March 5 Learning from Lei Feng Memorial Day Joint Educational Activities

China Guangfa Bank Tianjin Branch’s “March 15 Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Campaign” – March 5 Learning from Lei Feng Memorial Day Joint Educational Activities

China Guangfa Bank Tianjin Branch actively implemented the relevant requirements of the supervision and the head office “on carrying out the 3·15 Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Activities” and organized all units within its jurisdiction to carry out the “3·15” Joint Learning from Lei Feng Memorial Day Festival on March 5 missionary activities.

Wuqing Sub-branch launched the theme activity of “Learning Lei Feng’s Spirit”. By inviting veteran cadres to give on-site lectures, share and exchange experiences, we set a good learning example for young employees and guide the younger generation to establish a correct outlook on life, world view and values. This financial knowledge popularization and education activity focuses on guiding elderly customers to invest rationally and avoid high-yield baits, explain new asset management regulations to middle-aged and elderly customers, and help the elderly group establish awareness of risk prevention.

The branch in the Free Trade Zone jointly carried out financial education activities with surrounding communities in conjunction with the Lei Feng Memorial Day to popularize financial knowledge among the community, improve public financial security awareness, strengthen investor suitability management, and help the elderly identify online platforms for inducing loans and false and illegal advertisements. routine. The branch in the Free Trade Zone goes deep into the community to carry out publicity and education activities, popularizes financial knowledge to elderly customers in the community, prevents telecommunications fraud, and identification methods of illegal fund-raising, explains the ways to protect financial consumption rights, and protects rights and interests reasonably and legally, enhances the public’s risk awareness, and improves risk prevention. ability.

Jinnan Branch carried out on-site missionary activities on the Lei Feng Memorial Day. The branch distributed more than 20 promotional leaflets to customers waiting in the hall by distributing leaflets and explaining anti-fraud cases to customers. At the same time, it described two real cases around “not listening, not believing, and not transferring money” and explained how bank practitioners can help The process of financial consumers avoiding financial losses has improved customers’ awareness of financial risk prevention.

The leaders of Heping Sub-branch organized all sub-branch employees to carry out educational activities on the theme of learning from Lei Feng. The branch relied on the geographical advantages of its outlets to carry out offline publicity and education activities to surrounding people. Targeting elderly customers near the hospital, it patiently explained telecom network fraud and illegal fund-raising methods, prevention methods, and how to identify illegal phone calls, text messages, etc. At the same time, combined with the theme activities of learning Lei Feng’s spirit, we help the elderly guide bus stop signs, provide handbags to the elderly who go to the hospital to get medicine, and provide drinking water to the elderly waiting for the bus, etc., so that the elderly can feel the warmth of financial institutions. care, and at the same time enhance the public’s self-protection awareness against telecommunications fraud.

Hongqi Road Branch actively carried out financial knowledge publicity and education activities in conjunction with the Lei Feng activities, providing the public with more convenient and safer financial services. The branch conducted financial knowledge lectures for the elderly to popularize basic knowledge on preventing telecommunications and network fraud, personal information protection, etc., to help the elderly understand and identify risks.

China Guangfa Bank Tianjin Branch insists on thoroughly implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, constantly practices the political and people-oriented nature of financial work, effectively improves consumers’ financial literacy and risk prevention awareness, and solidly promotes the protection of financial consumers’ rights and education and publicity. We will continue to promote the construction of a culture of integrity in the industry, enhance the convenience, availability and sense of gain of financial services for the people, and comprehensively improve branch service levels.

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