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China Guangfa Bank Tianjin Branch’s “March 15 Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Activity” and March 8 Women’s Day Joint Educational Activities

China Guangfa Bank Tianjin Branch’s “March 15 Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Activity” and March 8 Women’s Day Joint Educational Activities

China Guangfa Bank Tianjin Branch actively implemented the relevant requirements of the supervision and the head office “on carrying out educational and publicity activities on the protection of financial consumer rights on March 15”, and organized all units within its jurisdiction to carry out “3·15” joint Women’s Day special publicity activities on March 8 .

Xiqing Branch cooperated with Ansheng Flight Simulation System Co., Ltd. to carry out holiday-specific consumer rights protection education and publicity activities. In conjunction with the 3.8 Women’s Day holiday publicity, it went into enterprises to carry out targeted education and publicity.

  The Wuqing Sub-branch and the staff of the Yongyang West Road Branch of China Insurance Co., Ltd. jointly launched an education and publicity campaign to celebrate Women’s Day and “March 15” financial consumer rights protection.The event distributed more than 100 promotional leaflets, effectively reaching 100 consumers, andIt conveyed the theme of the activity of “Financial consumer protection is around to protect rights and prevent risks”, and improved consumers’ awareness and ability to prevent financial risks.

Binhai Branch organized a holiday special education activity of “Infinite Charm, Be Your Own Goddess” and invited female customers to participate in the branch. During the event, branch employees explained financial knowledge to customers to enhance their awareness of preventing financial risks. At the same time, the branch prepared roses for customers and invited teachers from professional art studios to conduct on-site teaching, allowing customers to learn about finance in a relaxed and enjoyable activity. Knowledge of consumer rights protection has won unanimous praise from customers.

The Free Trade Zone Branch visited Tianjin Gangbei Jiantongcheng International Logistics Co., Ltd. to carry out special education activities for Women’s Day on March 8. The branch sent flowers to customers, and at the same time used the festive atmosphere to carry out 315 financial knowledge education activities, focusing on anti-telecom network fraud, RMB anti-counterfeiting knowledge, preventing illegal fund-raising, bank fee reductions and profit sharing, deposit insurance, and other topics to improve financial knowledge among the masses. sense of access, happiness and security of financial services. During the activity, branch employees actively promoted anti-fraud tips to customers by distributing financial knowledge brochures and promoted the campaign by explaining practical cases. A total of more than 20 promotional leaflets were distributed during this publicity event to demonstrate the social responsibility of the Free Trade Zone Branch with practical actions.

  Jinnan Branch went into surrounding communities and organized nearby residents to carry out “Financial consumer protection is by your side to protect your rights and prevent risks“Theme knowledge promotion activity. Through active interaction with customers, the branch explained the hot issues of customers’ “urgent, difficult and anxious” and continued to promote the positive energy of finance. A total of 30 promotional leaflets were distributed in this event, and the atmosphere was lively.

The Heping Branch organized a special propaganda activity with the theme of “Fancy Love You”, using actions to affirm the positive contributions made by women in various positions, encouraging them to continue to move forward courageously, and extending holiday blessings and conveying deep care to the female group. Show the style and power of women in the new era.

  Meteorological Station Road Branch UnionChina Life Beichen Branch entered the weather community and carried out holiday-specific education activities with the theme of “developing good daily habits and protecting personal financial information”. The branch organized customers to carry out handmade DIY bag activities, and used educational and entertaining methods to help female friends learn relevant knowledge about the protection of financial consumer rights while participating in the activities.

Hongqi Road Sub-branch actively responded to the Women’s Day education theme and went to China Life to carry out customer education activities. On the day of the event, branch employees distributed educational leaflets to China Life customers to answer the financial problems they encountered in their daily lives, demonstrating the bank’s social responsibility and responsibility, and also providing more comprehensive and professional financial services to female customers.

China Guangfa Bank Tianjin Branch will continue to implement the “people-centered” development philosophy, adhere to the consumer protection service concept of “protect with care and trust with confidence”, and normalize the publicity and education of financial consumer rights protection through more publicity channels and forms. ization, effectively carry out work related to the protection of consumer rights and interests, and improve branch service levels.

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